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    Buying: Castorian combat mace mk 1, 3, 4, and force maces

    Looking to shift the focus of my rental shop again, hoping to aquire some maces. Already purchase castorian combat mace mk 1 and force mace clobber. looking still for a castorian combat mace mk 3 or 4, tier 4 and up!!!! Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    Selling: Genesis firefly Tier 8

    Not playing much anymore so I would like to find this knife a new home. Tier 8.03, current tt value is 0 ped on game auction thread on hold
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    Question: What would you like to rent?

    Hello everybody, I hope you are all staying safe during this crisis the world is coping with at the moment. Since Ive been spending more time online, as Im sure many have been, I've been doing some rearranging and thinking about the rental shop I've run through the PCF since May of last year...
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    Buying: Katsuichi determination adjusted

    Looking to buy one of these, preferably with some tiers. Message me here or in game if you got one your looking to sell.
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    Selling: sold

    Old post close this
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    Buying: Tier 8 components

    Hey all, Im trying to get my genesis firefly to tier 8, and I need some tier 8 components. Paying 380%, I still need about 140 of them
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    Info: BladesofTalos hunting log

    Hey guys, been seeing a lot of talk on the forum about hunt size and return rates, so I thought I would chime in with some of the hunts I'm going to be doing over the next few months. Im picking the value of 100 Peds of ammunition as a stable point for every hunt, and I am going to be sticking...
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    Buying: Combustive attack nanochip 3 UL

    Looking to get one of these chips, contact me here or in game if u got one for sale (Legendary Blades101 OfTalos) Item purchased thread can be closed
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    Buying: NeopSion kinetic amp 3 UL

    Looking to buy one of these. Message me here or in game (Legendary Blades101 OfTalos)
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    Selling: Christmas boxes

    Selling all the Christmas boxes I'm farming up this season. 2.10 ped any amount Contact me here or in game! Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    Buying: High tier Combustive/ kinetic attack chip

    Hello, looking to purchase a high tier combustive or kinetic attack chip of some sort. Level of chip im looking for is between III and VI. Hoping to find something tier 4 minumum. Looking to expand the rental service with high tier equipment!
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    Buying: Melee Trauma amp 6

    Item purchased thread can be closed
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    Selling: Castorian combat mace mk 3 tier 5.9

    Castorian combat mace mk 3 tier 5.9 for sale at tt+ 2500 ped. Ped only please. Let me know if you want to buy it here or in game. Legendary Blades101 OfTalos.
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    Buying: Light liquid, tier 7 component, pile of rubies.

    Hello everybody, trying to get my bicak blix up to tier 7 for the rental shop. Still need 51 tier 7 components, around 20 light liquid, and 140 piles of rubies. Reach me here or in game. Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    Buying: Genesis Firefly (UL)

    Hey guys, been hoping to get one of these blades for a while, finally have the means to do it. Id also consider the Omegaton Flashfire thats floating around out there somewhere as an alternative. PM me here or in game with your prices if you would like to sell! Legendary Blades101...
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    Selling: (L) F Angel set mid/high TT

    Hello all, selling this L set of F Angel armor, total tt is 296.21. Asking 125% MU for set total. 5 parts are tier 1
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    Selling: Adapted Vivo T15 (UL) and Full Gremlin set (M)

    Hello everybody, I'm selling the following item with the hope to get some more peds for purchasing melee gear for the rental shop. Adapted Vivo T15 (UL) Tier 1.6 for TT+225 ped (2491.35 Ped TT) Gremlin Set sold! Excepting Ped only Message me here or in game! Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    Buying: Loughlin Masher 2 UL, Force Mace Assail UL

    Hello all, looking to buy either of these maces. Hoping to get one to add to my rental shop! If you have one you want to sell please PM me here or in game with offer! Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    BladesofTalos Rental Service

    Hello everybody, I have been working on a project of mine for a while, and I wanted to make sure I had at least enough equipment to make this worthwhile for everyone. I have finally reached a point where I feel comfortable with opening my new rental business. I am offering various pieces of UL...
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    Buying: Vivo T20 UL

    Looking to buy the vivo t20 or the adapted version if one exists. Pm me here or in game with offers. Legendary Blades101 OfTalos
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    Buying: Rutic, kesmek, bicak, kilic weapons

    Looking to start buying some of these series of weapons. I have the bicak blix, kesmek slo and Kilic Rex, those are the only 3 I don't need. REALLY looking for a Kesmek Bett, would love to purchase that as soon as possible. Also interested Kesmek Vass, Kilic Kek, Rutic Bett, Rutic slo. Pm me...
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    Buying: F Jarhead Armor Set (UL)

    Item Was purchased please close thread
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    Buying: Gyro Fap 30 Smuggler

    Looking to purchase one of these, if anybody has one they are willing to part with I would really love to buy it. PM me here or in game with offers (Legendary Blades101 OfTalos)
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    Buying: Low tier ML-35

    Hello, I am looking to buy a ML-35 that is either tier 0 or extremely close to that. PM me with offers :)