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    Suggestion: Esc should not cancel interaction

    I’d prefer a separate button dedicated to turning off auto use, but failing that, I can work with Esc. What I find annoying is when I push Esc to cancel, not realising that I’ve already deselected the target or that auto use is already off, which then brings up the menu window right in my face...
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Hopefully fixing/ testing "loot claimed by someone else".
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    Halloween Gift 2018

    I deposit and have not received any gift. On Calypso.
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    Healing decay back theory

    What I'd like to know is what % is returned from healing and armor and other defensive costs.
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    Selling: lvl1 Ruby Kanin 20 Ped

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    Selling: lvl1 Ruby Kanin 20 Ped

    Please PM here or in game at Raleigh Riley Jones if you want it.
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    Selling: Trading: My Athenic Ring Mod for your Aug

    Paying 550 ped for the trade up. Please PM here or in game Raleigh Riley Jones if interested.
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    Selling: Ares Ring Improved and Hermetic Ring Perfected

    Forget it, changed my mind.
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    Selling: Athenic Ring Modified

    Forget it, changed my mind.
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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Requested : 10th of August Status: Committed 15th of Oct
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    That is almost it except the way it works is whoever spent more on the mob has claim to it. It is probably an unintended side effect from changing how shared loot works (further supported by the issue arising after that update). Shared loot now distributes loot based on each person’s spend...
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    If a mod would be so kind, the thread could use a better title too. Especially since it is now confirmed that letting the mob regenerate to 100% does not solve the problem.
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    Bump for awareness.
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    That's even worse. So basically any mob might be unlootable, even fresh ones.
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    This is my solution.
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    However they do it, this should be a top priority fix. It shouldn't be a gamble as to whether or not you can loot a mob.
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    VU 15.17.0 Kill Credit Problems

    This needs to be fixed. Sucks having to wonder whether you will get the loot on every single mob. At least if it were guaranteed yours for 100% hp mobs, you could avoid damaged ones. As it is you can never guarantee loot will be yours on any mob killed.
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    Won the enigma!

    I'm wondering if it is guaranteed if you do your 7th run after the maintenance. I got it as well on my 7th try (first run after maintenance).
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    Won the enigma!

    GZ on the win! So, did everyone who has done 7 runs after the maintenance get the egg?
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    OK, what should I do now?

    I voted for wait for an opportunity and find another hobby in the meantime. Don’t play EU just for the sake of playing EU. If you’re not enjoying it, spend your peds elsewhere for the time being. If you are still enjoying it, try to think about cost relative to enjoyment. If you can find...
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    my enigma3 event experience

    I guess we'll not all be getting jumpsuits after all. I've had almost the same experience as Naomi and it just doesn't feel worth it to me anymore.
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    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LR-20 Adjusted

    Just putting the feelers out as to what people want for this little shooter. Please PM me if you have a figure in mind :).
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    Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.2.1

    No, what they did is added ammo burn so total uses seems to be about the same or higher.
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    Planet Calypso Content Release 2018.2.1

    5.20/0.50 Too short