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    Info: Trading Bug

    So I just witnessed something really absurd I went to trade a person in game. Put the stuff he wanted in the trade window , he put the peds in and we both hit accept the 1st time , window pops up to confirm showing how both of us have put some items-peds in . A minute after I receive a pm saying...
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    Selling: Pills

    Bump , new prices
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    Selling: Skinning and Scourging skill implants [SOLD]

    Updated the amount after some sales
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    Selling: Skinning and Scourging skill implants [SOLD]

    Selling 137.13 tt of skinning chips all below 20tt each ,asking 1600% 0 tt of scouring chips left
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    Selling: Tier 5.99 Camo BGH [SOLD]

    Sold , can be closed.
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    Selling: Tier 5.99 Camo BGH [SOLD]

    After using this beast for a while the time to move on has come . Hunting Stats with Damage Enhancers : PVP Stats with Damage Enhancers : Am open to discuss any reasonable offers . Buyout set at 37.5k peds
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    Are Twen Items still available

    You want a poe twen set , you know the price tag and you expect you'd get it for 12k?
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    Loot 2.0 killed the game

    Since you know how shit works , can you please tell me what will happen if they actually start dropping items left and right? Am clueless but I'd assume their markup would crash making them lose the high markup that's appealing to you.
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    should I buy Gremlin, Ghost or Rascal?

    Maybe get a ul gun?
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    News: Triton Industries Shares

    Could somebody inform us about the transformers industries?
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    Suggestion: Gear Rental Terminal

    Great idea , change this and mu of every mid lvl weapon will drop to hell
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    Selling: Easter 2021 Ring [SOLD]

    Traded , can be closed
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    Selling: Easter 2021 Ring [SOLD]

    [Easter Ring 2021] stats are: Effect 1 Effect type:Increased Critical Chance Strength:4.5 % Effect 2 Effect type:Increased Critical Damage Strength:15 % Effect 3 Effect type: Decreased critical received Strength:15 % Open to offers and buyout is set at 13.75k peds
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    Info: China bans the

    Sky is falling. Sell all of your items to him for 1% of mu
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    Can people hunt in teams in mayhem solo event ?

    What you are saying is impossible, It won't even let you to get in the instance if you are on a team