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  1. girtsn

    Question: Listing of things available in-game (real time in-game wiki)

    Well if I may change my question seeing that my previous question got implemented. Any plans for if / when is it going to be introduced, and if the hinted retroactive attribute issuing for already done codex missions would be part of it? What do you think about a filterable list of...
  2. girtsn

    Remaining missions on Calypso

    Hello all. 1. Wondering - how many missions are remaining on Calypso + surroundings (CP, Monria, FOMA) after the removal of iron missions? I got 380 completed and 25 open, there are likely next stages for the mining ones perhaps like 600 total? 2. Also, wouldn't it be a nice feature to be able...
  3. girtsn

    enhancers changing weapon efficiency no more?

    hello, perhaps anyone else noticed - was it the v17.1 where enhancers (only aware of dmg enhancers effect) stopped affecting weapon efficiency %?
  4. girtsn

    Buying: buying kinetic 7 amp FEN in trade for kinetic 7 amp regular + peds

    looking to buy kinetic 7 amplifier fen in trade for my kinetic 7 amplifier regular + peds pm me
  5. girtsn

    Achievement: Smilgs - stuff done in 2019, and todo for 2020

    Just like every year, thanks to everyone who helped me and below the results and targets for next year. 2019 had yet again periods with rally bad hof rates which reflected on returns, but due to some good months and perceived imp fap fen value managed to break even. Activity wise not so visible...
  6. girtsn

    Selling: Emik Enigma L2

    Selling this thingie, tier 0.99 remaining tier rates 62 90 135 78 56 68 79 103 123 134 sold. can be closed
  7. girtsn

    Buying: tier 10 components, diamonds

    hello buying [subj] pm me if you have some to sell
  8. girtsn

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    freshly looted tier rates 125,125,114,107,112,74,130,84,54,99 sold, can be closed
  9. girtsn

    Selling: range enhancers T1-T7

    selling a little bulk of range enhancers, with aimk2 i find no use for them 350% quantities t1 = 273 t2 = 269 t3 = 271 t4 = 275 t5 = 273 t6 = 283 t7 = 346
  10. girtsn

    Buying: tier 9 components

    hello looking for Tier 9 components, preferably bulk - pm here or ingame
  11. girtsn

    Selling: Emik Enigma L4

    selling this never used pistol: tier rates: 57 100 115 118 112 114 121 54 95 92 bo = tt+8.5k, pm me with offers item of interest = fen trauma amp 10
  12. girtsn

    Buying: trading semi-unique trauma 10 to one of common trauma 10 FEN

    ofc being the idiot I am willing to pay for the bit of extra efficiency that does not work for me pm me for details
  13. girtsn

    congratulations to messi

    Since messi has been referring to his recent achievements but not disclosing them, would like to congratulate him and list the good stuff - hopefully this does not go against the forum rules as is just conclusions based on EntropiaLife statistics - feel free to add any. If not, congratulations...
  14. girtsn

    Selling: seasonal boxes

    atm available: 0x xmas boxes - 2 peds each 0x easter boxes - 3.5 peds each 0x summer boxes - 2 peds each 1671x halloween boxes - 2 peds each pm me
  15. girtsn

    List of good and other developments of the Universe

    During last years I have been quite frustrated about (perceived lack of) customer rights in Entropia. Specifically on customers inability to do anything about unfulfilled promises unless it causes a really big stir in the community which just cannot be ignored. After recent activities I...
  16. girtsn

    Selling: First Gen Electric Attack Chip VIII

    Hello, selling this lovely chip, T5.3 remaining 95, 55, 119, 67, 95 It features a cool range of 88m and 37 attacks per minute. SB=BO = TT+4K PM me
  17. girtsn

    Dear MA, could you please finish TEN event now that the FEN event is done?

    Dear MA, it was the far days of 2013 when I was almost done collecting my M Chronicle TEN edition armor set. An event was happening per planet or so to celebrate 10 years of Entropia. Then you had some trouble with one of the planets (think Cyrene), there were complaints to you and to the planet...
  18. girtsn

    vu16 (messi release?) wrt. hp bar removal

    so the vu 16 - what seem to be the key idea's so far behind it? besides UI improvements ( imho motivation best summarized by and then these: imho this "undesired side effects" and...
  19. girtsn

    Buying: considering to buy Supremacy M parts

    as an alternative to buying a set, considering to buy supremacy M individual parts too
  20. girtsn

    Buying: buying strong M armor

    pm me with offers, options to consider - supremacy - carramone - chronicle ten edition - mod shadow - mod angel
  21. girtsn

    Question: Smilgs Q2: possible to even out LA and out of LA hunting

    There still has not been a 100% clear message if the return of someone hunting/mining on LA with tax X% would be normal return minus X%. If it is indeed so, would it not make more sense that LAs would have the same returns as outside LA hunting, or a small difference? The current 4% set on most...
  22. girtsn

    Question: Smilgs Q1: is there someone seriously working on the ingame balancing?

    Some things wrt. balancing and fair distribution have been going wrong for years - is there anyone actively looking into how to sort them out? In my opinion such things are more important than e.g. completely revamping the way mouse is used ingame which seems to take a lot of effort of the...
  23. girtsn

    Achievement: Smilgs - stuff done in 2018, and todo for 2019

    Just like every year, thanks to everyone who helped me and below the results and targets for next year. After optimistic first half of 2018, the end was depressing tt return wise - almost no hofs and ~95% tt with one optimistic spark, looting the impfap fen edition in December. The tt return...
  24. girtsn

    Selling: ffa stars

    currently have around 70k for sale and increasing over time, pm with offers
  25. girtsn

    Selling: impfap fen edition

    Hello, selling this nice thingie (incl better paramedic skill gains) SB: 40K BO: 50K PM me with offers.