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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7

    Taking offers on my Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7. P.M. offers. Item is sold :)
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    Selling: Jaguar set (M)

    Taking offers on a full set of Jaguar (M) Most parts are T2 (stats to be posted later) 5b set is also available. SOLD
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    Arkadia Moon Deeds

    Arkadia Moon Deeds. I was wondering was the newest cash cow was going to be.
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    Selling: Level 19 Eudorian Sapphire Devil

    Taking offers on level 19 Eudorian Sapphire Devil. Both buffs unlocked. PM if interested. [/IMG]
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    Selling: 5d & 6b

    Selling 7 [Armor Plating Mark.6B] And 7 [Armor Plating Mark.5D]5D Sold PM offers :tiphat:
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    Selling: Adjusted Pixie (M)

    Selling full Adjusted Pixie (M) First fair offer gets it :tiphat:
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    Selling: Welding wire BP's

    First fair offer gets them 1458 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.57 PED Medium Storage Box (C) (997) 1459 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.44 PED Medium Storage Box (C) (1000) 1460 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.72 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1461 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.39 PED...
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    Selling: Puny weapons bulk sale

    First fair offer gets the lot :tiphat: 1084 Omegaton B101 (L) 1 0.03 PED CARRIED 1085 Omegaton B101 (L) 1 0.02 PED CARRIED 1086 Omegaton B101 (L) 1 0.08 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1087 Omegaton B101 (L) 1 0.04 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1088 Omegaton B101 (L) 1 0.06 PED Julklapp 2013...
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    Selling: Jarhead

    SOLD Selling Jarhead. (M) Tier #' are Gloves T1 61 81 114 126 92 87 81 153 83 159 Feet T1 110 121 97 123 116 110 117 131 77 113 Face T1 54 87 56 68 89 112 73 85 74 80 Harness T2 98 114 83 102 55 54 51 41 99 55 Shin T1 119 71 84 151 77 76 126 78 135 Thigh...
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    Summer in the Denver metro area

    Summer in the Denver metro area. Up to 2 feet in some areas [/IMG]
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    Selling: Shogun (M)

    SOLD shogun (M) All parts below T1 1st fair offer gets it.
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    Selling: Bulk Welding Wire BP's

    First fair offer gets it :) 1410 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.15 PED 1411 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.27 PED 1412 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.18 PED 1413 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.68 PED 1414 Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 1 0.32 PED 1415 Welding Wire...
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    Selling: Bulk sale

    SOLD Bulk sale for the following. First fair offer gets it. 1234 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1 0.38 PED 1235 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1 0.28 PED 1236 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1 0.29 PED 1237 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1 0.40 PED 1238 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1 0.46 PED 1239 Sollomate Azuro (L) 1...
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    Selling: Adjusted Musca (M)

    SOLD Selling full Adjusted Musca (M) PM offers :tiphat:
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    Entropia Universe Account Inactivity

    "We noticed that you haven't been logged in to Entropia Universe for a time now and we don't want you to miss the opportunity of being a continuous part of our virtual community" Is two week considered a long time for Swedes? I think you can set the Que for 3 or 4 months MA.
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    WOF Merc

    As title says. WOF Merc for hire Decay and ammo only. 332k ish skills SKILLS PM if interested
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    Selling: Gravis GLR-33

    :woot: SOLD
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    Buying: Adjusted Musca (M)

    Buying Adjusted Musca (M) Send PM with price :tiphat: Can also do trade for other armor...PM if interested
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    Selling: Golden key parts

    Hi, I'm taking offers on the following golden key parts. Package deal and offers in PM please SOLD
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    AV1 For rent

    For rent: Adjusted Ravenger Mini Sweeper V1 (Tier 5) :sniper: Send PM for collateral requirement or any other info. Serious inquiries tire kickers please.. BTW.. cheap rates because I'm just looking for tier points..
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    Daily mining mission..ya right...

    Daily mining mission my ass. 577 claims 1 global Maybe if my mom worked at MindArk I would do better with mining :dunno:
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    Merry Mayhem Mercenary for hire

    MM Mercenary for hire. Avatar stats: Gear: Jag/5b Adjusted V1 Ravenger T4 Maxed on Vivi UR125 & Lvl XI Regeneration chip Decay and ammo only! (tips OK) PM if interested. :tiphat:
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    Selling: AV1 T4 rental For Merry Mayhem

    Tier 4 Adjusted V1 rental for Merry Mayhem. Collateral required. PM for terms:tiphat:
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    Pack your bags (and your Cheetos) stoners

    Pot is now legal in Colorado :smoke: :kos: Good time to open a snack shop:tongue2:
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    Aurora Shooting APD audio