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  1. spectrum3900

    20 Years of Entropia Universe!

    maybe a new planet would be nice :D or space station or robot ship we capture and use for ourself now - shops - player housing (pods)- in the middle of the space map.
  2. spectrum3900

    Item Points in L, M & S Apartment?

    Here are some data to give an idea - - click on Toulan on the left side.
  3. spectrum3900

    Creating FOMA website for shop owners

    Hey guys - finally finished adding all 66 shops for full inventory with price and markup :D - Enjoy -
  4. spectrum3900

    Selling: Selling toulan shop

    Here is the shop Rain is selling on Toulan. Good luck Rain!
  5. spectrum3900

    FOMA Shop #21 is under new management!

    I own Shop #22 now :D
  6. spectrum3900

    Creating FOMA website for shop owners

    Hello All, I just started a new website for FOMA shop owners and creating a nice FOMA space about the asteroid and what you can do there. I known a lot of info is out there and it would be a good place to re-compile it all and create some awareness and tools for people interested into promoting...
  7. spectrum3900

    F.O.M.A Shop #22 -- New management

    Hello FOMA resident, I just acquired FOMA Shop #22 today. I will do a quick survey of all shops on FOMA and then decide what I will focus on for my shop. I plan to itemize all FOMA shops once or twice a year and publish it on EntropiaHub or its own website. But my focus/like is Japanese...
  8. spectrum3900

    [SELLING] F.O.M.A. Shops #20-#21-#22(16k ped each) + RT Booth (18k ped)!

    FYI - I am the new owner of F.O.M.A Shop #22
  9. spectrum3900

    Potentially buying Land Area

    Ayida Lodge is an LA in Medusa islands could be a good choice.
  10. spectrum3900

    A mobile app for tax free trades and chat

    Yes as a software developer $500 seems low. But it is all good if the app is quite simple and if templates are used to go faster. Also have you looked at the cost for running the database, SSL cost and hosting of the APIs. How much will that run you yearly after the app is live. And yearly fees...
  11. spectrum3900

    Arkadia Moon Deed ROI at present price?

    If you want to check out this channel - he does weekly report on deeds and shares -
  12. spectrum3900

    What if PED was a cryptocurrency?

    PED should not be a crypto - maybe exchange PED to another crypto sure - why not! Like SilverPED or GoldPED. Companies cannot rely on crypto for their balance sheets and profit forecast - it would be a disaster - no investor would risk it. Imagine trying to figure out - hiring and asset...
  13. spectrum3900

    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    To Who ever bought the Toulan Egg - Congratulation!!! I would of love to acquire it of course since I own 2 websites for Entropia Universe. :D And I would like to offer my services to make the website/marketing for that owner to promote their affiliate URL and host for free with the domain of...
  14. spectrum3900

    Selling: Katsuich Honor

    I usually buy Katshuichi Honor for TT+30PED with high Tier But to answer the need for multiple sword is because I want to make a shop with only melee weapons :D
  15. spectrum3900

    What if PED was a cryptocurrency?

    If PED is a digital crypto currency it would need to be a stable-coin so really using fiat is ok - we would only benefit from having a crypto coin is for global value and fees.
  16. spectrum3900

    Item Points in L, M & S Apartment?

    Good question: Here is an example for Toulan: Nahar Towers, Apartment J (S) - Floor 1 Nahar Towers, Apartment G (M) - Floor 1 Nahar...
  17. spectrum3900

    EntropiaMarket Guides - Virtual Estates Knowledge

    Hello, I just released 3 guides for buying Estates deeds: Entropia Market How to buy virtual estates from different planets when you are on Calypso? How to buy virtual estates...
  18. spectrum3900

    Selling: Toulan Booth for sale

    very nice - here is the virtual visit of Toulan Booth -
  19. spectrum3900

    EntropiaHub Shop tool

    Hello dear shop owners, I am the developer of and I want to get your help in providing a tool for visitors to search your shop for items with pricing. I already developed the Monria and Toulan shop inventory pages and I would like to expand to other planets. I could take...
  20. spectrum3900

    Buying: apartments on calypso

    Great info I added the Cyrene event on EntropiaHub homepage for Cyrene. And I will definitely go there - it is a nice event.
  21. spectrum3900

    Buying: apartments on calypso

    Hey there, You can check what is available so far - I see only 2 for sale: Treasure Island Silver Building, 11G Calypso 2,500.00PED 3,500.00PED 2021-07-27 Treasure Island Copper Building, 12A Calypso 1,200.00PED 1,200.00PED 2021-07-21
  22. spectrum3900

    Price Check How much would a booth cost in entropia?

    FYI - Svako sold his Toulan booth for about 10kPED -
  23. spectrum3900

    Complete, Full-Scale retexturing of all existing structures on calypso.

    This is good idea - and it is data that was missing so i started to manually take auctions for estates so that players will know how the prices fluctuated: Here is Ilse of Troy for example: With more data and time - it will be interesting to...
  24. spectrum3900

    Complete, Full-Scale retexturing of all existing structures on calypso.

    I totally agree - I wish we had better wall texture and fix the interior lighting glitches. Here are some examples of some of the player estates in EU: Arkadia - Calypso - Monria -
  25. spectrum3900

    Here the current properties you can buy on auction

    Hello Estates buyer, I have travelled to Calypso to bring you some of the Apartments and plots for you to visit before buying: Billton Towers 1, 5F Genesis Star Tower C, 7C