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  1. SilentDrifter92

    Suggestion: Entropia Universe on Steam

    I want Entropia to grow to its fullest potential, and I think something to help it would be Steam. The Steam gaming platform is the biggest on the PC market and the most popular. Entropia Universe could grow much larger if it could get onto Steam, and have many benefits to the games economy in...
  2. SilentDrifter92

    Help: User Generated Content - Screens are broken

    All the (UGC) screens seemed to be bugged since one of the recent updates during the holiday season. I noticed all the uploaded images are blanked out, and they are not cheap to upload. Only the text remain on the screen, with a grayed out background :eyecrazy: . Is there anyone else...
  3. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Shop Keeper Pad

    WTB a shopkeeper pad. Please message me on PCF if you have any for sale.
  4. SilentDrifter92

    Help: ROCKtropia BP's stuck in BP book

    At some point over a year ago ROCKtropia updated all of their blueprint books for UL BP, to be similar to the other planets. Before that, users were once able to put doubles of their blueprints into the RT BP books. Then after the update, they took this ability away and made it so you can only...
  5. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Karmoosh Lateef​

    Looking for a Karmoosh Lateef​. If anyone has this for sale PM me here or ingame.
  6. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 2

    Looking for a McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 2. If anyone has this for sale PM me here or ingame.
  7. SilentDrifter92

    RT - Billboard Zombie Shop

    Billboard Zombie Shop Hello, welcome to my shop, ROCKtropia Billboard #0002! It is located near the Camp Crunk TP at coordinates [133486, 93178, 100]. The shop is a billboard location with a shopkeeper pad that contains all the items for sale. For the most part the items for sale will be...
  8. SilentDrifter92

    Crystal Resort Gift Shop

    Crystal Resort Gift Shop My shop is located in Crystal Center at coordinates [137292, 83200, 201] in Next Island. I usually sell a random assortment of items from here. Some of the types of items are weapons, tools, MF chips, materials and tropical clothing. This shop still uses the old...
  9. SilentDrifter92

    Omegaton Delta Tower, Booth #1

    Omegaton Delta Tower, Booth #1 Welcome to my booth! It is located on planet Calypso at coordinates ​[25622, 37515, 117]. My booth focuses on selling low and mid level items for players and the selection varies. Some times there may be mindforce chips, weapons, blueprints or something else...
  10. SilentDrifter92

    Pathfinder XXIV - Warp Service

    Pathfinder XXIV - Warp Service The Pathfinder XXIV is now offering space traveling services. The captain of the ship is Drifter007 and he can be reached through the live chat on the site or in-game. You can also contact anyone on the EntropiaTrade team for access. We are doing scheduled...
  11. SilentDrifter92

    Cape Corinth Marketplace #19

    Cape Corinth Marketplace #19 My booth is located on planet Calypso at coordinates [61687, 88064, 299]. My booth focuses on selling low level items for new players and the selection varies. Some times there may be mindforce chips, weapons, blueprints or something else. Please check back often...
  12. SilentDrifter92

    The Arkadian's Nest - Underground Booth #8

    The Arkadian's Nest - Underground Booth #8 My booth is located on planet Arkadia in the Underground TP, at coordinates [13484, 21787, 299]. The shop usually carries mining related items, tools, keys and amps. If you need an item that is not in my shop or have any questions, feel free to PM...
  13. SilentDrifter92

    Hell Stall #2 - The Abyss

    Hell Stall #2 - The Abyss My shop is located at ROCKtropia-Firewall Ridge at coordinates [39124, 21254, 178]. We offer a variety of mining items, tools, amps and more! Don't forget to check out the shopkeer in the front. She usually carries vehicles and some other goodies. If you need an...
  14. SilentDrifter92

    Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #1

    Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #1 Hello, welcome to my shops thread, I hope to see you in my shop soon :). A variety of items can usually be found here. The selection changes frequently so check back often. Make sure to ask if you don't see something that you want, it may be available but...
  15. SilentDrifter92

    Info: Sweating & Swunting Location Guide

    \ Sweating & Swunting Location Guide // :sweat: In this guide i will list the locations on each planet along with the locations info where one will be able to consistently sweat and swunt on a daily basis for the most part. I will add more locations as they are discovered to me or created over...
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  17. SilentDrifter92

    Help: Signature Picture size

    I can't seem to get the signature pic I want to be a good size when I upload it. Every time I upload it and view, it is really small. I even put it to the max size it said was allowed to be and below the max file size. Can anyone help me?
  18. SilentDrifter92

    Question: Space thruster light (L)

    How do I get a Space thruster light (L)? I think I TTed the one I had long ago. Can you still even get them? :confused:
  19. SilentDrifter92

    Question: Calypso Land Deed Token ever crafted?

    Just wondering were any of the CLD tokens ever crafted up by anyone and what did it make? :scratch2: I just read this old thread again and was curious.
  20. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Sub warp drive II (L)

    Hey, looking for a Sub warp drive II (L). Send me a PM if you got one for sale :)
  21. SilentDrifter92

    Privateer interactive interior & Decorating ships

    I am not sure what they have planned for the proposed space updates. But I think these two features would be cool to implement into the game. The first one is to make privateers interior more interactive like mother ships, such as how they have breakable glass that you can repair and chairs that...
  22. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Monria Shop

    Hello, I am interested in buying a shop on Monria. If you have one for sale, please send me a PM or message me in-game.
  23. SilentDrifter92

    Make Lofven Papoo exportable :)

    MA please make Lofven Papoo exportable to other planets or a new papoo that can be. I need my mischievous buddy with me at all times! :banana:. DungFlinger is getting lonely :silly2:
  24. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Hangar

    Hey :). I am looking to buy a hangar. If you have one for sale, send me a PM.
  25. SilentDrifter92

    Buying: Chikara Refiner Adjusted

    Looking to buy a Chikara Refiner Adjusted. Feel free to message me here or in-game if you have one for sale.