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  1. Detritus

    Help: Help with inventory valuation calculations

    Business finance is not really my thing, so I'm asking for guidance here with some calculations. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how to determine costs of both goods produced and how to valuate returned mats and "bonus" items. To simplify things, let's make up a bp: Noob Knife BP...
  2. Detritus

    Help: Crap returns on EP1, what should be my expectation?

    Is EP1 feasible as a representative indicator of normal crafting returns? Hey folks, help this poor noob out. Completely sick of hunting so I'm trying to get into crafting. I've only done it casually in the past to burn up hunting loot, and so I never logged or paid any real attention to what...
  3. Detritus

    Dedicated Full-Time Community Manager

    just curious, what happened with this?
  4. Detritus

    EU LogBuckets

    This is a very simple tool but posting it in case others find it useful. Basically, it allows you to setup a number of filters on the chat log, and when a match is made it stores that line in a "bucket", with optional system tray notification. Filters support multiple keyword matches with...
  5. Detritus

    these trees are strong

    Do y'all ever take a break from hunting to just climb up and chill in the trees, or just me?
  6. Detritus

    Suggestion: Increase autoloot range

    Can you please increase the autoloot range by a factor of 3-4x across the board? We've already paid the price of admission for the pills/pets, at least make it useful. They are supposed to be a convenience mechanism, but if you hunt small mobs with a ranged weapon you are often dropping them...
  7. Detritus

    Suggestion: Increase logging verbosity

    Since I doubt that a proper plug-in API is even on the horizon, and AFAIK log parsers are acceptable within the EULA, it would be great if the logging verbosity was cranked the F up. I feel this is a relatively easy task that would be a huge benefit to those of us who wish to develop loggers...
  8. Detritus

    Mousewheel Detection / Touchpad Zoom Bug

    This is mainly for laptop players. It appears that the client detects the presence of a hardware mouse wheel on startup, and if one is not present at launch, the zoom will not work - even if you add a physical wheel after startup. To elaborate: Scenario 1: Start client with no physical mouse...
  9. Detritus

    What is the purpose of synchronization chips?

    I looted a Synchronization Chip 5 (L), which I've seen in shops/AH before, but never really paid any attention to. I don't think I have a use for it, but I wanted to learn more about it. The stated effect is: "Increased synchronization by 0.29 for 6 minutes 30 seconds" There's nothing in...
  10. Detritus

    Question: Does eco still matter for faps?

    I am mostly using Adj Resto but looking for an "emergency" fap. I currently use a Regen XI L chip, and just wanting a UL option since the MU is insane. There's some old-school faps that can be obtained on the cheap which heal quite a bit but their eco is terrible (e.g. 2500 Deluxe). Under Loot...
  11. Detritus

    Suggestion: long press execute action on release

    I'm not allowed to post in dev corner. :rolleyes: Very minor UX thing that is driving me nuts: the long press menus should execute the selected option upon mouse release. Current behavior: Click + hold -> menu appears -> release mouse button -> drag over selection -> click again to execute...
  12. Detritus

    Good Work MA

    I'm not allowed to post in dev's corner, so posting this here. Hopefully MA will read it. Dear MA: Most VUs have classically been a disaster at best, and with something as fundamental as the camera/control system, I was definitely worried. It's clear you worked very hard on it, and IMO the...
  13. Detritus

    Selling: Smuggler Armour Plate 1

    Selling this rare plate for +2350. Currently in Caly AH, but I can pull it if someone wants to buy in person.
  14. Detritus

    Suggestion: Please implement gap closers

    I love melee but there's some issues that prevent it from being a primary skill. The biggest complaint (no UA burn) you are somewhat addressing with the newer weapons (though a lot of ppl would still like attachments for the existing ones); but the other big problem with melee is the lack of...
  15. Detritus

    Are there any plans to create better inter-planetary connectivity?

    More specifically, are there any plans to facilitate easier/safer inter-planetary transportation of both goods and people, or otherwise open up the economy more? For example, will there ever be a global auction (that players can use) or global storage?
  16. Detritus

    What is MindArk's fiscal state and are you growing or shrinking?

    Is MindArk "healthy" and do you plan on adding more resources to grow the product?
  17. Detritus

    Buying: Moonshine Armour Plate 1 (L)

    Must be full TT with no damage, I need it for the mission.
  18. Detritus

    Fly as hell Nusul backpacks for xmas from Ark!

    Arkadians got a nice xmas tree, snowglobe, and most importantly THIS DOPE ASS NUSUL BACKPACK!!! :yay: I'm never taking it off. :smoke:
  19. Detritus

    High MU on low efficiency weapons?

    This is just a curiosity point. I notice that guns like the Piron PBP UL series usually sell for pretty high MU; but these guns have sub 30% efficiency, so why on Earth would anyone use them? I would expect them to go for TT +10 or such, not TT +400. Some secret tinfoil hat theory...
  20. Detritus

    Difference between dps on item panel vs. wiki

    I just noticed that the dps value given on the item info panel does not match what the wiki says for any of the guns I've checked so far. Random example, Isis Zero-Four: Info panel: 63.8 dps Wiki: 44.3410 dps I started picking at random and so far none of them match up. Can someone explain...
  21. Detritus

    Loot changes during events?

    I promise this isn't a veiled whining thread, it's a serious question because I haven't really played through events before, at least not while keeping the level of logs I'm keeping now. Anyway, I've noticed a very measurable swing in returns since FEN started. I usually play very...
  22. Detritus

    Suggestion: MAGA: Make the Auction Great Again

    1. Most importantly: please give us free input on the price, or at least add two decimal points to the spinners so that we can sell any quantity at market rate. This seems so bloody obvious it just makes me irrationally angry. I'm so tired of having to keep fidgeting with my stack size until...
  23. Detritus

    Dear MA: We Need More DPS

    I feel like I have enough observational data from hunting now to come to the conclusion that being able to kill mobs quickly (within 3-5 shots) has a meaningful impact on your returns. I have heard others say this as well, but now I have actually tested it a bit. Maybe this is not actually...
  24. Detritus

    Defense costs

    Haven't played in a long time so I'm trying to learn the new stuff, and relearn the basics. Can you please help with the following: 1) What should I aim for in terms of defensive costs? I realize as low as possible, but what's reasonably "good"? (e.g. 3%?) 2) I think I read in another...
  25. Detritus

    Returning noob questions

    Hey y'all. I have been away for about a year and finally have a little bit of free time. Trying to decide if I want to get back into this mess, so I've been reading up. A couple of questions: 1) From what I understand, armor is the way to go? I used to hunt naked w/resto, but it seems like...