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    Warpflights on the Normandie - faster, cheaper and safer then any other form of transport ?

    Hi how to join your scheduled flight? Who is your spammer, selling tickets? and when and where should i meet him / her? i know it is maybe stupid question but i never traveled with you so i need info... thx
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    Buying: After long time I'm back - buying...

    Primary its a buy thread...:)
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    Buying: After long time I'm back - buying...

    If you need fast cash and good prices you can contact me, add me as friend or look at me in twins.. Currently I'm buying: Paint can - blue, olive, yellow Output amplifier Tier II component Tier III component Basic bearings Basic coil Basic sensor Basic sheet Basic processor Molisk Basic leather...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    hi! I usually trade on AH, buy low on Ark and i transport it back to Caly.... on caly i buy raw materials which i later resell on Ark... in last 6 month i am playing 20 - 30 min daily, max... sometimes i log in once in two days... I know it would be best to trade directly with people, but i...
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    Using and Retrieving Fund from Entropia Partners

    Hi Jerroc, 4 months ago i filed a support case asking if use of web site (similar web page to entropia partners) is against EULA, will i be banned for using it etc. Their answer: Hi Babaroga1x, Thank you for contacting us. It's not forbidden as such, but be aware of that...
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    I didnt saw same topic on deposit subforum.... mods can close this topic....
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    Paypal in Entropia Universe!!! I just got this e-mail on my e-mail: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PayPal comes to Entropia Universe! PayPal has long been requested by the Entropia Universe community. That comes as no surprise, as PayPal is one of...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    Hello, I am back with new data :-) Months 14 and 15 in my trade adventures across Entropia Universe Profit from trade in 14th and 15th month: 346,49 + 220,04 peds = 566,53 peds expenses / costs (transport between planets, hunt, decay etc): 39,98 + 90,68 peds = 130,66 Total profit for 14th and...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    Hello Entropians! I am back in the game. After couple of months of shitty trade, i am again successfull. Profit from trade in 13th month: 215,01 peds expenses / costs (transport between planets, hunt, decay etc): 39,98 Total profit for 13th month: 215,01 - 39,98 = 175,03 Total profit for 13...
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    Noobs daily stats without deposit

    Gratz on graduation :-) With adj pixie armor now you can hunt mobs up to 300 hp without any problems.... tt mediacl tool should be enough for emergencies... of course, hunt naked whenever you can ;) Baba
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    During last two months my rl occupied me a lot so i wasnt on line as usual and my trade business suffered.... but, of course there was profit :-) Maybe my data isnt so interesting as sale of moon to Akoz et co, but it is still fun for me... I'll show here data for last two months of trade...
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    Entro-pia Fleet Alliance a Growing Community !

    Sugestion for new offer: transportation of goods between planets... nowdays i can arange it when i talk with someone who is on caly and plans to come to ark... he buys on caly ah what i need and brings it to ark when he manages to travel... But it is very complicated Or i have to travel...
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    15 K ped loss... any ideas ?

    Hi, can you please specify loot by specific mob type with their average MU? If you hunt mobs wich dont have mu, you will loose... try hunting mobs with at least two - three items which have over 130 % mu dont hunt mobs... hunt loot... for example, hunt animals which drop lot of paints (olive...
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    Help: 50 Ped to paradise!!!

    hi first welcome to eu ! you should hunt daikiba because they have high mu on their wools (150 %), and you get cca 10 % of loot in daikiba wools. Try to hunt them near camp icarus, naked, no armor needed, and if loot sucks, you can always swunt punnies there... keep all stackables as long as...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    ORDERS - game for loney nights and big boys and girsl money needed: cca 300 peds time: 5 - 7 days, twice checking ah daily, aprox for 5 minutes expected costs / expenses: 8 - 9 peds expected income: cca 16 peds possible profit (optimistic): cca 8 peds / 3 peds (pesimistic) Todays lesson is...
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    market advice! :D

    Signing up Master FallenAngel :yay: Very good points in your post. Baba
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    There is another event in MA preparation: requirement for this event is 5 k aurli mission finished My opinion is that in future MU of aurli loot could go down significalntly Here you...
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    Question: Completely New; bazillion questions to ask

    happy hunting Baba :wise:
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    Month 10 in my trade adventures across Entropia Universe Profit from trade in 10th month: 225,13 peds expenses / costs (transport between planets, hunt, decay etc): 66,63 Total profit for 10th month: 225,13 - 66,63 = 158,5 peds... Total profit for 10 months: 1767,61 + 158,5 = 1926,11...
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    TUTORIAL: How to identify unrecognized names on your Friends List

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you shard angel
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    Open for general discussion - Newcomer Initiative, towards the future.

    Hi Viper, i wish all best your mother, this is most importan now... An now about project... great initiative, it is great that someone from community is doing this... you know as customer how entropia works, all positive and negative aspects of game... I am hoping Ma will introduce good...
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    Entropia Universe Voice Chat Update

    i would like to see really good voice chat system here... no skype or smth like this... real time, good quality, no lag... And i believe Ma is trying to improve it because of space. Onyl in space big teams can cooperate using voice chat... Imagine situation with two mothership and dozen of...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    After 9 months of trading, i am in trouble... i never thought i will have such problems... ATM i have 850 peds cash on my ped card... free... ready to spend... and if you want to be a profi trader, last thing you should do is to buy 250 peds of ammo and go hunting... This is one of main...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    it depends what are they buying.... maybe they buy 10 000 peds worth of animal muscle oils and they make 1 % profit (100 peds) or they buy only rare ores, they buy 100 peds tt value of chalmon for 300 % (in small stacks) and they sell it to crafter or over ah for 450 %.... profit over 100...
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    Babaroga1x traders log

    Month 9 in my trade adventures across Entropia Universe Profit from trade in 9th month: 359,87 peds expenses / costs (transport between planets, hunt, decay etc): 129,22 Total profit for 9th month: 359,87 - 129,22 = 230,65 peds... Total profit for 9 months: 1536,96 + 230,65 = 1767,61 peds