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  1. goon

    Selling Nemesis set (m)

    As the title says im selling my male set of nemesis armor i would like to sell it for tt+1250 but i will take into consideration offers around that mark. this armor is now SOLD
  2. argo globie

    argo globie

  3. goon

    Are you at work

    i would be on here at work, but GOOSE from my soc got it banned, because he left himself logged on all day and night:eek:
  4. goon

    ~ Lootius loves fisting Nuns ~

    what can i say the headline grabbed me:confused:
  5. goon

    Tiger WOOT Loot :)

    a BIG gratz mate, im sure that hof is out there somewhere :D
  6. goon

    UK players

    im from doncaster :D
  7. goon

    The League - Part I

    Click to enlarge xenocracy global, goon an meester :D
  8. xenocracy league global

    xenocracy league global

  9. goon

    Sorry, yet again :)

    Nice one mate, Gratz I hope mine is coming soon :D
  10. emergency larger

    emergency larger