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    Buying: [Modified EMT kit Ek-2600] Low/noone tier

    Looking for a [Modified EMT kit Ek-2600], no interest in tiers, PM me if you have one for sale or know someone who does Ricardo Ricky Laginha in game ;) Thanks
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    Selling: Justifier Mk.V tier 7.7 - Resto Chip - Summer boxes

    Selling (only boxes now) : [A-3 Justifier Mk.V] tier 7.7 offers ~tt+1.2k - SOLD [Adjusted Restoration Chip] offers ~tt+4.65k - SOLD [Summer Strongbox] 5ped each - SOLD [Armor Plating Mark.5B] full tt, tt+46 each - 540 ped total Msg here or ingame - Ricardo Laginha Thanks
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    Selling: Adjusted Hedoc SK-50 Tier 4.1

    Hey, im selling my [Adjusted Hedoc SK-50] at tier 4.1, it does 25 healp/sec -> heals 54-72 with heal enhancers that i might provide in a trade. TT is at 9XXped and coming down SB=tt+270 BO=tt+300 Offers also welcome including item trades Thanks
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    Selling: Or Trading Zero-Three Tier 5.9

    As tittle says im looking to let go of an Isis Project Zero-Three tier 5.9 for any other stuff of my interest, or selling for peds, full TT and can include Beast amp Also looking to let go my melee trauma amp IV to get a VI so if you're looking to change yours or to buy mine just PM Ricardo...
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    Selling: Selling Isis LR41 - Gremlin M set - Plates 5b

    As the title says im selling some stuff Isis LR41 - tier 6.5 - skill lvl recommended: 18 - able to do over 60dps - TT is maintained close to minimum ~300peds - Price: tt+2.5k (buyout, offers are welcome) Gremlin M set - tiers from 0.9 to 1.9...
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    Selling: [eMINE PG/T (M)] armor set

    Selling eMINE armor set open to offers, items ped and deeds, full tt 4 parts tier 1 and 3 parts tier 2 I also have [Ares Ring Improved] that i can put together with armor for another trade Thanks Laginha
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    Selling: Divine Chip and 6a Plates

    Selling Divine Chip full tt 6a Plates full tt Adjusted Katsuichi Determination full tt Mah'ketta set M full tt I accept imp ares as part of trade Thanks Laginha
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    Selling: ESI 378ped tt

    Selling this skill implant that i looted on stress event :) 378Ped TT, Give me your offers via forum or game or here in thread. Thanks Laginha
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    Buying: Generic Nano Adjuster

    Buying generic nano adjusters, pm here or ingame (Ricardo Ricky Laginha), im paying 300% (15 ped each) Thanks Laginha
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    Selling: King Kong Snubnose T5

    Hi there, im selling the following gun as i am looking to upgrade, feel free to pm me Gun can use beast amp and do 2.932 eco at 41.69 dps or you can put some enhancers and get up to 55.82 dps with 2.921 eco, wich is really nice for a blp pistol. BO is 3.2k total feel free to send an offer...
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    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Taking offers on Adjusted Restoration Chip, dont bother anything below tt+5300. instant BO is tt+5400 Item trades are possible, must be item+ped (in need of peds)
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    Buying: dehera sword

    Looking to buy dehera sword, low tier if possible, PM with price, Thanks Laginha
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    Selling: [Whiskers] and [Omegaton A102]

    Selling rare pet Whiskers freshly looted. Focus regen at level 7 and pet skillgains at 11. Selling soon to the best offer Also selling a102 fot tt+100
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    Info: Laginha Hunting Log (updated weekly)

    Hello entropians, as i did a while ago i'll show you my hunting stats again as i have been recording them, will update it weekly with all the information i have gathered, im mostly hunt Argonaus, sometimes i do some Ambulimax and rare times i hunt Sumima, i only hunt these mobs so i can get...
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    Selling: [GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler] Tier 5.3 FIRE SALE !!

    [GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler] Selling my old fap ! is tier 5.3 and able to do 18.05hp/sec-9.99eco or 14.44hp/sec-12.49eco enhanced, not bad for a lvl 5 paramedic ! fap is minimum tt BO is tt+2k !! Also selling [Kulokhar Glacier Sword] tier 2.7, and can make up to 34.03dps and 2.854dpp with amp IV and...
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    Buying: Adj Fap

    Hi, im thinking about buying adj fap, i would prefer low tier one, would also like to find someone that might be interested in taking [Herman RAW-202]+[GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler] as part of the deal, pm me on forum, thanks edit : got the peds ready if u want pure cash
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    Argonaut Grinding/Skilling Log

    Hello everyone, i'm starting my new hunting log. This log will be updated as long as i keep grinding, argos only !! hunting tax 4.9% My gear will be: Gun - [Adjusted Embra Laser Sword C1] Tier 4.0 Amp - [Melee Trauma Amplifier I] (will soon change to IV) Armor - [Pixie Harness, SGA Edition...
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    The Core - Easter Mayhem - Log

    Hi all, this is just on more log on this forum, i'll post my results in core below, feel free to make any suggestion :D Doing Core lvl 2 hunting harbingers only Armor - Hunter ME Gun - Marcorp Kallous 7 (L) Amp - Omegaton A104 Fap - EMT Kit Ek-2350 (not eco i know but good for fast healing)...
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    Selling: Selling Hunter ME !! get your hand on it for some robots

    As tittle says i'm selling my hunter set, most parts are ME -[Hunter Face Guard Mentor Edition (M)] tier 0.9 -[Hunter Harness Mentor Edition (M)] tier 0.8 -[Hunter Arm Guards Mentor Edition (M)] tier 0.5 -[Hunter Gloves Mentor Edition (M)] tier 0.5 -[Hunter Thigh Guards Mentor Edition (M)] tier...
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    Selling: Cheap Cool Looking Clothes

    Hi entropians, im selling this clothes so feel free to PM any offers on them, selling as a set only ! Set #1 if you dont want the shorts, i also have this pants but pants look better with full set Set #2 Feel free to PM me
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    My first Iron Hunting Log

    Ok im starting this log so i can keep in track my loots while doing iron chalenges 1st i'll do is berycled Gear i'll use : -First Gen Electric Attack Chip IV T2.1 -Ghost armor -S.I. Heart Starting skills Evade 14.27 Electro Kinetic (Dmg) 18.93 Electro Kinetic (Hit) 11.90
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem

    Buying Hedoc Mayhem, i am looking for a tier 0.0 one or a bit more we deal for a fair price Sell you'r MM prizes PM me Thanks Rickyyyyyy
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    Buying: Pixie SGA Male

    Just got 2 parts missing, looking for Pixie SGA Thigh M and Arms M PM if you have one Thanks Rickyyy ;)
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    Selling: Selling Thread

    My selling thread :) Misc: -[Flawed Essence of Evil] Tools: -[S.I. Emergency First Aid Pack] tier 2.1 (tt = 9ped) tt+50 Chips: -[Teleportation Chip I] (tt = 87ped) tt+35 Weapons: Weapons Attachments: -[Melee Trauma Amplifier IV] (tt = 180ped) Armor: Blueprints: Clothes...
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    Selling: Different Armor (M) parts

    FOR THE ONES SEEING THIS THREAD THERE IS A NEW ONE WITH MORE STUFF CALLED SELLING THREAD. THANKS Selling some male armor: Vigilante -Vigi Helment tier 0.0 -Vigi Harness tier 1.4 -Vigi Arms tier 0.2 -Vigi Gloves tier 1.3 -Vigi Thigh tier 0.5 -Vigi Shin tier 0.6 6 parts tt = 192.5 | mu = 127 |...