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  1. Baldurn

    Selling: Bulk T9 comps

  2. Baldurn

    Selling: T8 BC-80, T0 BP-130, Summer 20, Xmas 22, T2 Ghoul M, T1 Neff, etc

    Hi everyone, I am selling off all my gear due to priorities IRL. I hope to find the time again to play this game I love in the medium/longterm future. BC-80 Augmented T8,48. Pulled myself easter mayhem 2023. Really versatile gun with high DPS, high efficiency, high DPP and also range. T9...
  3. Baldurn

    Selling: Bulk T9 comps

    Hi, Selling 1667 T9 comps (2333,8 ped TT). Please reach out to me here on forum to give an offer. BO: 200% Kindly, Baldurn
  4. Baldurn

    Price Check Current market value on some weapons

    Still quite a bit higher I think. The sparking unity has almost double attack speed of the mace, and attack speed is something that the majority of players value. The mace also does not burn uni ammo which means you need to sell shrapnel constantly at a loss. Sure, between events it is not 1%...
  5. Baldurn

    Question: When do you think next Mayhem re-stock will take place?

    I am missing a later voting option than Christmas 2024
  6. Baldurn

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    Feedback Title: Easier toggling of tracked missions Description: Current: To remove a tracked quest from screen you need to mission log and then untrack them. Suggested: Adding a small icon to remove tracked quest from list like eearlier Reason: Quality of life
  7. Baldurn

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    If it helps - I experience this and this frame stutter while lots of loot is being generated (like from mobs on next island). Relog works but after almost an hour problem is back again
  8. Baldurn


    After talking with Colonel ingame he had already found the problem. Using interact works fine but this problem occurs when using the item key
  9. Baldurn

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    Until then there is option in "Gameplay" to hide outlines that would make it a little bit easeir to see as well (since outline and crosshair seem to be same colour?)
  10. Baldurn


    It works exactly like before for me so I speculate that it is related to a specific setting in options. And for your question - no it stops firing after mob is dead until I press interact again.
  11. Baldurn


    I heard several people having problems with that. I wonder if it is in specific settings that becomes an issue. For me avatar moves to mob when outside range before shooting just like earlier
  12. Baldurn


    You can toggle it in interface options just below the sliding bars: "Show location in the radar UI"
  13. Baldurn


    It works fine for me
  14. Baldurn

    Suggestion: Close down and retire Entropiawiki

    Hi, Since I came back to game three years ago this site has always been really slow but over time it has just got worse. Some days I can't even load a single screen and the other ones it takes half a minute to load. I learned quickly not to depend on this site due to the sporadic availability...
  15. Baldurn

    Boorum I found

    There is a much better spawn though that is not mixed:
  16. Baldurn

    FYI: The Unit - Now Recruiting

    My old soc :) A lot of good information exchange in terms of advice in the game but also a lot of good laughs and feels like a big family in the game :)
  17. Baldurn

    Price Check Imp 2870 TWEN Edition

    Imho T0 50-55k ped but who knows with this unstable economy - might be a bit lower
  18. Baldurn

    Selling: Superior Coat, TWEN Edition (M) (SOLD IN AUC +11,267k)

    Moved to auction - 7 days TT+0 SB. Let's set the standard price for this one publicly.