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    HSL on Takuta Plateau & Vermillion Fields - 3 x 2000PED prizes, one player can win multiple prizes!

    Did some stress relief hunting this morning. Out of town until next week - here's hoping it sticks!
  2. Araneatrox Young 1529 PED

    Araneatrox Young 1529 PED

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    Khorum Coast - Where you can earn the most!

    Dominax Adjusted Headshot IV
  4. Dominax - 2022-06-06 -- Mutated Nusul Young 47 PED .jpg

    Dominax - 2022-06-06 -- Mutated Nusul Young 47 PED .jpg

    KC Event
  5. Headshot IV - Mutated Kamaldon Young.jpg

    Headshot IV - Mutated Kamaldon Young.jpg

    KC Event
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    Khorum Coast - Where you can earn the most!

    Any chance you could increase the maturity and/or density of the mutated nusuls, mutated zaduls, and mutated hadraada? They are only available on Khorum Coast and I still have 28000 mutated zadul points and 4400 mutated nusul points to go on my IFN challenges. At youngs that's nearly 4700...
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    HUGE JACKPOT 25000 PED, Monthly Event on The Land of Oz, Calypso (36506, 35207) !!!

    While I 10000% agree that the time delay is ridiculous, not all desktops have WiFi capabilities.
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    HUGE JACKPOT 25000 PED, Monthly Event on The Land of Oz, Calypso (36506, 35207) !!!

    I would advise putting a note on the first screen to emphasize that the event is on pause - if the number of people trying to sign up for Akoz's event after it was closed is any indication, a surprising number of people don't go past the first post on event pages. Also, please hit me up in game...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Several questions - 1, are you adequately using the pumpkins that appear in the event? They do respawn throughout the event, and they are absolutely necessary to complete both in general and within time. 2, echoing a previous commenter, are you running to the edges for most stages? The stages...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Well, I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but I honestly wasn't expecting my DPS to be as much of a limiting factor prior to the event starting, as I wasn't expecting it to have such restrictive time limits at all. But I'm always amazed at how high the ubers are compared to me! :) C'est...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    I understand you liked survival, but I'm curious, what are you thoughts on the ramp-up in difficulty on survival? Personally I never really expected to finish survival as my armor sucks, but at 160ish dps I definitely wasn't expecting to time out before hitting stage 10.
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Since the game is down, who knows :P
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    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    I got up to stage 5, but failed it twice and haven't been beyond there. Edit: Oh, I can't read. Yes, I was on Caly when I was running it.
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    If you were in the survival mode, the base zombie mobs (not the rage or acid ones) applied the debuff "Defibrillation", which starts at 10% healing reduction, and each stack increases the debuff by another 10%, lasts roughly 30 seconds (timer refreshes upon new stack). I know it at least goes...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    I got 88 tokens in roughly 3 hours in survival mode (including stage rewards), but they did say the higher mobs would drop more tokens
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Good to know, thank you both!
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    You're assuming even if there is a mission next Halloween that it will have the same rewards. That being said - has anyone put together a list of what the armor rewards stats are for the three rewards? I avoided entering the annihilation one in the hopes of getting that data to make a more...
  18. 2021-10-23 -- Atrax Provider 3773 PED .jpg

    2021-10-23 -- Atrax Provider 3773 PED .jpg

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    The Chain of Ascension - Chance to WIN 10k PED in a Day.

    Register: Torene Tor Alaranth
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    New JACKPOT Event on OLA40, Atrox Valley: Akmuul Island TP, north-west (Calypso, 232, 283)

    Collected my winnings for White Ball and 9 Ball today, thanks! Side note, I know the scores aren't up to date but this swirl isn't showing up in EL on my own profile, so wanted to post it here in case you don't see it on your end either. Torene
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  22. 2020-10-02 -- Atrox Alpha 111 PED .jpg

    2020-10-02 -- Atrox Alpha 111 PED .jpg