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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Ranked Scoripon Sold Tier numbers: 60, 123, 104, 100, 137, 148, 56, 118, 62, 57 I got no rush to sell it and i also reserve the right to not sell it and change price, if i would be need of that. Did i miss to add any...
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    Foma shop number 17, lots of items for sale!

    Middle of TP E and F you will find My shop number 17 :ahh: Enjoy :wtg: /regards Sliver :yay:
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    My Disciple has issues with MS "MacReady"

    As a Mentor i need to stand up for my Disciple's, So when i heard about this, i decided to make this story public. - bad part just have words and no pictures. Anyway here is the story: My Disciple took subwarp with Mothership "MacReady", from Rocktropia to Calypso. And then there was someone...
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    Puted wrong item on auction :(

    I was suppose to put out 1 Calypso Land Deed for 1220ped, but by mistake i puted out 4 of them for that price. I got no idea what to do... My head just say quit the game, over and over again.. Anyone, have something to say? "Your Calypso Land Deed (4) was sold at auction for 1220.00 PED. The...