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  1. Mac Farmer

    Sand King ATH

    I just saw that there was such a thing . Nobody post here ? Cmn guys tell some story or show some pictures :)
  2. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Asclarias Pet

    Hey selling one of those . Its level 9 full fed can be spawn in all planets Auto loot at level 19 . Price 235 ped pm , ty
  3. Mac Farmer

    Technician Blueprints Bug

    Hey the day that bug came i browse auction and saw a basic sheet metal blueprint 100qr for only 30 ped . I bought it :ahh: and same person listed another one at 100 qr again and i bought it again :D The third time i knew something fishi and i check technician and found about the bug and i did...
  4. Mac Farmer

    How to find someone link ?

    Last week a friend of mine was looking for someone link pretty emergency . He have sold some auds to order by mistake . Here is easy way to find anyone link in EU . 1.Open message center 2.Go in Create new message > Mail 3.Press + and type the name then you will have the link I am sure...
  5. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Bulk Habu whips

    Looking for those normal or adj+ . Prefer bulk buy not one or two Thank you :)
  6. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Simple 2,3 Prints

    Looking for max Simple 2 spring bp and 50+qr Simple 3 spring one . Pm
  7. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Basic Vehicle Suspension or Standard Springs

    Hi pm if you have any :) I am at Calypso
  8. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Resonation 8 Amplifiers

    I have 180 of those and looking for a crafter to get em for good price Leave a pm here or in EU MAC
  9. Mac Farmer

    Entropialife issue

    Can we please get the site fix asap .... I really miss browsing it when i am not able to play the game for days :) Promise to donate at soon it got fixed Thanks !
  10. Mac Farmer

    Happy Holydays

    Wish you all the best and spend more time whit family :):yay: What a year 2018 was ! epic one !!! :)
  11. Mac Farmer

    Emerald Mall Shops

    Can someone please give me going price on emerald mall shops . Are the third floor shops are not going to be sold by MA in near future ? Thanks :) Mac
  12. Mac Farmer

    Question: HW Boxes 2017

    So event finish and people start opening boxes . Refresh rate on amps in boxes is way to high and not much box openers . And now we see same people open same amount boxes as before but loot enormous ammount of amps . And this is because maybe not so much people open them . MindArk take a note...
  13. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Formal Tuxedo outfit

    Pimp clothes for sell Including a tuxedo and pants Ark Formal Tuxedo - Blue (M) Ark Formal Pants - Blue (M) Omegaton Pops TT+210 for the full otfit Or I can add a Rex Top Hat . All 4 parts for TT + 310 ped Total tt is arround 210ped Thanks&Good luck
  14. Mac Farmer

    R.I.P Chester Bennington

    Sad day
  15. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Millitary

    Selling this fine weapon Adjusted EWE EP-41 Millitary at tier 5,3 . Remaining tiers : 121 82 90 103 111 Non enchancers - Economy Decay: 1.292 PEC Ammo: 1200 Cost: 13.292 PEC Maximal TT: 90.00 PED Minimal...
  16. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Eudorian Wasp Devil

    Have a camo and auto loot buff(not opened) . Great buddy :) Level 4 at this moment ... Offers welcome maybe item too . PM :) Buff 1 - Pet focus Buff 2 - Auto loot Take care , Mac
  17. Mac Farmer

    Change Avatar Name

    Hello dear forum ! When i start playing Entropia i just joined to check it because friend told me about it . Now it past like 2 years or more and i really want to stay BUT . My first name is Spermer and i really want to change it because i don't like it and i am sure other people don't as well...
  18. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Rubey Chirin Dragon

    Hi its good friend to human and very strong :D Price is good as well just hit me in Entropia - or in ComPet if you brave enought ;):D
  19. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Dante Blp Amp

    Blp Dante amp sold Mac
  20. Mac Farmer

    Selling: FFA Points and ESI

    Hi:) I am selling FFA Points: sold ESI: 12.94tt 10.48tt 10.11tt Pm me or find me in ing
  21. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Disco set M,L

    Hello selling this almost full set of Disco armors for male . Helm missing Nice for MM :) Stab: 17 HP Cut: 20 HP Impact: 22 HP Penetration: 11 HP Burn: 16 HP Cold: 13 HP Acid: 6 HP Electric: 5 HP Close: 59 HP Firearms: 27 HP Total: 110 HP Total tt arround 360 peds and most are tier 1-3 arm is...
  22. Mac Farmer

    Buying: Disco parts

    Looking for a Thigh and helm Male . Please PM me if you know a friend sell them or a shop :) regards, Mac
  23. Mac Farmer

    Graphic crash

    Hi PCF :) I get instant crash when change graphic settings from safe mode to low:scratch2: Can someone try this and tell me if getting same problem ? Never before i had this issue and think its from yesterday's update :beerchug: Thanks , Mac
  24. Mac Farmer

    Selling: Gelogy and Handgun Skills

    Hi forum :) Selling folowing skills Have fun Mac
  25. Mac Farmer

    FYI: Caperon hunt harassment

    Hello dear forum ! Wanted to explain whit two words how this 2 guys from same BIG soc is playing like. I apologise for not having a video just my fraps record only 39 sec and auto stop . Its about 2 russian folks from the biggest society in Entropia . I go to mob that i want to shoot and...