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    Trading between auction houses with friends?

    for all the critical views of MA, I'm sure they have some easy secondary ways they consider accounts being alts or not, like does the supposed relative ever deposit? if they do, are they depositing with a credit card in their name? when they log in are they logging in on the same ip address as...
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    I'd like to ask a question. What do you do now Irons have gone?

    I actually did mayhem to the end for once, maybe 2nd time in 10 years, getting awful score of course, but I was surprised my ped burn rate was not bad, so I was able to stick it out to the end... hunted some kerbs for a loss... Joined in on sand king last night, I always get robbed on the...
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    Webshop Down Once Again?

    hasn't worked for me today, tried twice many hours apart on two different computers..never had this issue before even when others said it didn't work for them.... Guess I'm a non depositor now, see u all at Boreas!
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    Missed my birthday: 15 years in-game

    happy bday, your avatar doesn't look a day older...
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    how big does a hof need to be for you to consider withdrawing it?

    interesting question...Biggest hit I've ever had is 1,250 and spent that long ago... I think the game should give me many large globals just to see what it will take to get me to withdraw....
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    Ancient Greece Shares

    I doubled my shares by buying 5 more at 7.49 peds each, so the floor is already below 8.5...
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    Space Update 2020.0.5

    Thats no moon...
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    World's longest thread

    Dear diary, Day 188 of the pandemic.... After a 7 day journey, I reach the top of the mountain, a journey which should of only taken a day, as I lost my way in the woods after going past the logging camp.. I survived on berries, water pooled from a recent rainfall in the hollow of a log, and I...
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    World's longest thread

    Dear diary, Day 181 of the pandemic.... Thought I heard voices in the woods.... Went to investigate, heard some rustling in the bushes, kept hearing sounds and chased after them, but found no one, was there someone there, or is it just isolation madness... Lost my bearings during the...
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    Well, I haven't seen this for a while...

    old programs/games have zombie code that is thought to have no purpose as its part of old functions previously abandoned, but then some update is loaded that re links or re-installs that old code bringing back functions or problems thought to be long gone.... The dreaded ' This creature didn't...
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    World's longest thread

    Dear diary, Day 180 of the pandemic.... To avoid the horrors I relocated to my cabin in the woods on day 1 and haven't left since... Luckily I had a large stash of MRE's and other survival foods that can last me years, so I haven't had to leave at all..... The wild life seems unaffected...
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    Suggestion: Make the switch from iron-like mission chains to Codex optional and let each player choose when to switch

    I'm saving money now the irons are gone, due to a lack of interest... codex just doesn't create the same desire to hunt for me..... Might go to another planet for awhile, at least until the codex pandemic strikes there....
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    Question: Is it possible to leave your account in your Will or to your Estate?

    sounds like a good opportunity for an enterprising lawyer, wills for those with virtual assets, maybe non-profits looking for donations should get on this too, instead of all those billboards asking me to donate my car to charity, I can get banner ads asking me to donate my virtual assets to...
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    World's longest thread

    I am not interested in making any comments
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    Entropia Merchandise

    Life sized revive terminal..
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    Unable to log in, given "Internal Error".

    I couldn't log in for same reason last night, so I updated windows and was able to login after the updates....Probably just coincidence, but maybe something to it....
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    Strange Meteor near Odysseus Landing?

    Sounds like fun, I will go there to drop dead.....coordinates?
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    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    This was written in 1979- or 1980, just for the purpose of posting in this thread in 2020... Hello, again, hello Just called to say hello I couldn't sleep at all tonight And I know it's late I couldn't wait Hello, my friend, hello Just called to let you know I think about you every night When...
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    Crafting is an abysmal trainwreck for the majority of the playerbase.

    A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
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    COVID-19 Impact on Entropia Universe: Data Analysis & Call to MindArk

    I came back due to covid after a 7 year absence.. I did log in the website every now and then to see if my account was still there, but I hadn't been in game for that long... Finishing a few of my irons before they go away, yes, but without covid I wouldn't be here to even know they were going...
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    MA Webshop Visa Payment Broken

    i use visa, webshop has never not worked for me... used it a few days ago...
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    Does this ever change?

    well, you can talk smack in chat while sweating, swunting or hunting mobs.... You can get pets and feed them your peds.. You can explore on foot or with vehicles....On foot you might find fruits and stones to earn a tiny amount of ped.... participating in events for fun and prizes, Team...
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    To punish or not to punish exploiters

    no opinion, MA can do what it wants and I will respond accordingly, its saving me money actually, so I'm cool with it. As I was actually considering participating in mayhem which would of required more depositing than I normally would do, but thanks to the exploit reports on PCF, I was...