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  1. mandu

    TT Inflation

    I listen to a lot of economics podcasts, and current affairs programs. The topic of Venezuela's economy is much discussed now, with their 10,000,000% inflation. Those discussions, and my recent ( tentative ) return to EU, has made me think a lot about the way the in game economy plays out...
  2. mandu

    Selling: Handgun Skill Implant

    Selling a Hand Gun Skill chip: 9.97 PED TT @ 1103% = 110 PED PM in game or on forum if you are interested in buying.
  3. mandu

    Trading and Advertising Service

    Hi All; I'm offering services as a trade broker. Buying and Selling at Twin Peaks. Services Buy hunting and mining loots Take orders for specific items or materials within the limits of my bankroll ( PM with inquiries ) Advertise in Chat your event, services, shop etc. ( PM with inquires )...
  4. mandu

    Selling: Legendary Exarosaur Strong

    I have an exarosaur pet. Looking for offers:
  5. mandu

    I need an EU Economics History Lesson

    Hi Everyone; I had the urge to try this game out again after a long ( 7 years? ) absence. Obviously a lot has changed. The most notable change to me is the economy and markup of mined resources. Can anyone give me a lesson about when / why the markup fell so much from years past? I feel...
  6. mandu

    Stranded in Howling Mine

    Hello. My ship was destroyed near the howling mine, and was returned to storage. I can't find a storage on the mine. Am I trapped? Is there no storage here?
  7. mandu

    Question: Interested in an auction website?

    Hi All; Would you use an Item Auction Website? I've been considering making a website for trading items in EU. It would work a bit like ebay: post an item, users bid, a winner is announced at a certain time. Benefits of using such a site: Easier to manage sales Rules are clearer and...
  8. mandu

    Need advice on accounting software:

    Hello everyone; I am writing this here because this is the most diverse group of people I have access to, and a lot of you are nerds! :-) My place of work needs to revamp its accounting system. I know there are better ways.... So, I will describe a little bit about how it currently is, and how...
  9. mandu

    Looking for feed back on my website

    Hi Everyone; I've made a forum (that has nothing to do with video games or EU) and I thought I would ask here for feedback. I know there are some pretty savvy computer and forum people here. I don't have access to many different kinds of machines, os's, browsers or monitor resolutions, so I'm...
  10. mandu

    PC: Unlimited Thruster

    What does the community think that an UL thruster is worth?
  11. mandu

    Buying: UL Thruster

    I am interested in buying an UL thruster. message me if you have any info on a seller and / or price.
  12. mandu

    Android Tablet Support?

    Do you think there will ever be support for tablets (android) for EU? Those things are getting pretty peppy.
  13. mandu

    Info: cK Shadows is Recruiting

    cK Shadows is Recruiting Our Soc Family is Re-organizing and Rebuilding! If you would like to be part of a PK centric, Event Driven society, then read on.... cK Shadows Minimum Profession 40 Minimum Total Skills 140k Please create an account and apply for membership on the cK Forum. Be sure...
  14. mandu

    What are your 2011 Goals?

    I'm wondering what your goals for 2011 are? Me, I'm looking at: 150 HP (hopefully more like 155) Combat Sense Wounding Tier 7+ OF 105
  15. mandu

    Buying: VTOL weapons

    Hi Everyone. I would like to buy weapons for a VTOL. Rockets (cant remember the name) preferably, but the blp would be good to. Drop me a message if you have some to sell or know who does. Regards; Mandu
  16. mandu

    Selling: Thunderbird (L) M: Full

    Selling Full TBird (L) M I prefer to sell as a set. Shins TT: 81.59/120 T 0.6 Arms TT: 41.78/115 T 1.2 Harn. TT: 36.35/155 T 0.4 GlovesTT: 61.95/70 T 0.3 ThighsTT: 97.69/110 T 0.9 Feet TT: 32.81/70 T 1.4 Helm TT: 25.43/90 T 0.7 Totat TT: 377.6 Start Bid = 396.50 PED (105%) Buy Out =...
  17. mandu

    How Many Land Areas are Viable on Calypso?

    I've been wondering: How many taxed Land Areas can the population of Calypso support? It seems to me that every year, there are more and more land areas, but the user base doesn't seem to expand at the same rate. What do you all think? At what point will a new Land area be almost worthless? The...
  18. mandu

    Are THESE the "Space Pirates"?!

    Do you remember way back when ND was beakin' off about space opening, and space pirates and a massive treasure hunt? Did anyone else imagine ship to ship combat with space pirates instead of silly skeleton mobs on a calypso clone planet? I am crushingly disappointed....
  19. mandu

    Can you loot spawned vehicles?

    I've read and heard conflicting stories regarding looting vehicles. Is it possible to loot a spawned vehicle with items in it's storage?
  20. mandu

    Halloween Items?

    Do you think there will be Halloween gifts this year? And what do you think/wish they will be?
  21. mandu

    Is it Cheaper to supply yourself?

    I have heard some debate and discussion in various other threads regarding the appropriateness and accuracy of the methods of accounting for self looted/crafted supplies. It appears that there are two main schools of thinking here. 1) that the stuff you find yourself is to be calculated at TT...
  22. mandu

    Selling: Green and Red Displays

    I have the following for sale: 6 Small Green Displays : TT+6 PED Each 3 Small Red Displays: TT + 12 PED Each TT+ 66 for All!
  23. mandu

    Buying: Lower TT Pro 900 Amp

    I want to buy a Shear Pro 900 Amp, but don't want to freeze all the PEDs to buy a full TT one. Anyone getting close to buying a new one and wants to sell the old one to me? I'll pay a little over market for a low TT amp.
  24. mandu

    Achievement: 70 Agility

    I thought this would feel more uber... Lots of skilling left to do!
  25. mandu

    Thanks for deducting rep...

    I gave a neg rep just now, which I rarely do, and the website said "Thank you for deducting reputation from this user" I just thought that was funny! I think it used to say " thank you for using the reputation system" When did that change? I'm not sure what I like better. But the new...