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  1. MaxArfPower

    This needs to be fixed....

    Every night at 1AM MA time the game goes haywire for about 25 minutes or so. what happens is people cant log in, people cant do auctions, when people die they get stuck, and this lasts for about 25 minutes that i have been clocking, and this has been progressively been happening to me, and...
  2. MaxArfPower

    NEVERDIE the name that NEVER DIE'S

    does the neverdie song still play at CND?
  3. MaxArfPower

    Ahhh the... Decorative!? Egg

    just his luck the egg would hatch some vicious atrox mutant, and then they spend like 10k USD to kill it then poof, the yellow message of death, "this creature did not carry any loot". :laugh:
  4. MaxArfPower

    Bet on VU 10.6!!! O.o

    oh look they are drunk, hes laughing and making weird faces, lol :yay:
  5. MaxArfPower

    XMas Avatar Competition

    <--- link found out who was naughty and nice this year. ;)
  6. MaxArfPower

    Question: What qualitys make me as no longer a noob?

    my opinion well like other people have mentioned skills dont always depict what your knowledge is, and there fore cant really be based on realistic noob status. heres a few scenerios of game styles i have seen over the 3 or 4 years of me being here. 1) big spender: this person has all the ped...
  7. MaxArfPower

    Mining event prize ceremony

    well i for one quit mining this VU, and will not mine again till i move to a new planet....grant it they have mining over there. i did horrible at the last mining events, never got anything, not even 40% returns with markup. and climbing some things my avatar still has problems with, so mining...
  8. MaxArfPower

    Version Update 10.4.2 Content List

    hmmmm... well i would be pretty pissed to find out that certain items that certain ppl been spending thousands of peds on to get didnt even get put in the loot until now. another tinfoil hat theory is that there holding all the good update stuff till the other planets come out, how else...
  9. MaxArfPower

    Help: Armor advice for Argos & Molisk.

    well that gnome would be fine on argos up to guardian. you have the p4a+104 you said, so you will be wiping the floor with them. have the best fap you can get, and that will suffice. though i tend to wear less armor, and fap more. east of twin peaks is little argo, so only pixie and fap...
  10. MaxArfPower

    Motion Sickness from Entropia

    the 20/20/20 rule. i was told this rule when i was trained for a tech support job some years ago. the rule states that one should look away from the monitor every 20 minutes at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. they stated that doing that helps stop the tunnel vision syndrome...
  11. MaxArfPower

    Question: EU on a mobile phone?

    EU has a problem running on most decent X86 machines, theres no way possible to get it to run on a ARM mobile device. let alone the battery power it would need to be able to process the graphics is beyond anything we have now. play a movie on your mobile phone now, and poof battery gone...
  12. MaxArfPower

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    ok heres my last comment on the issue, and i will not talk anymore. i have come across more bad people with NBK then i have good, this post was to wake you up to open your minds to see things more objectively. your comment about how you talked to your soc generals and they reported everything...
  13. MaxArfPower

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    so then i guess nothings changed then? :)
  14. MaxArfPower

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    well i do think there is some ppl in NBK that are coo ppl, just i keep running into alot that were poop heads. and to Hardwrath, the few ppl recently that i had problems with were from the latest robot threat at nulls lull, was like one of the first days, they were NBK army, one of them was a...
  15. MaxArfPower

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    my post is not a for attention seeking, nor is it to hijack it. my post is to subjectively inform on the other side of the NBK activity from another persons perspective. you guys talk like your poop doesn't stink, my poop stinks, and i throw it. though my poop is in words, not litterly poop...
  16. MaxArfPower

    Unlocked CGA

    well gz none the less Arf
  17. MaxArfPower

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    you people need to talk to your peeps about being nicer to people, and not kill stealing, or bleeding mobs to other hunters. found alot of NBK peeps doing that in the past. maybe with new VU you guys can have new attitudes i almost thought that NBK was just there to breed jerks, and...
  18. MaxArfPower

    Well, that Interesting...

    im done hunting, because all i get is no loot im done mining, because all i get is claims i cant get too. im not even gone try crafting because everyones still trying to get in game, let alone try and buy stuff..... but yah, i had no problems killing snables with no armor on....
  19. MaxArfPower

    Issues or not

    downloaded torrent....... check! installed...................... check! test run of client.......... got side by side error, came to forums for solution, downloaded new c++ spi! effectively logged into game...check! set all setting to low, game works?.......check...
  20. MaxArfPower

    Allow vu 9 avator movement controls to still work in vu10

    i think the only thing MA did right with this VU was the controls. having the ability to properly side step left or right is god send. the one thing that ticks me off, but its not a controls issue is the ability to not be able to climb up mountains. when the avatar gets to a certain elevation...
  21. MaxArfPower

    Info: VU10.0 Creature Chart

    i surveyed that first map tile by PA/Billys/orths west along the coast im going to explain the mobs as they are if you were to walk from southern tip to northern tip along the coast. start SW most coast line molisk young/adult merp young atrax young/mature then north abit are exas when you...
  22. MaxArfPower

    Info: Out of range deposit...... !!!

    yah, read like 5 other posts before yours about this bug..... my advice would be to cease all money based activity till this is fixed. that way you got money to fill my loot pool for when i can log in and play and come collect it.
  23. MaxArfPower

    Progress 17th Aug

    all is good, as long as you guys take your time on the release and do a good job. btw, looking forward to more fish in the water, hows that going?
  24. MaxArfPower

    MindArk left the config files out in the open!

    will do that when i get home, and i did get the old entropia to work in wine for a bit. though couldn't see mobs, or ppl, but mining was great. i stopped using it when i got a space ship mining and couldn't find it because the mobs and ship were invisible......
  25. MaxArfPower

    Info: Hail Bots!

    ran for cover?, nah we all left on vacation, omegaton scientists said that the argonaught mating season was upon us. this once in a VU lifetime event shows they like to get a bit too wild, so the scientists advised we all take a vacation. but the jokes on you, we got you bots trapped on...