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  1. malasuerte

    Coats Coats Coats

    Awesome job with the armor coats :yay:
  2. malasuerte

    BattleSim Cheater(s)

    Excellent :yay:
  3. malasuerte

    Being in Entropia

    A very good summary for newbies. +rep
  4. malasuerte

    Battle Simulator Update

    I shouldn't have clicked that :laugh:.
  5. malasuerte

    Entropedia v2

    Yesterday I noticed that many blueprints for Carpentry are missing the (C) that appears in the name of the item in the game. I fixed a couple but I don't have many carpentry BPs to compare
  6. malasuerte

    Info: Calypso Explorer Map

    If this is the one I mentioned, you got the coordinates wrong. It is located at [62904, 76218, 125] I think you used 69204, 76218. Unless there is another argonaut cave.
  7. argonaut cave

    argonaut cave

  8. malasuerte

    Can Anything be done... i dont know who to ask....

    If you have the name of the avatar just press "J" and click the "Player registry" button. Search for him there. Then you can click the "copy link" button in the lower right corner, then paste the link in chat, right click it and select: Avatar / "Compose message". Write him about the issue...
  9. malasuerte

    Battle Simulator

    Maybe the prizes are good? Or maybe it's going to be really fun :yay: who knows. If the simulator includes capture the flag or king of the hill kind of games It could be awesome
  10. malasuerte

    Battle Simulator

    Maybe we can "sponsor" our favorite avatars (Not betting, betting is gambling and that is wrong, wrong, wrong ;)), Sponsor an avatar or a team and if they succeed you earn a bit. The house of course will always take its rake..erm I mean Mindark will charge fees, yeah fees, we are not gambling...
  11. malasuerte

    Battle Simulator

    PVP where what matters is real life skills and not the size of your wallet. Sounds like fun
  12. malasuerte

    The Most Expensive Home in the U.S

    Nice house, but it needs a little more chrome :laugh:
  13. malasuerte


    Is hit rate reduced by the use of amps? I've only used like 2 amps in all my time playing here and it was a long time ago so I'm not sure about it. If it is reduced by amps, how much?
  14. malasuerte

    FYI: Secrets of Crafting

    Yes I missunderstood. I also expected the near successes to be around the TT of a success. Not a very realistic thought :laugh: BTW there is a vivo UR175 (L) BP (L) with one click left at Twin peaks mall floor 1 #1 L. If anyone else wants to try their luck
  15. malasuerte

    FYI: Secrets of Crafting

    well I found a z5 (L) bp at a huge markup. One click, near success and less than 3 TT back . I don't know what I did wrong :banghead:
  16. malasuerte

    Are you real?

    They also got Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... Just saying :laugh:
  17. malasuerte

    Info: Calypso Explorer Map

    There is a CAVE in [62904, 76218, 125] with like 30 Argonaut Young in Argonaut Island. In here you complete the DAILY MISSION Research Recovery. The mission is only given after you complete Scare Tactics AND Argonautical Assassination and rescue the people inside the same cave Research...
  18. malasuerte

    Entropedia v2

    I tried to add the Amethera Outback Land #59 to the map today. I couldn't find a way to save the polygon. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. It's been a long time since I edited Entropedia maps. Maybe I forgot something important.:confused:
  19. malasuerte

    Info: Halloween gifts.

    Not really gifts if you have to pay for them :mad:
  20. malasuerte

    Question: Smashing untradeable gear into universal ammo

    +1 I agree. I don't have many bound items but still I have those pills in storage that I never plan to use. Uni ammo is fine
  21. malasuerte

    Question: How to make money?

    Walkmine, no amps
  22. malasuerte

    Info: Little advice about your first hunting setup

    Nice job. I still won't ditch my opalo, even if I don't use it much anymore. It was my first gun and I've become attached to it. :laugh: But yeah, the new newbie guns have greater eco than the Opalo
  23. malasuerte

    Lets bring back the BABBLE! Petition

    It provided feedback. A way to know the other person was interacting with you. This is basic in any social enviroment. Also made the cities feel more alive. Twin Peaks felt like a real market place back then.
  24. malasuerte

    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) - Part 2

    Can you use to make a petition like this? :laugh:
  25. malasuerte

    Help: Busco mentor [Seeking mentor (Spanish)]

    join the #spa channel /join #spa