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  1. girtsn

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    i had like 86 to spend, but to get 100 it was not that much I was essentially just missing out on psyche, around 10 points the rest were practically 100+
  2. girtsn

    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    Wooohooo another excellent month from Halloween Mayhem hof :) November 2020 = +13,291 hunting (106.19% tt)
  3. girtsn

    Info: Highest Known Strength In Entropia (Flex)

    update after codex meta - strength 108
  4. girtsn

    List of good and other developments of the Universe

    added: 2020 December - Codex meta with attribute rewards + retroactive attributes for already completed Codexes
  5. girtsn

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    102 intelligence now due to codex meta
  6. girtsn

    Highest Known Psyche in Entropia, Part 3: The Psychening

    102 psyche now due to codex meta
  7. girtsn

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    thanks to the retroactive attributes in codex, got to my 100+ in all attributes goal quicker than expected and also close to 1050 total :)
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  9. girtsn

    News: Version Update 17.5.0 Sneak Peek

    retroactive attributes codex, nice!
  10. girtsn

    Merry Mayhem FFA

    I don't say having a team event would be bad - it would be fun indeed - and I also used to join team hunting in xmas team events, op however has formulated it +/- as "let's replace FFA with this idea" by redefining FFA namespace and what should happen to the FFA stars guess it would be getting...
  11. girtsn

    Merry Mayhem FFA

    Hmm, you have been playing a different game or only seeing one aspect of it as entertaining. Sure team events were added to make parts of the game fun and interactive. However grinding was always the core of the game and is how you, me and many others got our skills to the levels. As a grinder I...
  12. girtsn

    Merry Mayhem FFA

    in my opinion, you should not mix concepts and ruin existing format FFA has a meaning, free for all - meaning free to all including teams but not only teams FFA stars are free for all stars by extension the concept of FFA stars is to sell to ped card heroes to get prizes which generates MU on...
  13. girtsn

    How to figure correct tier components for future tiers

    There is also a fixed % of tier material increase tier by tier on the same item I was trying to collect some coefficients some time ago, no enthusiasm from community
  14. girtsn

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    And while at it, added ATH#1 for 2020 - Holy Moly! indeed :D and it is my 3rd ATH#1 :D
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  16. girtsn

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    Woohoo something to post loot wise :) last hof that big was a year ago
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  18. girtsn

    Selling: range enhancers T1-T7

    bump it up right now!
  19. girtsn

    Selling: bulk skills, uberish items

    bump it up right now!
  20. girtsn

    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    although still going after attributes, the loot has been great including tt return - feels great, updated my signature to reflect :) October 2020 = +12,746 hunting (103.98% tt)
  21. girtsn

    Entropia Life hacked? bugged? Broke?

    It is just duplicating them not the first timr
  22. girtsn

    Selling: bulk skills, uberish items

    unfortunately I have some targets in mind, 200 in swords and 1M total skills still to get, and yea ESI prices do not justify transfers these days imho
  23. girtsn

    Selling: bulk skills, uberish items

    well there are the skills/avatar/soul bound items and then there is some equipment , bumps go for both sure prices have dropped on everything so there is little interest (though there has been at least some over the years) imho with unique things in the EU, you can set your price as long as you...
  24. girtsn

    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    Shouldn't practice be open by now?