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    Info: Mindark takes over the operations of Planet Rocktropia

    So after a decade building knowledge of the inner working of MA as Planet Partner, he can just play again? Maybe ask your AI what it think's about that.
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    12k Atrox Alpha @ Oilrig

    oh my, an ava that was awake :) Grats
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    Question: Why is MindArk allowing planet partners (cough NEVERDIE) to leave their planets to abandon?

    It's nice to see that even money & history doesn't give a benefit to you. On the other hand, why be loyal as a player or investor? ps : happy to see you are still trying to make this work.
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    Question: Scanning for Skills

    try this bug that I reported 3 years ago. 1. Spawn pet. 2. Scan pet. 3. Dismiss pet. 4. Repeat
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    Buying: close

    I have a full TT one, let me think about it & shoot me an offer by the weekend?
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    I am locked out of my account and I havent recieved any response

    I accidently had a vpn on when trying to log in to game, didn't work for me. No message to contact support tho. I would prolly send a registered letter next.
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    HoF: Nice robot

    Biggest TT loot ever on drone. Well done, but it could be better MU wise.
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    For really old players

    It ain't never coming back.
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    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    I admire your will as an old player like you.
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    Account Recovery

    Welcome back
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    Question: Are Cyrene Hunter Cavern Returns Capped?

    you can rectifie yourself.. call it an old fried telling the truth...
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    Account Hacked 40,000+ Peds Lost

    I have 2 Factor crap & didn't play for almost a year, swapped phones. I made a support case December 19th to remove it, including 2 sides of my ID in combination with my credit card. Guess when they removed it... Januari 7th.. I found my old phone back & actually repaired it (thx louis...
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    FYI: Why I'm not playing Still not getting any answer from MA, supportcases keep getting closed w/o answer or reason. Just wanted to keep you guys updated Also this is still not over :D
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    Thx Sammy, have a great year
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    Buying: 8 x Shopkeeper

    gl buying, i never looted one :D
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    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    maybe in 10-15 years from now
  17. pcf 711.jpg

    pcf 711.jpg

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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    So I didn't use the contact button just b4 my ban & Iwas just dreaming? even public.. day I got my ban
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    read the red part above for example
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    Then that is something to share with the community & I can only hope they start asking the same questions I do. Maybe for another reason.. Mine is principles, morals & justice.. If MA can't follow the rules, why expect players to do so? That brings us to where we are..
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    I know & we have the same thing in Belgium.. Do I really need to go that far?
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    If you know me.. you know this isn't over, I've let it rest for 10 weeks
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    @ theProphet, Not really.. I want to know what data PCF & MA keeps from me, who they shared it with, what they do with it & how long they plan to keep it. As a member of the European Union, I have the right to access that data. When I ask for it, it should be given to me in writing within a...
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    My personal DATA & European laws..

    Another quote from entropia universe website.. From whom or where do we collect your personal data? We collect the majority of the personal data that we process about you from you, including when you use Entropia Universe. We also collect information about browser cookies, your IP address...