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    Selling: lvl1 Ruby Kanin 20 Ped

    Please PM here or in game at Raleigh Riley Jones if you want it.
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    Selling: Trading: My Athenic Ring Mod for your Aug

    Paying 550 ped for the trade up. Please PM here or in game Raleigh Riley Jones if interested.
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    Selling: Ares Ring Improved and Hermetic Ring Perfected

    Forget it, changed my mind.
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    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LR-20 Adjusted

    Just putting the feelers out as to what people want for this little shooter. Please PM me if you have a figure in mind :).
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    Selling: Longreach 4 + 2x Bullseye 8 Set

    Only the Bullseyes left. I may make another thread later.
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    Selling: UL Taming Set

    Dominax Original Viper Tier 4.X SOLD Dominax Original Moccasin SOLD Artemic Ring Perfected SOLD
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    Question regarding turn in missions

    For missions that require items to be turned in, if one puts more than the required items into the mission dialogue box, does the game only take what the mission required, or do all items that you put into the dialogue box disappear? Near the beginning of my entropia life I completed a mission...
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    Buying: 8 x Calypso Land Deed (X)

    Never mind, can be locked.
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    Selling: Aeglic Ring Perfected (HP ring)

    +20 HP Buff +50% Increased Regen SB: +900 BO: +1000 No fixed expiry time after SB is met, I will sell when ready. I reserve the right to stop the sale should I decide to. Cheers all :)
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    Buying: Valiant Armor Set F

    Got a set :)
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    Selling: Grenade Launcher NGL-1

    SOLD...too short
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    Selling: Bunch of AUDs

    1 @ 86 each 10+ @ 85.5 each 20+ @ 85 each 100+ @ 84.5 each Am at Arkadia atm but will be willing to travel to Caly for a big enough order.
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    Selling: Archon Sword T1.9

    Sword has been sold.
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    Buying: This Whip

    Found one.
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    Buying: Artemic Ring Perfected

    Please PM me if you have one for sale.
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    Buying: Ares Ring Improved

    Got one :yay:
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    Selling: Medium Plot [40x40] right by Isle of Troy TP

    plot is sold
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    Buying: S.I. Psy-Sword

    Found one.