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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

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    Xanato's Rental Service

    Time for Merry Mayhem!!! Reorganized the thread a bit.
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    Yeah. Even with the negative stats. pairing it with the summer 20 gives you 3% lifesteal. Add in mayhem amp on your weapon and you have 5% life steal. 5 crit. 50% crit dmg 15 reload. So its still a strong ring and a good pairing. Even without lifesteal its a good ring if you have armor and the...
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    That depends... Did they change it because of my post or because they actually made a mistake... I dont want all of eu blaming me for taking away the best ring ever....
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    Damn.. Fall asleep and my post flips on its head....
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    the summer 2020 is the best as it gives you 20 more crit dmg and maxes out the lifesteal and crit. then it would be your choice between xmas 17 for 2 crit 2 lifesteal and 25 hp or easter 17 for 2 crit 24hp autoloot and decrease crit 24.
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    Are those ASS Piercing's????
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    Your argument for crit and crit damage makes sense. But why did this ring need 15% reload AND 5% lifesteal to boot?? most right hand rings have high reload so why does this ring need 15%??? why not give it 5 so it maybe matches with the halloween 2020. which only got 10. Up until this ring...
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    If you read my second post i have no personal bias because of my personal stake in renting my rings. But just comparing the rings as a whole. But when you factor in the crit scopes and sights it does make some sense. But only if they release enough rings where more than a couple people have the...
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    And before anyone comments I am mentioning this because I make money off rings, you should know that I have many different rings and overall I wont be affected because half my rings will go up in value because they would make a good pair with this ring while some would go down. So in the end I...
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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    So I went and checked out the new christmas ring, and its pretty dope right? But has anyone noticed a trend with the rings getting more powerful. This is the 3rd ring in a row with 3% crit on it, and this is a left hand ring... But not only does it have 3% crit. It has 30% crit dmg.... Thats...
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    Xanato's Rental Service

    Now taking reservations for MERRY MAYHEM!!!