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  1. DRDoom

    Selling: DOA Foeripper T9.6

    It looks awesome, it sounds awesome and it is one of the highest DPS weapons ingame especially at this tier. Great hunting weapon, events and extremely deadly in PvP close combat Check the stats they speak for themselves; PED only offer, when no decent offer it will go in AH house for...
  2. DRDoom

    A bunch of uber items for sale doesn't mean the sky is falling (Again) :)

    A bunch of uber items for sale doesn't mean the sky is falling (Again) :) I get a lot of question via forum, Skype and ingame chat regarding the sale of my gear, so I am making this post. I didn't loose faith in EU , I just lost my appetite in EU. I'm playing for over 10 years now, I had it...
  3. DRDoom

    Selling: Meckel & Loch 35 T7.1

    140 meter range and still landing 173.7 max hit (with evil amp) 38 shots a minute makes this a great hunting weapon. With 157 penetration damage it can really hurt in PvP sniping as well. :cool: Weapon can be sold with or without the FiRaCo Evil amp. I combine this long range weapon with...
  4. DRDoom

    Selling: Supremacy (5) Shadow (2) male armor combo

    No more offers via forum please, I'm going to put one piece at the time in AH for TT+1 and it will expire every sunday evening (EU time) for the upcoming 7 weeks! Happy bidding!!! ------------------------------------------- In my opinion, after the Unique Carramone the most versatile and best...
  5. DRDoom

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak - Free healer - 1% lifesteal

    Always wanted a free healer running around with you, or want a bad ass look ingame or both? Here is the chance of getting 1 of the 4 male Vampiric Cloak ingame. It doesn't decay, so buy once, the are no more costs, only advantages. The 1% life steal is fantastic especially with high DPS...
  6. DRDoom

    Selling: DOA Foeripper T9.6

    UPDATE: this is available in ingame auction for the next couple of days. It looks awesome, it sounds awesome and it is one of the highest DPS weapons ingame especially at this tier. Great hunting weapon, events and extremely deadly in PvP close combat :vampire: Check the stats they speak for...
  7. DRDoom

    Selling: Modified First Aid Pack T3.2 for sale

    Modified First Aid Pack T3.4 for sale - 184 heal! Modified First Aid Pack T3.4 for sale No need to explain this item, everyone know it's one of the most awesome items ingame, an top wishlist item for every uber. Also for medics a T3.4 mod fap with healing of 184 guarantees a lot work and gives...
  8. DRDoom

    Selling: 180 CLDs

    180 CLDs They haven't been used to claim land plots yet. PM with offers. (PED only) Edit: All CLDs are sold. Check out these other goodies I'm selling: T9.6 Foeripper: T7.1 ML35...
  9. DRDoom

    Continued development of the missions.

    We have several stages of Iron missions and then for some mobs Bronze challenges. Why not continue with Silver and Gold challenges? (even Platinum or Diamond) 10K or more mobs (points) and each time a higher maturity. This would bring much more diversity in the LAs as well. Now almost all LA...
  10. DRDoom

    Buying: 3 Supremacy parts M Helmet, Arms & Gloves

    Looking for 3 Supremacy parts male: Helmet, Arms & Gloves I can trade for the same shadow parts + peds Edit: Found the gloves, only looking for helmet and arms! :)
  11. DRDoom

    Planet travels

    Part one: Cykadia Since 2 days I left Calypso to do some planetary exploration as a space noob. I did visit all the planets once when they opened up when I still had a spaceship, but couldn't be bothered too long since at opening time they were buggy as hell. But now I was really and...
  12. DRDoom

    Buying: trading/upgrading 3 Supremacy parts male

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Shadow Helmet, Arms and Gloves to Supremacy (SGA) ones. Let me know if you can help me out!
  13. DRDoom

    Selling: Male POE armor set.

    Selling my (full) Protector of the Empire armor set. All parts are T1.9. Offers in ped / CLD only. One of the better all-round sets ingame. SOLD
  14. DRDoom

    What did trigger your first EU investement?

    What did trigger your first EU investement? What did you wanted to have ingame so bad that you deposited a bigger amount than you would ever willing to spend on a game before you knew EU. I mean not playing money for consumables like ammo & probes, but stuff like armor, weapons, clothing...
  15. DRDoom

    Buying: Full Supremacy M

    Looking to buy a Full Supremacy Male Payment in: POE T1.9 + CLD or Peds
  16. DRDoom

    Selling: 3 Top MF Chips for sale.

    Selling some of these awesome MF chips: Very nice chip already T4.8. I don't know if there is already a T5 ingame. Old school awesome hunting chip at T4, 88 meter range, 37 shots a minute. SIB starts at lvl11! (This chip got me MindForce Harmony and Force Merge unlocks) Old school...
  17. DRDoom

    Buying: Adjusted Evil Amp

    Looking to buy an Adjusted Fi/Ra/Co Evil amp.
  18. DRDoom

    Buying: +100 CLD at 1400

    Buying +100 CLDs @ 1400 ped each. EDIT: All CLD's bought!, no more peds to buy more :)
  19. DRDoom

    became a thoughie

    became a toughie After 8 years I became a toughie yesterday! :yay:
  20. DRDoom

    Really giving up due those CTDs

    Found some time today for a couple of hours hunting on Big Bulks. :yay: Logged in twice, selecting weapons to aim at a BB and CTD instantly. :confused: So I could logon twice today for less than 30 sec. :rolleyes: Every VU MA say: "More stable environment..." and it is still crap, do...
  21. DRDoom

    Question: Adapting the item to the bug instead of fixing the bug, will this be the new trend?

    Making a poll of of this post: Post itself: Really pissed, -For 2 years I am making support cases (243001, 256932, 260488) that the "Lose concentration on move" which on higher TP...
  22. DRDoom

    Buying: FiRaCo Evil Modified

    looking to buy: FiRaCo Evil Modified
  23. DRDoom

    Question: MA takes 20% margin of hunting, fair or not?

    Loot theories are all over the place, but the one thing is that we never have complete numbers of the amounts of mobs killed vs the return loot. Now with Entropy The Purger it's a different story. Every kill is a HOF (except one that due Loot lagg never got looted) and all the HP of them is...
  24. DRDoom

    Caly on Gamebreaker
  25. DRDoom

    Buying: CLDs

    buying 100 CLDs at best offered price!