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  1. Evil Aeon

    Selling: Full Nemesis (Female)

    Nemesis (7 parts) (female) (UL) T1 BO : tt+850 PM me with your offer SOLD
  2. Evil Aeon

    Olith's lost ticket event-- 100 ped reward

    HOLLY BATMAN My favourite event. And old faces all here :grouphug:
  3. Evil Aeon

    You and Your Pet Screenshot Contest

    Not a big difference from my entry. Won those who donate ;)
  4. Evil Aeon

    Show us your vehicle...

    Too short :laugh:
  5. Evil Aeon

    Annoying as hell

    I have same random disconnects for last 2 weeks.
  6. Evil Aeon

    What with the new sound when looting a Mob ?

    I bet, next time they will add something like this :laugh:
  7. Evil Aeon

    Server Downtime For Release

    If your clothes look as if it was shredded and lowered to the toilet, you need to know, it is not a bug it is a feature. Your lovely MA support :laugh:
  8. Evil Aeon

    Win upto 134.95ped for just posting a price!

    2713 ped :rolleyes:
  9. Evil Aeon

    List of chat channels

    Damn, missed this channel yesterday ;)
  10. Evil Aeon

    Win the Spider LA - Land Grab - We need YOU!!!!

    My PC is dead :( If I'll rebuild it in time, I'll join :laugh:
  11. Evil Aeon

    Are you smarter than a markup graph? Win 100ped!

    Mkv : +2332 vat100: +1990
  12. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe 14.4.2 Release Notes

    In Russia we have joke about "pills from greed". MA should start taking this pills :wise::laugh:
  13. Evil Aeon

    Server Downtime for Release

    Auto-loot pills? WTF :laugh: How about "loot boost" pills ?
  14. Evil Aeon

    Info: BUG: Can't dance while holding an item!

    Withdraw today :wise:
  15. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe 14.4 Release Notes

    Holly crap, actually I was not ready for this. I though they well fix some crap, but this :laugh: Another great fuck up. MA you have reached absolute grand master in this profession :laugh:
  16. Evil Aeon

    Servers Are Down

    Or I will quit ;)
  17. Evil Aeon

    Help: Fix the Calypso textures!

    After almost a year after avatar update, they don`t give a shit. Reminder to you MA: "you suck in programming and game development" :wise:
  18. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe 14.3.3 Release Notes

    ETA on clothes bug? :laugh: ETA on textures/colors bug? :laugh::lolup: ETA on fixing shoulders of my avatar? :rolleyes:
  19. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe Release 14.3.2 Available

    But we got nothing :(:dunno:
  20. Evil Aeon

    Clothing. Please remove it all.

    Signed :mad:
  21. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe 14.3.2 Release Notes

    Clothes bug still here Avatar bugs still here New area just copy/past from old Gateway MA at it best :laugh: Remember MA: bugs not fixed = no depo. FU
  22. Evil Aeon

    Vote Joakim for President!

    He will be fired soon. Because there is no place for any "good" in MA`s lair :(:vampire::evilking:
  23. Evil Aeon

    Entropia Universe Release Notes

    1. still have disconnects 2. loot receiving very laggy 3. mobs hit boxes only half fixed, I still can miss while shooting in the mob face My rating to this mini update 0/10 :mad:
  24. Evil Aeon

    Info: The bug fix wish list

    1. Clothes is bugged 2. Textures/Colors is bugged 3. AVATARS SHOULDERS is bugged when any tool is equipped. Avatars look/animation need working. 4. Some Armor look also broken.