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  1. Alice

    Derid - A newbies situation and progress II

    heh, ya currently on longer EU break, but i miss you all :) all very well at the moment, thanks :D hope you're well too
  2. Alice

    Selling: Colonist "Riddle" & "PVP" Event Issue Clothes (M)

    dunno what happened in between or if any more were given out during that but during my time as community adviser we did some events and gave out those clothes didn't know they are still around, amazing, it was quite a while ago :) i may have a set or two left for that matter F we gave out...
  3. Alice

    Derid - A newbies situation and progress II

    hey, welcome back Derid :) couldnt keep myself from replying and wishing you good luck again/still :) o/
  4. Alice

    When with the equip fee be removed from clothes?

    there actually is a way that clothes generate MA money, actually more money, without the clothing equip fee it is called crafting currently clothes are crafted indeed, but as already mentioned, back in the days, the markup was generally higher and we had way more tailors going for it (that were...
  5. Alice

    When with the equip fee be removed from clothes?

    heh, that would prolly take a bit more doing, but considering im more or less gone since 2 years? now and my ambu coat still wasnt fixed look wise, i don't think clothes are a too high priority for MA :D
  6. Alice

    When with the equip fee be removed from clothes?

    if they would remove the stupid equip fee and the need to have them fully repaired (which goes into the 100s of peds) or lower that max tt at least, tailors could possibly even have some proper customer base again where it was easily possible to have a whole assemble for a total of 10-20 ped tt...
  7. Alice

    WoF 2014: Team DACH (germany, austria, switzerland)

    since i am kinda inactive by now (read looong break/quit) i won't join this time but i want to wish you guys the best of luck for dach/chad/germany/switzerland or whatever you gonna roll with :)
  8. Alice

    Mindark to Close Mexico Office

    hm, wasnt it Mexico that had mostly the support anyway? that means they finally fixed all bugs and will have such an epic QA that no more support gonna be needed at all! :yay: ah, who am i kidding #D
  9. Alice

    FYI: [Steam] Monria Ranked 7th out of 1,499 Games In Greenlight

    first of, let me tell you congratz for getting it this kind of publicity especially and getting that many votes i didn't do that in my first post and it had a too negative tone i don't plan to get this thread too offtopic, hence just some notes on what i got in mind regarding your post without...
  10. Alice

    FYI: [Steam] Monria Ranked 7th out of 1,499 Games In Greenlight

    yeah, but this could heavily backfire as well just saying that a couple of those 10k probably don't know that its either "pay quite a bit to actually go for EU" or "sweat hours to actually go for EU" tbh, it amazes me it got 10k votes my bet is on the "horror" and "Ctuhulu" thing, while mostly...
  11. Alice

    I will be banned soon...

    did it really come so far now that you get banned for being negative? interesting
  12. Alice

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    i withdrew while it was still 40 days, it got changed to 50 days in between i cant recall any notification about this either so naturally i bugged support on day 43 or so, got copy and paste reply and closed support case which i generally find fairly rude as such anyway, i think last week...
  13. Alice

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    they should apply this with the same reasoning to deposits too tho "yeah, we need 50 days to confirm its no scam going on before we can give you the withdrawed money" so how about "yeah, i deposit 500 peds now, but i will pay the 50 bucks in say 50 business days, to see that there is no scam...
  14. Alice

    Stupid Luck W/ Small Mobs

    all in all i think i had like 8 merp globals/hofs, biggest around 1200 iirc, dunno for sure does that count? :)
  15. Alice

    Player loots $33000 in one hunt on Planet Calypso - Gamasutra

    you don't have to understand it the article (iirc) states that its terribly hard to hunt big mobs and that needs lots of planing, neither is true as to the money aspect its easy you got one person looting 33 000$ you got quite a couple of douzens spending more than 200$ a month you got several...
  16. Alice

    SSHHH - this game is a secret!

    edit: warning, this is one of my infamous very lenghty Alice post (IVLAP) reading all of this will cost you a lot of your time, you may chuckle a bit though it is all based on my opinion and it is A LOT TO READ so if you have better things to do, just skip this post :) edit 2, added part about...
  17. Alice

    TIme for a poll: Known Issue: Spaceship Summoning

    i agree with that one maybe sell privateer via auction as well to get more money for compensation purposes
  18. Alice

    Whats a good advertising catchphrase fro EU?

    Entropia Universe, unbelievable (the nerfs, customer support, communication, etcetcetc :))
  19. Alice

    More Space discussion

    nope, i didn't say that i said that if pirates had to cover loot backup as well if they want to loot, you would generate some kind of police activeily going out to defend against pirates you assume i speak of traders carring stuff, that isn't true, if you carry stuff in quad without protection...
  20. Alice

    More Space discussion

    pirates are willing to spend money to shoot people down because the likelihood there hey loot is given people are way less likely to spend money to go for the pirates because it is way less likely pirates have loot when they get shot down it is a fairly simple problem you can be looted from...
  21. Alice

    Known Issue: Spaceship Summoning

    would it? the bps were sold by technicians at the time, no markup could be destroyed technically ped was generated without a deposit backing it up, ie if hit was to be withdrawn, it had come from MA pocket directly direct effect for the players, pretty much 0, they had been paid with peds...
  22. Alice

    Known Issue: Spaceship Summoning

    it is amusing because i am currently kinda pissed off with MA especially (if you havent noticed with my tone towards MA lately) and am playing less so since it doesn't affect me anymore as badly as it had when all was nice and dandy it is amusing :) but i agree that it is worrying as well when...
  23. Alice

    Known Issue: Spaceship Summoning

    hilarious when i discussed that topic ingame about a week ago we came to the topic what MA gonna do i said they will do something like this send a mail to the people saying "you bad bad bad boy! don't ya do that again or else!" now they even write an official announcement like that :P just...
  24. Alice

    Thank you, Mindark for...

    never mind, was too sarcastic, so i removed it again unless there is popular demand for it^^