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    Selling: S.I Flamethrower

    Heya! I'm selling an S.I Flamethrower SB=BO: tt+150ped Best regards, Lars
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    Selling: Sacred Kong lv.21

    Hello, You want a hairy purple glowing gorilla as your companion? Here's your chance to get a Sacred Kong pet lv21! SB=BO: 2000ped 100ped finders fee to anyone who finds a buyer :)
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    Selling: Tier 10 TK320

    Hello, SOLD! Let the dunkel rain! :)
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    Selling: Adjusted Pixie Female

    Hello, Set was sold for tt+30
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    Selling: Dagger Of Despair

    Hello, I'm selling this old school knife. It's tier 2 and fits the trauma 6 amp perfectly. SOLD!
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    Selling: Shopkeeper pad

    Hey, Selling a shopkeeper pad, freshly looted from ambulimax. Looking for tt+3500. Best regards, Lars
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    Suggestion: Remove vehicles and up atrox spawn at oil rig

    As title suggests. The oil rig has become a kindergarden, once a place with epic pvp fights has become a place infested with leechers who cant even handle an atrox domi. There should be some challenge involved controlling the oil rig. Best regards, Lars
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    Discovery: DOA Slugstorm (L)

    Hey! I got this little baby on an aurli! and maybe the most interesting thing! The decay is 1.992 pec! Even at 200% while using dante, the eco will stay above 4 dmg\pec :yay:
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    Phantom M

    Hey, i was wondering what the price is for a phantom M set nowdays?
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    Buying: Low tt pitbull

    Hey, im looking for a really low tt pitbull, will only use it for storage purposes.. ty :)
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    Game crashing

    Hey, my game just started crashing.. After approximately 2min ingame the game is just shut down, and the error box "entropia universe did not shut down normally" box appears. Then after 30sec a second box pops up saying "Game has been shut down! Press ok to stop voice!" I have never used ingame...
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    Selling: Tier 5.7 hermes backstrap, X5 and HL14 w\good rates

    Hey, As i dont do PVP anymore im looking to sell my hermes backstrap M, its tier 5.7, tt is 47.30 and im asking for 500ped (1057%) I also have a X5 (300ped ish) and a HL14 (300ped ish) with good tier rates. Gogo:wtg:
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    Selling: Teleportation chip VI and some weapons&armor

    Hi, I'm selling some items. Teleportation chip VI tt+3k X5 with uber tier rates (around 1500) 250% Rutuba gloves (M,L) with uber tier rates (around 1500-2000) 250%
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    Selling: High tier X5

    Hey im selling a high tier X5 with 276.82 ped tt. Good for events that require high dps or pk, drop me a pm if innterested =)
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    Selling: AL26 Serpentis

    Hi! Selling AL26's under MU, bigger quantity, better % =)
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    Selling: Large ammount of handgun skills

    pm with tt needed, and ill make you an offer =)
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    Malc queen spotted at rig!

    Me and my friend KTMEXC were out walking, when we got to rig we stumbled upon a Malc QUEEN!:eek: We tried to kill it but unfortunatly KTMEXC got eaten So bring your weapons, its time to loot some uber items :silly2:
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    Buying: Odin

    Hey, im looking to buy an Odin hunting rifle. PM me with offers if you got a old one laying around in storage ;)
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    Selling blaus

    rejected and closed