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    Cannot log in

    Hi all, I just want to log in and I'm getting : An internal error occured, Please try to log again in a few minutes ... all the time. I just send a support case. Any 1 else have this problem? Now when trying to log into the My Items I get a bad error code ...
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    Mining after the september patch 2019

    My impression : First of all I want to thank MA for that drastic change. At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but we all need to adapt and so we did. Outcomes are more than positive + the fact that most resources have gone up nicely in the last 3 months makes it more and more a pleasure...
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    Mining fluctuations

    This week I was on ark for more triple mining for a few days and wow I had huge fluctuations in all results. Here is 1 result on the same area/server in a tax free area ofc. Glad I went back to the basics without amps/depth enh here or I had had a enormous loss. Decay is only 2,19% Today I...
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    Steady mining

    How steady is mining for the moment ? I would say very steady Here are the first results of a zone I've been doing to test this WITHOUT amps Red numbers are the cost - Green is TT return - Brown is after sales. On the left side all TT numbers - on the right side with MU numbers Tools I...
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    Suggestion: Mining dailies/mission like hunters pls :)

    Must say that hunter dailies/mission are great now and for all mobs on every planet (if they exist on caly), so easy to obtain get skills etc ... I would love to see those changes made for miners also now So please give us dailies/missions for all resources that can be mined + the new system...
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    Game crash claiming reward

    If you have the same problems with other creatures, please tell us. After claiming reward for the snablesnot, the game crashed
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    Multipliers you get while mining

    Since some noticed that swirls are capped now, I would love to see your results So only 50+ ped globals/hofs Not that I do not like the cap, I think its most fair. The higher the amp The higher the risk The higher possible reward So, if you get a swirl starting in September 2019, please...
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    Info: F-106 Tier 10 FINALLY :)

    Here a pic of my F-106 Tier 10 Thanks to Auktuma :) For me this is the ultimate finder that will give me findings between depth 700 - 1500 so a huge range
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    F-106 T10 Mats needed

    To much hassle for me to put mats in wiki for T10 so took a pic :) Got the mats so I'll do a first T10 run soon I hope :) EDIT : Costs around 1050 ped in TT EDIT : Tried to add the tier in entropiawiki but not working...
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    Some men have no manners at all :p

    Let's post something positive here :) Dunno where to put it so if its in the wrong thread, feel free to move it. Between my mining runs you 'll find me at the auctioneer, refilling auction and then my eyes catched a M ava next to me ....
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    Miner's dream resources

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    Selling: Storage clean-up

    Decided to clean up my storage as much as possible. All I'll be doing is mining, craft depth enhancers/amps Interested in something? Just send me a PM here or ingame. Open for offers
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    Suggestion: Price tags in shops

    Pricing in shops is still like a torture now, at least for me it is after 2 or 3 attempts for the same item :silly2: Suggestion is to make it like before and please stop that zooming in shops. Also with that zooming system in shop ... I cant even put something on a wall to sell a bit higher...
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    RDI robot cach search

    Planet Calypso – RDI Mining Event The Research and Development Institute (RDI) is a scientific branch of the Federal Empire. The RDI’s mission is to help defeat the Robots by analyzing Robot technology and using their own tech against them. Colonists can now assist the RDI in its research by...
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    Suggestion: Getting MU up?

    For me mining is fine like it is but it could even be better when MU went up for some resources so here is my suggestion : Like hunters get shrapnel in their loot why cant miners not get probes with the claim? That gives 101% after converting also :) If this would be the case for "TT ores" as...
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    Suggestion: IP's for shop

    I was wondering if buying new IP (Item Points) could go faster/easier Now we need to pay for 20 new IP, we cannot choose for less or more, and have to wait for the next VU to implement it and that can take months. Why not implement this on the shop terminal? Also implement how many IP we...
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    High HR = key to succes !!!

    Been testing a lot in mining lately and most important is your HitRating !!! I'll be doing some runs / day (if possible) and post here the results. Not going to say where and how I did it since I'm still testing it, but I keep using my F-106 all the time, if not I'll say so. I'll give the...
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    Amped mining HR/TT return/MU

    This morning I decided to do some amped mining runs and share my way of mining even when it went bad or good and this is 1 of them I went to an non-taxed LA where I mostly have a HR of 29-38% (depending time and if another miner has mined there before me within 2-3 hours) Using : F-106 - T-105...
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    Info: Spectra recuiting miners

    Motto : Be a decent mining soc. We recruit miners that know how to mine and already have some experience. We will also recruit a few (limited) beginning miners and teach them all (They still need to have most of the TP and some notice of mining) Information : We are a social soc that also like...
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    Net return / Mining costs / Decay / MU

    According to MA : Net return cycling for 100,000 PED since VU 15.15: 97.29% But how much does mining cost? Since I noticed some changes lately I started counting ... I think getting a 'netto return' of 97,29% isn't that bad at all, BUT you still have costs.... here some averages : Probes you...
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    Cornundacauda/Prancer mission

    Between some mining/crafting I try to finish off some hunting missions but for this 1 I wanted to skill ME a bit I know ME isn't that cheap to hunt with, but I wanted to give it a try, also cause they drop things that have a very nice MU Basic cloth extractor/Basic mineral extractor 170% -...
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    Added more info to the mining guide (Sticky)

    ADDED INFO IN THE MINING GUIDE (sticky) Indoor mining Indoor mining can be done on Monria, FOMA,Hell, Arkadia Moon and Arkadia Underground REMEMBER that in those area's you only have 1/2 finder range, so if you want to do honeycomb best use 40 x 40 Indoor mining has a very low SR (mostly...
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    LBML isn't working anymore ....

    After the update today, Little Big Mining Log isn't working anymore ....... if you have it open, it will only say that your resource is depleted ... Is there anything NOT screwed up???
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    Private messages work now and then

    Seems private chat is only working now and then ... do more have the same problems? Typing animatons isn't working and its the cause of it I think.
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    Resources with amps (or not)

    So I was mining dianthus ..... unamped at a spot I regular go to and was getting some. Since mu was going up I tried the same spot with amp 2 and .... no dianthus, tried it day after day. Now I wonder what resources you can get with an amp and what finder. Is there any difference on other...