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  1. T3h_plonker

    Selling: SKILLS, rifle, anatomy, LWT, BLPWT, weapon handeling & full skinned gradivore outfit.

    Skills : BLP weapon tech : 470 ped of implants selling at 925 % (4340 ped to buy all) Weapons handeling : 34.25 ped implants at 850 % (290 ped for all) Lazer weapon tech : 65 ped implants at 800% (520 ped for all) SOLD Anatomy : 282 ped of implants at 850 % (2400 ped for all) SOLD Rifle ...
  2. T3h_plonker

    Selling: over 700 items + 150k skills

    please leave your offer and the item number/descriton in a post here and if i liek your off i'll pm you and we can meet up all armours will be sold as sets aswell as the plates if anyone is after some skills i'm willing to sell. i perfer if you have your own chips as i dont have the cash to...
  3. T3h_plonker

    Question: moblie vertion

    hi i was wondering if there is a mobile vertion of the forum available?
  4. T3h_plonker

    moderation of the "new" forum

    i knowticed the new official forum we are useing has the same moderators from the old one. does anyone els find this strange. shouldent MA/FPC have their own or atleast interview the old ones? AFAIK some have thist status because of who they know rather than be chosen for thier moral views...
  5. T3h_plonker

    Help: gameing laptop ( i was burgled)

    as sum of you know i was burgled during a world cup game when i was down at the pub: so now i need a new laptop because the bastards took it. my buget is not to go over 900 euros ish what i was thinking of getting was allienware's M11x gameing notebook the one with the i5 processor ( all...
  6. T3h_plonker

    Selling: Black outfit (centurion coat)

    -centurion coat -urban nomad ripper pants -back jumper -black boots -shades colored to match the outfit S.B. 4.5 K (will consider offers) auc over 1 week after 1st bid B.O. 5.5 K
  7. T3h_plonker

    rocktropia trailer

    i'll just leave this here nice to see vids and stuff from the new planets
  8. T3h_plonker

    Question: entropia with my 360 controler

    hi guys i'm in a spot of bother i have this xbox 360 controler on my pc and i run a program called Pinnacle Game Profiler to map the keys where the problem lies is you have to make a new map for every game. so i made all the bindings i wanted and clicked launch ! ERROR : you have to use the...
  9. T3h_plonker

    Uber: 5 years of supremacy reign

    :yay: we hit a nice proterion hunting today. all oils and a polaris (L) bit hopefully there will be more as tomorow we are gonna do some bigger hunts.:wtg:
  10. T3h_plonker

    FYI: Supremacy Reign is 5

    yep you read that right SR hits it's 5th birthday this month :yay: :birthday:
  11. T3h_plonker

    looking for americans that drink Dr pepper

    hi i also play battlefeild heroes and Dr pepper has been running a promo in the usa where you get a cool outfit when redeem a code that inside the bottle cap. anyone that gets me one get's 500 efd and 10 ped ( so a refund on your drink ! ) PM me dont post it here :P
  12. T3h_plonker

    press releace ?

    where is it you said next week ( so that's now) there's fuck all in the news these days and everyone in europe and north america is snowed in at the moment and have nothing better to do than download and play a game ! come on MA ! do it !
  13. T3h_plonker

    links to guides and wikis ect on loader plz MA !!!

    ok so we are going to have alot of newcommers soon infact it's already started. so what we need now is for there to be links to guides and wikis on the loader. try and encourage the new player to read up on the game whylst it is installing... so MindArk , sort it out! i've seen too meany...
  14. T3h_plonker

    Selling: Full bear M (UL)

    hi i'm selling my full bear armour set SB +2k bidding ends after 1 week from 1st bid bo + 3,5k
  15. T3h_plonker

    Selling: Black outfit (centurion coat)

    -centurion coat -urban nomad ripper pants -back jumper -black boots -shades colored to match the outfit S.B. 5 K auc over 1 week after 1st bid B.O. 6 K
  16. T3h_plonker

    Achievement: my first Dunkel find !!!!!

    :yay::yay: 5.5k % is the markup on it at the mo :D
  17. T3h_plonker

    Selling: ML35 + dante amp

    hi i'm looking to sell my ML35 and give it a new home :( ( plonks needs a new pc) so according to market history on both items : ml35 is worth ~14.5 k and the dante is woth ~2.5k so bidding starts at +16k and BO is +17k :D i'll throw in the scopes and lazers in aswell =] this is an great...
  18. T3h_plonker

    SGA item off a mourner

    :eek::rolleyes: it also droped a ewep 11 with 9 ped TT dont you just love SGA :laugh::scratch2:
  19. T3h_plonker

    Selling: full gradivore skined outfit. and one feild's worth of gradivore texture

    Hi as the title said i'm selling my gradivore outfit: it's a cognac coat, mctiger golf shorts and a basic shirt. all of this was colored and texttured by leeloo and she's dont a realy good job of it. i whent with green paint cus i like it. but you might be tempted to bleach it. the shorts...
  20. T3h_plonker

    Question: Fog is buged in low/medium shaders

    hi everyone i got the game working fine then they had this little mini update now whenever there's supposed to be a slight fog in the distance and i have shader quality set to low or medium i get intence fog i've asked 3 other people that have better hardware to take a look and they have the...
  21. T3h_plonker

    will CE2 powerd EU work in dx10 ?

    i was just looking at the system requirements and they all say dx9.0c :eek: does that mean it's only in dx9? Internet Connection: ADSL or better Operating System: Windows XP or Vista Computer Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel P4 or AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Computer Memory: 1024 MB RAM or more Graphics Card...
  22. T3h_plonker

    Achievement: wounding

    :yay: this one was lagging behind as i switched from laser to blp. glad i've finaly got it i kinda feel sad as this will be that last unlock for a long time in the hunting proffetions
  23. T3h_plonker

    Achievement: avoidance unlock

    hopefully this means less armour decay :wtg:
  24. T3h_plonker

    Uber: 8.8k Dino Shoes

    well i'm not a crafter i'm a hunter so this was a shock still shakeing infact as this is my first ever uber ( over 1k loot) closest befor was a pvp4 kill. i didn't get a screen shot of the hof cus i just insalled win 7 RC and i hadent re-installed fraps so fraps did take the shot :/ this was...
  25. T3h_plonker

    Achievement: Treatment unlock

    :yay: yay for new skill unlocks pitty there wont be another for a whyle :( ( as far as medical skills go) :nurse::nurse::nurse: :nurse::nurse::nurse: