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    looking for non dead soc

    after a 6 year absence, I have joined one soc so far, but no one ever talked in chat and were rarely anyone online, hence I am freelancing again... Wouldn't mind going on a soc hunt or two with my old trusty opalo or one of these new fangled noob weapons. Back in the day there was a player...
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    Quarantine brings old Avatars back to Entropia

    OK, so it has been at least 5 years since I logged into the game.... Although, I did on occasion log into the website to see if my acct was still there....But I am playing now for the first time in 5 years, made a small deposit and bought 5 moon deeds for giggles (What am I going to do with all...
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    EU is hotel California?

    When I log out the counter counts down to 1 then it freezes, so basically I can check out, but I can't ever leave... at least till I force close the client...
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    Text Based EU!!! Join in!!!

    While we wait... EU text based!!!! Xavior Target Technosplurg picks up (27) common Dung And some graphics! :guide:
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    Escape From FOMA

    Anyone else not able to TP into the FOMA hanger? Errors out when I tried to TP there and says the area is not available.... I'll try again tonight...
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    Bundled Service = Bundled failure

    I have At&t uverse for over a year now. Had the DVR replaced once, second one HDMI output stopped working, so I used component video for awhile then the HDMI output started working again. Remote died and I have been trying to get a new one for 2 weeks. Now the router died on thursday and they...
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    Hof to Global Ratio

    I am a slightly experienced EU player, or total noob, depending on your view, but I'm at the point where I actually believe that one day I will get a hof. I've seen alot of loot discussion, but not noticed any discussion about what an average hof/global ratio might be. Is this because its so...
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    Item Inventory on

    Maybe eveyone else already knows, but it was news to me that you can see a full list of all your items including their TT value and location (carried, Storage, etc.) within the site when you log in to your account. Stumbled accross it when I logged in to make a depo.
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    idiot noob stuck in LA #11

    34555, 39380 ...... Too many mobs to get out and running outa of ammo....If someone want to get me outa here it would be appreciated.....I'm not going anywhere....:eyecrazy: Edit: I am no longer stuck.....
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    How much, so I don't have to spend most my time sweating?

    Yes, this is a whining thread, so if you can't bear to read another one just move on to the next thread and read no further. ok, I've been playing this game for 2 months, and I find I am usually without PED despite putting about $90 total so far.... Hence, I spend alot of my time sweating...
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    % vs +Ped on MU

    Whats the deal with some items being listed in market value as a % relative to market and others being listed as +(some amount of PED), I suppose I could guess as to the reason, but I have not seen it written anywhere. My guess would be that items that decay are listed as +(ped) and items...