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  1. ColonelBuckshot

    Price Check Mod nano t0 and Cryo twen t0

    A statement from someone who truly knows how it is and lives in reality. Absolutely agree.
  2. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Summer Mayhem 2024

    Very nice. Choice is always good!
  3. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2024.0.3.0

    Keen Keen to find out about this mayhem assault instance!
  4. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Ark still has developers? Easy missed when most think that place is a ghost town.
  5. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    TWEN pills, finally!
  6. ColonelBuckshot

    ATH: 87k Zorn Star

    Gratz! Massive :D
  7. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: UFO

    Looking cool and having 4 seats is pretty good reasons tbh :) didn't realise they sat 4.
  8. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: UFO

    Do these do anything special to make them worth as much as 500ped? They good in space pvp or something?
  9. ColonelBuckshot

    Unreal update please...

    Yeah its absolutely time for an update. It's been literally multiple years since work began, we have all seen what 1 guy in his bedroom can acheive in a weekend Inside UE5. So I think we are all keen what an experienced team could acheive in 3 years.
  10. ColonelBuckshot

    News: CDF Resource Mayhem

    Yeah i know the feeling xD but u said u got all 10 bonus done already? That's the hard part for sure so I'd say the rest should be easy for you :p im having a tough time with mining big claims and trying to loot gems!
  11. ColonelBuckshot

    News: CDF Resource Mayhem

    Yeah mate, 10k points required and all 10 bonuses cleared too.
  12. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Update to Entropia Universe EULA, TOU, and Privacy Policy

    I highly doubt that's the case! From what I can see, they are taking it seriously, no point doing all that work otherwise.
  13. ColonelBuckshot

    News: Update to Entropia Universe EULA, TOU, and Privacy Policy

    Pretty cool tbh, the use and implementation of AI really puts MA ahead of the curve compared to most games. Going to be a great thing for unreal 5, I could Forsee a personal assistant built into an in game wrist watch that can feed you back data on your hunting and give recommendations on what...