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    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45 Tier 6.1

    Selling Meckel & Loch ML-45 Tier 6.1 231 max damage with 145 max range. With a 55 pen amp this is 213.4 penetration damage for those interested in pvp. (It can take a Mayhem B-Amplifier Gamma with lifesteal too) Remaining TIR: 7: 106 8: 54 9: 85 10: 65 PM offer. Guide price TT+3.5k. Will...
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    Selling: Selling Renegade Fashion Strider Shirt & Pants (F)

    Title says it all! Taking offers starting at 1000 ped
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    Selling: Tier 3.2 Adjusted DOA Loudmouth + Dante

    Taking offers on a Tier 3.2 Adj DOA Loudmouth + optional Dante. 133.7 dmg with dante. 56 reload. SIB Lvl 59 start, 62 max. This gun maxes very fast :) Remaining tirs: 4 120 5 121 6 102 7 57 8 74 9 103 10 109 Tier upgrades are relatively cheap. PS I won't sell the dante while I have...
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    Buying: Buying GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock

    I am buying some GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock. Please PM me if you have any lying around for sale :)
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    Buying: Buying Vain Gloves (F)

    Hello Paying TT+2.5k for Vain Gloves (F) :)
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    Triggering Fort Lahar event

    I'm wondering, how do you trigger this event to start? I heard there are some bots outside to kill but I can't find any.
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    Buying: Buying Tuning Nano Adjuster W05

    I am buying Tuning Nano Adjuster W05 for 22 ped each.
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    Adj DOA loudmouth

    Is this upgrade actually possible or are there uncraftable items in it ? :)
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    Buying: DOA Loudmouth

    Buying DOA Loudmouth. Not caring about tier as upgrading.
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    Buying: Vain Gloves (F)

    Send a message if you have them :)
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    Selling: Multiple Items. Tier 8 AL29 Felis. Tier 4.4 Maddox IV

    Multiple Items. Tier 8 AL29 Felis. A106. Strider set (F) AL29 Felis (L) Tier 8 - 383.93 TT - Make an offer. Quit pvp. 345 Burn damage with ArMatrix 75B amp. Strider Set (F) 2k.
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    Selling: Full Vain (F) minus gloves

    Vain (F) Asking price: ??? This is a nice rare set with 114 close protection (shadow is 115). Must use L or whatever other gloves you prefer. Protection: 46 Cut 50 Stab 18 Impact 10 Burn 51 Penetration 9 Acid 6 Cold 9 Electric Head, foot and thighs: Tier 1.9 Chest, arms and shins: Tier...
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    Selling: Looted (F) clothing

    Strider Set (F) 2k Thrill Seeker Party Set (F) +180 Malachai Dante (F) Star Satin Arctic Mist Set (F) +230 Spiral Street Dark Strife Jacket (F) +400 Star Satin Cherry Vow Set (F) 1.5k
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    Selling: Full Nemesis (F) TT+1200 ono

    Full Nemesis (F) SB+900 BO+1100 Full Nemesis (F) for sale SB TT+900 BP TT+1100
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    Selling: Selling Ozpyn LR S1X4 Tier 7.6

    Looking for offers for this gun.
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    Selling: Selling Ozpyn LR S1X4 tier 7.6

    Selling Ozpyn LR S1X4 tier 7.6 Remaining TIRs: 84, 62, 122 Please pm offers.
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    Selling: Selling DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition Tier 6

    PM if interested! Remaining TIRs: 77 81 58 120 SOLD!!!!
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    Selling: Selling Improved Hedoc Mayhem (Accepting a few items in trade)

    Improved Hedoc Mayhem tier 1 26k peds wanted. Thanks! SOLD
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    Selling: Selling out many items (Imp Hedoc, Cryo 8, Trauma VI etc)

    Cryogenic Attack Nanochip VIII Tier 3.5 Remaining TIRs: 98, 149, 128, 113, 60, 95, 129 SB: TT+3.6k BO: TT+5k Improved Hedoc Mayhem Tier 0.9 Remaining TIRs: 60, 173, 124, 99, 69, 159, 67, 105, 142 SB: 25k BO: 30k Songkra Corrosive Dagger Tier 3.3 Remaining TIRs: 107, 119, 113, 74, 63, 91, 147...
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    Selling: Eon SGA Edition (F) Tier 2 for trade

    This is possibly the best unlimited PK armour in the game and also unique as no one else has the thighs. It is great for all around pvp as it protects from BLP, laser, rockets, light protection from blades and also good for any mobs that attack you. I also use it for hunting anyway, I've had...
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    My first uber: 10207 Vanguard Communicator

    Loot included Genesis Spitfire (L), Genesis Icerage (L), Combustive Attack Nanochip IV (L), Vain Gloves (M,L) :)
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    Info: Step one for improving PVP

    I was thinking earlier about how this game sucks in that a key ingredient to be good at pvp you essentially have to be a good pve hunter. This is made worse by the fact there is virtually no skill gain in pvp. I think the first and easiest thing to improve pvp is to give skill for misses as...
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    Has MindArk been bought out by the company that makes these toys?

    Just curious if MA were bought out by these creative geniuses. I'm sure they released something recently which carries the halmarks of these images.
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    Selling: Sapphire's Sales Thread

    Selling the following items/sets. Prices are a guide. Please let me know if you're interested in anything. Armour: Full Nemesis (F) TT+550 Buyout Clothing: Renegade Fashion Strider Set (F) Star Satin Arctic Mist Set (F) Star Satin Cherry Vow Set (F)
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    Freezing issues since very recently

    Has anyone else had issues with the client freezing really badly recently? Especially when dealing damage to something (shooting at nothing is fine) A friend of mine noticed freezing recently when dealing damage but not as bad as what I now experience. After this new patch this morning it is...