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  1. DanielleYourMom

    We had a baby....

    WOOOOT <yo kev, it's G. cant find my damn login.....> gratz my friend, nothing beats fatherhood. two things to get her right quick mate, an adjustable spanner, and a kitchen knife :cool: , all the best from all of us here. give both your ladies a big ole hug. love and shit GDMA :laugh:
  2. DanielleYourMom

    Selling: Furor eye.

    this is a picture taken in September 2008, when Loki looted his furor eyeball I think that this was the entire description .. but it's been a long time, so I could totally be mistaken. bump .. ? :)
  3. DanielleYourMom

    missions that reward with attributes

    lol .. I'm still pretty unclear as to what these hunting for points missions entail or how exactly to chart it out, here. But, I found a cool chart about it and I'm just going to copy that :D :duh: I didn't even search out Next Island's mission :ahh: that one is leftover from many months ago...
  4. DanielleYourMom

    missions that reward with attributes

    alright - I think the first post is now 'up to date' I went through all the posts on this thread since I'd last updated, in August. I had no idea it had been that long ... :whistle: I corrected and added all the things mentioned by y'all in the last 8 months .. corrected reward on hiryuu...
  5. DanielleYourMom

    missions that reward with attributes

    after a handful of months out of game, I'm back to playing on a 'regular basis.' (like it or not:silly2:) just as I was thinking, 'I need to update that damn attribute thread.' soc mates began discussing the 'rebalancing' of missions coming up in August so, now I'm wondering if I should I...
  6. DanielleYourMom

    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    why, thank you! :dance: NooOoOo ! bring it back and break 'em .. fab ! :duh: why won't people be completing them anytime soon? :scratch: I approve, I approve and I think I approve .. (I reserve the right to change that last approval, later ...) ty for the update, Remontoire ! :tiphat:
  7. DanielleYourMom

    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    lol :duh: ahhhh crap ... I forgot about that !! I'll get on that, in a minute .. promise ! ;) and ty ! /Danielle
  8. DanielleYourMom

    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    haha - I did .. tyvm :tiphat: I have heard some stuff from friends in game and kept up a little on FB .. maybe I didn't miss much .. :scratch:
  9. DanielleYourMom

    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    Hello my friends, fellow colonists, and total strangers !! :wave: long time no post .. no EU .. no Calypso anything :rolleyes: I'm back from my undefined break of all things pixelated. It actually lasted a couple months longer than I thought .. regardless; I'm baaaacckkk !! I hope to renew...
  10. DanielleYourMom

    HoF: I did this

    but .. but .. but .. I've been gone for months !! fuck you ! oh yea .. congratz ! :) it's not the size of the giant head that matters .. it's how you use it to HoF <3
  11. DanielleYourMom

    Well I have never gotten this stressed before from a game.

    I call bullshit ! :bs: we've been friends for quite some time ... you ALWAYS get this stressed out over a game. :laugh: I couldn't get past that first line of untruths! :nana: :wave:
  12. DanielleYourMom

    3K noob hof

    the white dot on your radar died of shock .... :laugh: congratz, Johan :D :yay:
  13. DanielleYourMom

    Uber: Nice Hof with nice item!

    trox > pk this lesson brought to you today, by the full tt esi. congratz on a fatty loot :D
  14. DanielleYourMom

    ATH: Austro flips the Bird

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!! :yay: :dance: :wtg: I am SO SO SO happy to see this for you, Austro !! :sniper: It's been a long time coming and very deserved !! :tiphat: Go Pyrates, go !! :woot: Have fun spending it .. don't spend it wisely ! that's OVERRATED ! but .. don't forget the 5% tax...
  15. DanielleYourMom

    Uber: Oh what a wonderful week its been. 38K from Atrox Youngs!

    omg Xander !! :yay: couldn't have happened to a much nicer guy - very happy for you ! :dance: 2 in 5 days, eh ... keep trying for a 3rd ! :sniper: :D well done, my friend ! :hug:
  16. DanielleYourMom

    Why does this forum exist?

    oh ... this forum is still here ? :scratch2: :nana:
  17. DanielleYourMom

    Question: Have you ever damaged your vehicle to get repair skill?

    lol Mac .. no way, no how. Not because I'm stubborn .. but it's impossible to capture this giant thing within the scope of any camera on this planet ! :eyecrazy: It's punishment of mass destruction .. for sure !
  18. DanielleYourMom

    Question: Have you ever damaged your vehicle to get repair skill?

    I would like to know where you saw someone official say 'blowing up your car for entertainment and/or skills is an exploit.' ? For fun sometimes, I create massive mob trains, I drive off cliffs, into forests and blindly bash my way through trees until my car is black, blue and on fire. Where...
  19. DanielleYourMom

    Info: Report: The Hunting of Queen Atroxs (Video)

    haha - that's badass, dude !!! :laugh: :launcher: they step on those tiny humans, like ants !!! LoLoL ! thanks for sharing :thumbup:
  20. DanielleYourMom

    Chestys big head

    The following posts and the topic itself, of course .. make this thread awesome. I laughed way too hard for 7 am on a Thursday ! :laugh: you're beautiful, Chesty - with or without your giant noggin ! :better: he spent his ATH money on buying customized helmets for the massive melon .. have...
  21. DanielleYourMom

    ATH: 47236 Exarosaur Old Alpha Elite

    bitching & whining comes as second nature to Valentin .. go get a tampon, already. why don't you tracker-stalk his TEAM names, there smart guy ? .... anyway .. I digress !! :woot: :yay: :dance: :rocket: :sniper: :money: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Jacker !! :woot:
  22. DanielleYourMom

    ATH: 47236 Exarosaur Old Alpha Elite

    big fat gz, old friend !! it's nice to see someone you've <3'd for so long, FINALLY get that dream loot :) spend it all wisely ... actually f that - go have fun ! :sniper: :rocket:
  23. DanielleYourMom

    missions that reward with attributes

    ok .. I think I got it all updated - let me know, if not :tiphat:
  24. DanielleYourMom

    Exa Elite so scare, it's climbing on the tree....

    then awesome .. due to falling damage, they'll be already on their way to dead. :wise:
  25. DanielleYourMom

    Uber: My return to mining

    what the HELL ... 111 ped fail. :duh: :laugh: LoLoL - I joke ! I joke !! :better: welcome back - good to see your face, again ... I missed your silliness ! :D here's to getting that last little 111 ped, next time ! :beerchug: