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  1. Max Power

    Achievement: Commando Unlocked

    After a few months of work on this one I finally unlocked Commando :yay: And of course, already chipped some in ;) /MP.
  2. Max Power

    Xenobiology Unlocked

    Been after this one for a few months now and finally got it :yay: I skilled this North of Emerald Lakes on molisk. Now MA need to make it do something useful :D /MP.
  3. Max Power

    Achievement: Scientist Unlocked

    I've been working towards this unlock for the last few months, the 3x skill period helped me get this sooner than expected :yay: It's already proving to be useful in the Paramedic profession. Cheers, /MP.
  4. Max Power

    Question: Free Fruit From Auctioneer?

    Does anyone else get free fruit from the auctioneer? The message comes in as something like "There were no bids on your 'fruit'. The items are returned to your inventory", and sure enough I do receive those fruits back, but I never put them into auction to sell. Could it be some sort of payment...
  5. Max Power

    FYI: Max Power's Pet Training Experiments

    I've always wondered which is the most eco way or the quickest way to train on pets for skills so I decided to find out by a series of tests that will take me a few days to complete. For the tests I will use 2 Daikiba Stalkers, and 3 Daikiba Prowlers simultaneously, and initially do tests to...
  6. Max Power

    Missing Atlas Haven Stable

    I did some taming around Atlas Haven last night and wanted to keep the trust in the pets so was going to take them to the stable...but it was gone. Has it been relocated somewhere or removed? I'm sure it was NW of the city, I've even searched on EF and can't find any reference to it being moved...
  7. Max Power

    MA Turns Up At The Rig

    I went to the rig to try a new toy out and found an invisible killing a few people It was obvious that MA would be watching what was happening with all the support cases going in, so I made a little comment in global chat Sure enough, a few minutes later MA turned up :D After a few shots...
  8. Max Power

    502PED Hogglo Young HOF

    After getting our asses kicked by Mulaaks in PvP4 we split up the team, I did Hogs, and Juicy probably did snables :laugh: The 2nd mob gave me a nice hof: Still no foot guards for me :rolleyes:
  9. Max Power

    479 Ped Hogglo

    Im my quest to loot shadow foot guards I got this nice hof :yay: Sadly, there were no armour parts there :rolleyes:
  10. Max Power

    Longu Stalker With 325PED ESI

    I was just warming up on a Longu hunt when this nice global came :wtg:
  11. Max Power

    Atrox Mature With ML-45

    Skilling handgun at CND on small trox I got this 819PED hof, then I noticed this little rifle in the loot window... Click to enlarge