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    Entropia Universe 15.16.0 Release Notes

    Who cares about Return.. we are here for fun right ? ;) Awsome something new :)
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    Discovery: Karmoosh Lateef

    I notice first now, my name is spelled wrong.. its Sliver not Silver, hehe.. Was fun to be part of it ;)
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    Join the entropia fashion world

    Cool place!! free bump :)
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    Info: Colorer List

    Color lvl 14, Texture 12.. In game name: Sliver
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    Thanks for warning! LeeLoo :) and Friend who told me about this as well :) (Rarely, check forum)
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    Uber: Emik Enigma L4 UL

    Did you find it for your mentor as a X-mass gift ? :wtg: - Big grattz mate ! :)
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    Osga's Supplies @ Sakura TP // Koufuku Condos, 18B

    It looks nice ! Good job! :wtg:
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    Old pet sizes.

    Maybe keep them unable to enter PvP area. but make them big again.. As it is now, there is nothing special about them at all :scratch2:
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    Returning as a casual player

    Agree :wtg: // zZz Sliver XzZz
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    Fashion FUN Contest!

    add me: zZz Sliver XzZz To event :)
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    R.I.P. Emy Jenny Bomb

    Emy Jenny Bomb, i will miss you my dear friend :( I will miss that cheerfull Emy that always logs on saying: Kikoo. and when log out kisses. She was one of my first friends in EU, helped me when i was low on peds or anything i needed help with. And much much more.. // zZz Sliver xzZz
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Tier 7

    Thanks, about tt+19k for full pack :) Cheap for such nice rifle if you ask me. //Sliver
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    If you value your account, GET A GOLD CARD!

    Phone/touch pad can get hacked.. Just get a Gold card..:wise:
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    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    NATION OF CHOICE: Sweden FULL AVATAR NAME: zZz Sliver XzZz CHOICE OF CAPTAIN: Unknown (Future will tell me this)
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    price check for following items please

    Is it just me who repair its Unlimited armor during a hunt.. seems so.. Damn im Eco for once :yay: Repair ALL.. 1 Click.. :wtg: For they who dont know, Damaged armor gives less protection but still cost same. :wise: So, when u repair armor you repair your UL Sword at same click, easy...
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    price check for following items please

    Yeah yeah.. U got more luck to show off with.. Does not say anything. - Oh well for some, i guess. Thanks Spawn for the advice of the Melee, sucks i did not listen earlier. hehe :scratch2: Sorry for litle off topic. //Sliver
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion

    Sold, Thanks! Can close Topic :)
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion

    Bump and Price update! Litle Serious price, hehe ^^
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    BIG Industries Transport Services

    Awsome service mate! -: Bump it up :-
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion

    Thanks mate !! This is the Best Mentor in EU !! -: Bump :-
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion

    Thanks and sorry i cant tell, and im sure there are alot that love to share that info, i readed some post it here already. Thanks, let me know if i miss to add any info :) Thanks mate, For others dont forget to check Chads Service! Thanks mate, For others dont forget to check BIG...
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Ranked Scoripon Sold Tier numbers: 60, 123, 104, 100, 137, 148, 56, 118, 62, 57 I got no rush to sell it and i also reserve the right to not sell it and change price, if i would be need of that. Did i miss to add any...
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    Active Shop List

    Foma 17 middle of E and F tp at Foma and Genesis tp Building B block A shop 5. No amps.. Random other items.
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    Help: Stuck on Privateer

    It crashed when i was in Quad at space, since i was unable to enter anything. So if i log on now i die and become a floating corpe in space, awsome mindark.. oh well a way to save ped, so maybe i should say thanks Mindark for your stupidness :) :wtg::wtg::wtg: Edit: Outside of Calypso Space...
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    So many people selling CLD cheap

    Are they under 1500ped ? :) Time to Deposite and get a hand of this cheap CLDs !! :)