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  1. livius

    Question: Just a clarification!

    Hello ! I have a question only, and also the reason of posting it. Here it is . After having more than 10k € lost and having problems in trusting you as company and this product ,your way to manage loot distribution and to give copy paste answers when somebody have a problem. Give me some...
  2. livius

    ATH: Something from the past

    not me, somebody showed me and I just wanted to share and remind. PS : MA you know you need to let go at that XXVI and XXVII claim
  3. livius

    Odd mining results

    So I let EL talk , you go figure out. Basically new accounts are more lucky seems . Good to know MA , good to Know
  4. livius

    Selling: Skills

    Hello Im selling following skills. Probably soon it will be on esis already , but if you want and you are interested in any you can come with own esi and fill it with skills. TBH i would prefer that a certain skill will go entire as value so for almost 700 tt available of rifle i wont accept...
  5. livius

    Log in problems

    Hello everybody, Well here I am after a little brake , today i logged on for 15 min in game and then logged out , tryied to log after a couple of hours but the device from the gold card was dead , i supposed that were the batteries , i changed them and still no answer , the device isnt...
  6. livius

    Actual state of EU

    I want you to give your oppinion on what MA should continue develop and what not. If you are satisfied with the actual state of EU or not .
  7. livius

    Selling: FFA stars

    Selling FFA stars @8k points atm and getting more 3.5 PEC each add me and PM ingame Livius Beyond Godlike
  8. livius

    Selling: Athenic Ring Augmented

    Selling Athenic Ring Augmented SB 1950 ped BO 2000 ped Trade with other items its also a posibility
  9. livius

    Thank you Mindark

    I just want to thank to MA for the excelent gameplay that offered to me ( dont know the others ) after 4 disconects in a raw in Halloween instance , in the first 10 minutes , and for the ped that i can lose getting lag and disconect when the the boss mob has 3% hp left . It was nice , i thought...
  10. livius

    Buying: Supremacy foot guards F

    Buying Supremacy Foot Guards (F) unlimited
  11. livius

    Selling: Account Sale

    {DELETED - 2.11 - Entropia Universe Terms of Use/EULA Violation}
  12. livius

    Price check

    What's the value of a Yau Kung Mun pet at the moment ? They have any value at all or?
  13. livius

    Selling: selling skills implants

    0.54 TT[Make Textiles Skill Implant (L)] 21 ped 0.23 TT[Precision Artefact Extraction Skill Implant (L)] 6.90 ped 0.34 TT[Manufacture Weapons Skill Implant (L)] 10.20 ped 0.26 TT[Animal Taming Skill Implant (L)] 10.55 ped 0.50 TT[Treasure Sense Skill Implant (L)] 22.50 ped 0.59 TT[Artefact...
  14. livius

    EU it's Down ?

    I've got disconnected from EU , and it said all systems are down , any maintanace announced ?
  15. livius

    Question: Will ever change ?

    It will ever change ? Thinking about the explosive projectiles crafting , will be ever canceled by Mindark? There are already two years since people are complaining about this , the EP has ruined the MU of mining resurses, almost any other craft stuff , the crafting profession will go till...
  16. livius

    Selling: All skills

    who is interested of any of those skills under need to come with ESI , and Im Not selling a skill on pieces . the prices will be calculated based on WEAKLY PRICE of ESI , SKILL , AND THE 10% LOSS ON THE EXTRACTION OF SKILL COMBAT HANDGUN - 6129 RIFLE - 5724 MARKSMANSHIP - 5719 RDA - 5612 WH -...
  17. livius

    how to prevent exploits if you can do it from the start of your new avatar

    Hi, I had spoke with a player who told me about an exploit that he is doing , and not only him , lots of other players new ones or old ones They are doing daily , lots of new acconts just for the free stuff from the new arrival missions and after from the gauntlet mission. with @ 5-10 peds...
  18. livius


    Ill try to update after all my strongboxes deposits , what exactly i found , but i hope even other players will do the same thing, if they want to :D :eyecrazy: