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  1. Liu

    News: Easter Mayhem 2024

    Thank you for your feedback 🙏
  2. Liu

    News: Easter Mayhem 2024

    Anyone could say "avg" what's the raw ammo budget for silver vs bronze ? In peds and hours for 70-90dps. Been looking for the information, but couldn't find anything. Thanks for the help.
  3. Liu

    Help: UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread

    Bug Report Title: computer freeze Date Found: 02/24/2024 Description: When tping on calypso, computer freezes completely. Hard reboot is the only way out. Steps to Reproduce: Use teleporter to teleport anywhere.
  4. Liu

    Help: UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread

    Overall : experiencing a lot of acronym I didnt write since back in Project Entropia times....and this is despite high end CPU and decent overall config.
  5. Liu

    Help: UI Release: Bug/Crash Report Thread

    Feedback Title: loosing chat focus Description: Current: when in my society chan chaty, pressing enter to discuss strikes me back automatically to my maion chat window Suggested: make sure we stay in the chat window we are in when pressing enter and not being redirected to any other chat...
  6. Liu

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    Feedback Title: no more looting sound Description: Current: when a loot is done no sound is produced Suggested: bring a sound again when looting - shall it be the old one or another Reason: having the sound helps the impaired to understand a loot has been gained - also it is very frustrating...
  7. Liu


    No way. PE in 2004 was way more badass than what we got here !
  8. Liu


    How do you set and display several action bars on the screen just as in the first screenshot of Bertha? I can't seem to do that. Thanks for the help.
  9. Liu

    Help: UI Release: Feedback Thread

    Just this. Tires the eyes so badly.
  10. Liu

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Very tough playing with that chat. The contrast of the font is way too light and not customizable. It is extremely eye tiring. We need more easy to read fonts and chat, please.
  11. Liu

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    I really hope it's not gonna take more than the planned 2 hours as I'm not working tomorrow. Please postpone or be on time.
  12. Liu

    Thorio Male

    Any new spot for male thorio ? The daily is really a pain to complete with my actual knowledge - focusing on the spot NE of Omegaton West Habitat. Hel is welcome here. Thank you all !
  13. Liu

    Entropia Universe on Asus ROG Ally

    Hello ! Nice input. Planning to do that tomorrow, but never tried key mapping and such. Do you mind sharing a couple of images of hiw you do that in EU and Armory Crate ? That would be a great help. Thank you !
  14. Liu


    hello there, no spawn outside of pvp4 ? Thanks for your feedbacks.
  15. Liu

    Info: TWEN Vendor Inventory

    That's a lot of tokens needed ! Not an event for miners neither for casual - middle gamers. Dommage.
  16. Liu

    Entropia Universe 17.22.0 Release Notes

    still nothing for miners ? :/
  17. Liu

    Info: Summer Migration Map

    Hey there, can't find any low-mid LT anymore, are they gone already ?
  18. Liu

    Quest for Daily Tokens

    We are 5 years in already...
  19. Liu

    Rewards not rewarded

    Well, still no compensation here. How many years has it been now?
  20. Liu

    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    Hunt in pvp. No bots there.
  21. Liu

    Question: What to avoid?

    Read. Apply. Win.
  22. Liu

    Rewards not rewarded

    Sheryo, Duncan, good to read you here. Saddened to see you still involved and expecting any good after those soon 20 years to be. Be well, guys.
  23. Liu

    Loot Tracker Tool

    Almost feels like playing again a bit just to test this software ! It seems like a great job ! Nice.
  24. Liu

    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Wasn't talking to you...unless you are multi accounting, which would make your answer make some sense...busted?