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  1. Eson

    Price Check Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition

    Price check on Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition? Anyone know any recent sales? Didn't find much info here on PCF //Eson
  2. Eson

    Selling: SOLD! Omegaton Ranger Scope & Sight Mk. 1 + Halloween 2018

    Considering selling following items: Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk. 1 - Increased Critical Chance 1% Omegaton Laser Sight Mk. 1 - Increased Critical Damage 10%
  3. Eson

    Selling: Strongboxes - Christmas, Easter, Summer, Halloween

    Strongboxes for sale! - Markup changes all the time so message me ingame for more info about price, but I try to provide a price lower than Auction :) Amount presently in stock: Halloween Strongbox ---> Sold out Summer Strongbox ---> Sold out Christmas Strongbox ---> Sold out Easter...
  4. Eson

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2016

    Considering selling this very nice ring to free peds to buy other items Christmas Ring 2016 Decrease Crit Dmg : 25% Faster Reload : 15% Increased Regen : 200% Acceleration (run speed) : 25% Evade : 25% Dodge : 25% Jamming : 25% Skill Gain - Mining : 15% Increase Rare Mining Finds : 25% Show...
  5. Eson

    Selling: Robot Cache Strongboxes

    Robot Cache Strongbox Strongboxes from the Planet Calypso – RDI Mining Event "The caches can contain rare encoded schematics which the RDI can use to build high-end tools. Encoded CR-A Schematic - Chikara Refiner, Adjusted Encoded CR-M Schematic - Chikara Refiner, Modified...
  6. Eson

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip 8 Tier 2.9

    Electric Attack Nanochip 8 Tier 2.9 BO TT+799 //Goran Eson Eriksson
  7. Eson

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2017 or Christmas Ring 2018

    Hi, Looking for to buy a [Christmas Ring 2017] or [Christmas Ring 2018] --->> send PM with your offer here on PCF or ingame :) //Goran Eson Eriksson
  8. Eson

    A&P Series Mayhem BP-70 Perfected

    I'm considering my options how to spend my Mayhem tokens. This pistol doesn't seem to be that popular even though it has real good efficiency. Tried to find some post about it but can't find anything. There is still 5 in Token trader. Don't know if that means that no one at all bought it yet...
  9. Eson

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator tier 9.x

    Found a new gun so now this beauty has to go... Omegaton M83 Predator tier 9.56 A very powerful event rifle, but also great for shared and solo hunt! Mayhem cat 7, 8 & 9 Annihilation potential winner rifle. This gave me lots of prices in Mayhem events, Gold Rush, rare armor part from Hussk...
  10. Eson

    HoF: Lucky Looter Araneatrox 8.9k FFA2

    My biggest HOF so far :) 8.9k FFA2 Spider
  11. Eson

    For Rent: M83 Predator tier 9 + Rings

    M83 Predator tier 9 for rent - Perfect for cat 7 but also a very strong gun for cat 8 and 9 Mayhem. Rings avaliable atm: - Christmas 16 (left) - Perf Ares (right) Send PM or message ingame for details.. //Goran Eson Eriksson
  12. Eson

    Selling: Bring your own ESI --->> Get skills for FREE!

    If you have an ESI I will provide some free skills for you.. My FREE SKILLS service is back up! How do we do this? - Bring your empty skill implant and I'll fill it up for you. (I can provide collateral if you prefer) (approximately 10% of the empty esi will be lost at...
  13. Eson

    Selling: Viking Armor (M)

    Winter is coming, get cold protection! Selling this beautiful old school Viking armor.. Cold: 50 dmg protection SB & BO : TT+1950 ped >>> SOLD <<< Thread can be closed //Goran Eson Eriksson
  14. Eson

    Selling: Summer Strongboxes

    Summer Strongboxes I have 600 boxes for sale atm... 50-150 boxes: 5 ped/box 200-600 boxes: 4.9 ped/box //Goran Eson Eriksson
  15. Eson

    Selling: Arm Guards of the Wormslayer (F)

    Selling this very rare and uber armor part (freshly looted from Hussk) Arm Guards of the Wormslayer (F) SB 4.3k BO 5.0k Post your offers in this thread, via PM or message me ingame.. >>> SOLD <<< Thread can be closed //Goran Eson...
  16. Eson

    Selling: Liakon Armor (M) tier 2.x

    Full Liakon Armor (M) All parts tier 2.x SB: 4.0k BO: 4.3k SOLD for BO Thread can be closed.. //Goran Eson Eriksson
  17. Eson

    Selling: Rock Ripper 3 Gold Rush + TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush

    [Rock Ripper 3 Gold Rush] t0.0 SB: TT+1750 BO: TT+2000 <<< SOLD >>> [TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush] t0.0 SB: TT+1400 BO: TT+1550 <<< SOLD >>> Thread can be closed PM on forum or ingame.. //Goran Eson Eriksson
  18. Eson

    Selling: Laser and Rifle skill - Come and get it for free!

    Hi, I'm giving away skills. How do we do this? 1. Either you just bring your empty skill implant and I'll fill it up for you. (I can provide collateral if you prefer) or 2. I will provide empty esi at good/fair price and fill it up for you (approximately 10% of the empty esi will be lost at...
  19. Eson

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant 1250 ped (full TT)

    [Empty Skill Implant (L)] 1250 ped TT (Full TT) SB 940% BO 980% //Goran Eson Eriksson
  20. Eson

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant 717,66 ped

    [Empty Skill Implant (L)] 717,66 ped TT SB 930% BO 990% //Goran Eson Eriksson
  21. Eson

    Buying: Adjusted Vigi

    Buying Adj vigi ..or some other armour suitable for bots. Send DM or message me ingame with your offer :) //Goran Eson Eriksson
  22. Eson

    Selling: FFA Stars 100k bulk

    Got approximately 100k points FFA Stars Only selling bulk.. SOLD Contact me here on pm or ingame: //Goran Eson Eriksson
  23. Eson

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator tier 8.x & Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II tier 4.9

    Because of event rules/cat (Mayhem) I do not wish to LVL up more in Laser and I need to switch to blp or other hunting styles from now on.... My imk2 is just collecting dust in storage, wich is truelly sad. So I'm considering selling: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II tier 4.9 The legendary imk2...
  24. Eson

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved - imk2

    Hi, Imk2 found and bought. Thread can be closed! M83 tier 8 is still for sale.. I'm looking for a deal to buy an imk2 with M83 and/or mkvme + peds. My budget is 60-90k depending on what tier on the imk2. So.. if you have an imk2 and want to free some peds and go up in dps or peds and and...
  25. Eson

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator Tier 8.x

    Considering selling my Omegaton M83 Predator Tier 8.7 Perfect for cat 6 MM, base dps 85 SOLD !! Good eco/dpp and good dps. Check for youself vith Weapon Compare: