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    Rings becoming too overpowered?

    So I went and checked out the new christmas ring, and its pretty dope right? But has anyone noticed a trend with the rings getting more powerful. This is the 3rd ring in a row with 3% crit on it, and this is a left hand ring... But not only does it have 3% crit. It has 30% crit dmg.... Thats...
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    Question: Ark Moon Deed projected price once tradeable

    With the AMD becoming tradeable in the next VU what do you think their starting sale price will be. Even though it has taken quite a few years for them to sell they still do earn income. Not as good as AUD's but if released with a juicy update could prove very beneficial to value. Right now the...
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    Question: Using a rental service

    EDIT: PLEASE answer the poll properly. I gave everyone 2 votes. If you would not use the rental service, the 2nd vote goes to the option that says to choose it if you voted no. There are currently 5 votes of no, yet only 1 vote on the proper 2nd vote. As some of you may or may not know (as you...
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    Buying: Easter 2020

    Hello I am buying an easter 2020. Purchased. But if someone wants to sell me another I would be interested in buying it.
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    Selling: Summer 2020

    Hello I am selling my Summer 2020 ring. SOLD I worked out a deal to get an easter 20.
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    Selling: Mining Amps Level 1s-5s, and D-Class Cheap.

    Hello and welcome to my Mining Amp sales thread. As stated in the title I am selling mining amps. Specifically level 1 and 2 Lights, level 3s, 4s, and 5s. As well as D-class amplifiers. I like to craft to order though I do keep a small stock on hand to trade to people who just want a couple...
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    Price Check Emik X5 T8

    I was approached by someone today who owned an Emik X5 T8 which they bought a few years back for +15k. I was just curious what is value would be nowadays. Its on the low-end of its mayhem category, but it is high tier. Here is the link Emik X5. Here are its stats. Class: Pistol Type: BLP...
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    Selling: Limited BPs and BPs w/ QR

    Hello so I have recently sorted through my mountains of blueprints and combined them all into one container to make it easy to post here and without there being hundreds of qr1 beginner blueprints. I can craft 99% of these limited blueprints and have the components required for many so if you...
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    Land Area and creating mob DNA's to add to them

    Okay so I did a little searching and couldn't find answers and when I asked friends they did not have any satisfying answers either. So I have all these DNA A,B,C etc and when I put items in a refiner like Atrox bones etc, it shows that some combination of these things will allow you to create...
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    Price Check Easter 2020

    Curious what the easter 2020 is going for. Someone gave me a price that surprised me so I want to see if that is reality or just a single persons valuation. I run a ring rental service and have xmas 16 17.19 hw 18 and summer 20 and want to add this gem to my collection.
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    Price Check Gold rush armor set

    How much is a set of Male gold rush armor going for?
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    Question: 3rd party PED buying

    Hello, I was wondering if buying PED outside of the game instead of through MA is expressly against the rules. I read the FAQ's and the links in it to the TOS and while MA gives a lot of good reasons NOT to buy peds other than through them, I didn't see anywhere actually forbidding it. They...
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    Selling: Closed.

    Thread closed. sale cancelled.
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    Selling: Large TT ESI

    Hello. I have a 635.95 TT [Empty Skill Implant] for sale. I also have a 14.24 TT ESI as well. Total between the two is 650.19. Current largest ESI on auction for sale is 450 TT at 1554%. I am asking for 1500% for both my ESI's and I will drop the .19 TT and make it an even 650 TT. Total price...
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    Selling: Mining Skills

    Selling tons of mining skills. I have a 1k TT ESI to use or you can bring your own, better prices for bigger purchases. Pm me with which mining skill you want and how much TT and we can discuss price.
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    Buying: Crit Scope and Laser Sights x2

    Hello I am looking to get a Crit scope and 2 Crit Dmg Laser sights. Preferably the 1/10% ones but if you have a good deal for the 2/20% ones I am open. Please send a pm with your asking price.
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    Selling: Arsonistic TEN Edition Tier 5.0

    I am selling an Arso Ten Tier 5.0 with good tier rates. Asking 8k. Accepting items and peds.
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    Selling: M83 Predator Tier 9.9

    Sold for 27k in items and peds.
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    Selling: Christmas Strongboxes

    I have 200 Christmas strongboxes for sale. They are in auction for 3.2 I am asking 3.1 for 50 or 3ped ea for all 200.
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    Xanato's Rental Service

    Hello and welcome to my Rental Service thread. I provide a useful service to those that would like to use high-end or hard to obtain gear, but don't wish to have their PED tied up in owning the items. I also try to obtain items with only a few copies in the game so that they may be accessible to...
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    Selling: WTS Improved FAP Tier 3.9

    I have a Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Tier 3.9 for sale. BUYOUT LOWERED. I am asking for a 40k BO but I am taking offers, and please do not even bother low balling me. I accept ped and items, at least half the offer needs to be in peds. And a pure ped offer will be met with more...
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    Selling: Massive Skills Sale

    Hello, a friend of mine is looking to sell their skills and wishes to remain anonymous so I will be conducting the transactions on their behalf. All the listed skills are up for sale, however my friend does not wish to go below level 100 in rifle hit/dmg and longblade 65 hit/dmg. So any skills...
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    Buying: Halloween 2018

    Interested in getting one. Pm prices on here or in game.
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    Halloween 2018

    So how much is this ring selling for now that the hype is over?
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    Explosive Projectile Blueprint Rental Service

    Hello I am offering people the opportunity to rent an EP 4 Blueprint. EP 3 coming soon. Rental Costs: 25 Ped for 6hrs OR 5% of your largest HoF, whichever is greater. For rentals over 6hrs it is 25 ped/hr PLUS 5% of your largest HoF. 1700 Ped collateral required or Items of equivalent or...