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    Selling: Selling geotrek hardened enbolts blueprint

    selling geotrek hardened enbolts blueprint qr 62.6 for any new or want to be level 13 amp crafters this will save you all the time skilling up the blueprint thousands of clicks. Taking reasonable offers
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    Selling: Selling herman asi ten edition tier 6.9

    Looking to sell my Herman ASI TEN edition Tier 6.9 Looking for 13.5k peds or deeds and peds Pinthas Schmenke Dorian
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    Selling: Want to Sell/Trade Herman ASI TEN Edition Tier 6.9 (UL)

    It's Time to Upgrade. I have a Herman ASI TEN Edition at Tier 6.9 Remaining Tiers are 123,81,55,122 Thanks Pinthas
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    Treasure Hunt Madness

    Treasure Hunt Madness Hi, For the New Year, I would like to create a Treasure Hunt. I will post clues to finding the Treasure each day or so and/or answer any questions similar to a 20 Question game. I will keep putting clues out or answering questions related to the location of the Treasure...
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    Buying: Attachment Skills, Manufacture Attachment, Blue Print Comprehension

    Buying Attachment skills and Blueprint comprehension. PM me with offers Thanks.
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    Medusa Islands Scipulor Hi Roller Hunting Event

    We are looking to offer a HIGH END Scipulor Hunting Event at Medusa Islands. This would involve a 500 ped Buy-In for each of 5 hunters or up to 10 hunters if there is enough interest. The prize pool would be either highest loot wins or 1st and 2nd place prizes. (To be discussed). For 5...
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    Selling: Level 2 Unlimited (UL) Mining Amp

    Looking for 8000 peds or best reasonable offer. PM me with purchase desires or reasonable offer. Peds or CLD is acceptable Thanks, Pinthas
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    Selling: Level 8 BP QR 78.5 This is an AMAZING BP

    I am selling my Lvl 8 BP with QR 78.5 If you are interested in this beauty PM me with reasonable offer. Thanks
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    Buying: Metal or Matter Residue All Quantities Large and Small

    Currently buying Metal Residue or Matter Residue in all quantities both large and small. Prices Negotiable. Add me to your FL and PM me here and in game as well. Thank you