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    Price Check Omegaton M83 Predator t9-10

    Thank you!
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    Price Check Omegaton M83 Predator t9-10

    Current price tag for a t9 or t10 M83 Predator?
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    Entropia Universe 17.3.2 Release Notes

    Hunted in CP cave for several hours yesterday and had zero lags and no crashes. Thanks for the long awaited lag fix MA. So much better!
  7. Bruce Leeroy

    Suggestion: Bring back TP-runs!

    I like this idea a lot and the implementation with a vehicle license, I feel, is a great way to incentivize the activity. The days of having to do TP runs were really fun and I'd love to do it again! You also made a great point about the social interaction and getting new players more engaged...
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    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    Bumpity bump! :bump:
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    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    Bump for rare ring trade
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    Grats man that's awesome!
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    You are invited

    Congrats to you two I wish you both the absolute best!!
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    Selling: MMOWC Ring

  15. Bruce Leeroy

    Selling: MMOWC Ring

  16. Bruce Leeroy

    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    Daily bump
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    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    You're not supposed to profit TT. MA made that pretty clear long ago with loot 2.0. Now, with that being said, a lot of things that used to have decent MU (like oils) have gone down in MU value which makes it harder to profit. I use LP-40, Perfected and am sitting at right over 96% TT return...
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected

    Patience (noun) - the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Some of you folks need to chill out. They are obviously working on it. If you just want them to hurry it up and bring the servers back online with a messed up release you'd just...
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    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    I'd rather a straight trade for the M83 as that's what I want in the end but if you are interested in the ring then I will consider serious offers.
  20. Bruce Leeroy

    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    Hey everyone! I'm wanting to trade my MMOWC Ring for a low tier M83 Predator (t0-t3). PM me here or in game if anyone is interested. I'm willing to put a few PED in the trade for higher tier M83 if need be and have a t8.6 Enigma L2 that I can part with as part of the deal. MMOWC Ring...
  21. Bruce Leeroy

    Red Ped: The Chosen One

    I appreciate your candor and can understand having to change aspects of the event due to overwhelming feedback. This is a very valid point and you're right, much better to make any changes early rather than months down the road. Best of luck to you and all participants :beerchug:
  22. Bruce Leeroy

    Red Ped: The Chosen One

    Dude, you totally changed the entire event after it already started. What's to stop you from changing it again when it suits you? Hard to have faith in an event when it can change at anytime.
  23. Bruce Leeroy

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    What a weak response. I agree completely with what almost all said before me and I will include that below. Now we know Mayhems can be exploited with the minimum punishment possible. Why should anyone else not exploit advantageous bugs to gain the advantage if there is only a MINIMAL chance of...
  24. Bruce Leeroy

    Release 17.2 Video Interview

    Great video! :yay: Thank you for taking the time to get it together and share some insight into a few avenues MA is currently working on. Hope to continue to see more of this type of content.
  25. Bruce Leeroy

    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    What an incredibly well thought out event :wtg: Good luck to all participants! Please register: Bruce NickName Leeroy