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  1. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: Gold Rush Armor Plates

    Looking to buy Gold Rush Armor Plates. Pm me here or in game if you have any. Raven Lunchbox Palehorse
  2. Raven Lunchbox

    Constant crashes after patch

    Anyone else having constant crashes every few minutes since latest patch? I have updated all drivers,etc. I have done a fresh install and still having this issue. Any help is appreciated
  3. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: Optac rx 2 or rx1 set

    Buying Optac rx 2 or rx1 set male Message here or in game
  4. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: Looking for es500 and first gen combustive attack chip 8

    Looking for es500 and first gen combustive attack chip 8
  5. Raven Lunchbox

    Help: Not getting Green Launch Button to login

    Not getting Green Launch Button to login Hello All, I was having no issue last night, now today 3pm eastern time. I cannot get into the game with my laptop. I am not getting any errors just the launcher never goes green (live) for me to click it. Any suggestions?
  6. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Selling some storage stuff

    Full set M Gremlin Armor- current market value, price negotiable 40 Icerage swords (L)- 60ped each 10 Camo Arms Marine Stalkers (L)- 175 each Bulk sale prices available. Will add more stuff as I identify unnecessary stuff LB
  7. Raven Lunchbox

    Dev notes

    Is there 1 sub thread or folder that has all the dev notes together? The naming isn't standardized so i haven't found a single search that pulls them all up.
  8. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Selling High End Gear, armor plates, guns, amp, scope, sight, rings, cloak, mindforce, pets

    Selling High End Gear; armor plates, guns, amps, scopes, sights, rings, cloak This is not a price check thread. Please PM serious offers. This is not a fire sale so please don't lowball offer and keep the thread clean. Taking PEDS offers on the following. Will consider serious offers...
  9. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Get Ready for Eomon Migration. Tier 9.7 CDF XTLC 800 for sale.

    Selling this fine ammo slinger just in time for this years Eomon Migration One of the highest DPS ranged weapons in game that is UL. Accepting offers. S/B 55k B/O 70k Once legitimate start bid has been received this auction will continue for 1 week. all bids after start bid must be...
  10. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: liakon m set

    Paying in peds full set liakon Male. Pm me
  11. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Selling Various Uber Gear

    Few Items up for trade or Sale. I will try to keep up with this thread and not forget about it and update with new items from time to time. HOT ITEMS Selling Slugstorm T10, only T10 Slug in game, price negotiable Modified Evil Amp, can go with the Slug or Sold after Slug has sold. price...
  12. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: Ares Ring Augmented, Modified, Improved

    Please pm me with price if your selling the following Ares Ring Augmented, Modified, Improved
  13. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Uber GEAR Tier 10 Slugstorm, Vampiric Cloak of Lifesteal, etc

    Taking offers on the following items. Low offers will not be responded too. Message offers via PM, I will keep inbox clear. This is not a price check thread, do your pricecheck threads and debates elsewhere. etc. May consider items in trades Slugstorm Tier 10 - Only 1 in game crit sight MK1...
  14. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Selling ESI 889.5 ped tt, Prison shop in RT prison

    Selling ESI 889.5 tt Prison Shop in RT prison 250 item points Vampiric Cloak of lifesteal M Crit scope 1 Crit sight 1 pm with offers trades on items maybe possible depending on items, looking to trade or buy Modified or Perfected Ares Ring.
  15. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: MM Tier 5.9 and Cloak of Lifesteal M

    Due to less and less time to play due to new job coupled with terrible returns over the last year on my returns. I will be selling the following to put the money to better use. selling MM t5.9 BO 110k ped Cloak of Lifesteal M BO 80k ped Some other things to follow soon.
  16. Raven Lunchbox

    Help: How to find an Avatar on the Forum

    Lets say I wanna talk to Taco or some person on the forum but I don't have them on my FL or they don't post often, How do I search for an avatar on the forum where that name will pop up?
  17. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: Buying SoulReamer and trading MM for Scanthi

    buying soulreamer payin in peds trading Mod Merc T5.8 for Scanthi and some peds MM currently T5.8 maybe at 5.9 by time items are given out pm me here or Ark forum Lunchbox
  18. Raven Lunchbox

    Buying: melee amp x

    Look-in to possibly trade for melee amp x or lx
  19. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: imp hedoc t3.9, mod evil, ranger mk 1 laser and scope

    Looking for ped offers on the following Imp hedoc t3.9 SOLD Modified Evil---- SOLD Mk1 Scope Mk1 Sight
  20. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Teir 10 Slugstorm

    Looking to Trade my Tier 10 Slugstorm for MM or Scanthi, may consider offers of ped as well. contact via pm or in game THIS IS THE ONLY T10 SLUGSTORM IN GAME. Gun traded, amp still available SB 80k BO 100k Mod Evil Amp can be arranged in package deal for additional cost
  21. Raven Lunchbox

    need help, game wont load, like im trapped

    crashed in ark underground last night during event, ever since then I log in the screen to load pops up with ark picture but loading bar never starts to move. I can log in the app, but cant get it to load on pc... wasn't there a thread we use when we get stuck in space and they will move you...
  22. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: melee amp Trauma VI

    pm with offers
  23. Raven Lunchbox

    Lucy lou povery, where are you?

    LOU, Haven't seen you on in a long time <removed>. I think you have been getting on while I'm off. Maybe the community can help to locate you <removed>. Gz on the recent Hofs by the way Lunch
  24. Raven Lunchbox


    Finally at 3yr 8mo. ish.. I hit 250hp weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
  25. Raven Lunchbox

    Selling: Mod Angel Gloves M & Skildek Negator Launcher

    Taking offers on the following 2 items Modified Angel Gloves M sold Skildek Negator Launcher- sold Taking offers on Eron SoulScreamer T4.7 Pm here or ingame with offers. Possible Trades Accepted Prices are negotiable