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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    OK support got back to me, they were helpfull and professional, apparently the information I used previously which was FW/Routing number which used to work no longer is acceptable? And they requested I use BIC/SWIFT CODE. So it's on me lol. Good to know though no serious issue just have to...
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    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    I made a withdrawal request Feb, 27, 2023 On May, 31, 2023 the amount submitted for withdrawal was returned to my ped card with No notice as to why. Nor was there any penalty. Exact amount was returned. Also no changes were made to my banking information, and ofcourse I double and triple...
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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Peddles card lol. Stupid phone auto correct. Edit (PED card)
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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Withdrawal request Feb, 27, 2023. 3 months later the withdrawal amount was returned to my peddles card. Support ticket sent:(
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    Login Problems - BEWARE - Don't keep using your gold card!

    the Gold Card has been flawless for me for nearly 10 years tell now.. Ive used it 3x and getting and internal error message..afraid to try again .. Dsync issues might be a pain to fix idk.. hope MA is reading these posts;P
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    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them)

    add me Frickin get rid or change the materials for this bp. Saurn Accolade Cerillas Don't listen to rude crafters post above
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    Discovery: ARC Initiate's Armor (unl) + Ecotron v.15e (L)

    hmm Says the special vendor Is inside the Hub, which worries me nearing 50 and I start thinking r these HUB ONLY items.. meaning only can be uses inside PVP HUB like many weapons r only able to be used inside and so on]
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    Selling: Pet Deeds

    i want one:P I would like to buy 1 acient snable female for 25 ped .. Are u based on caly and what times might u be on to meet for trade ty kind regards Saurn
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    Does time of day affect loot?

    Hi there i too live in cali and at those times u speak of. It does seem slower and globals in chat aernt as frequent.i ust to think my returns varied for the worse, but come to believe other wise just gotta keep cycling :p Just my 2 pec Saurn
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    The "drop" that filled the glass

    I too have been feeling the pain.. From my charts and spreadsheet and all of the posts here seem to validate that indeed mining on caly has been toyed with.( I see a few reasons for this. 1 being balance as in last 6 months mining was becomming quite popular ..lotz of people feel mining is a...
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    down again?

    That would be nice:) Also cant connect to server:(
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    How many active accounts make MMO?

    really If u were to sit there on any given day and count the globs only 1 global counts per name u would be quite amazed..not to mention the 40% of the people (being modest) not even having any swirles.. well u might have more player than it seems. Btw on some days pa is loaded not to mention...
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    Hi all After reading the latest buzz for march 23 and seeing the new planets r closer than predicted, im more worried than ever. Everyone seems to be hung up on transportation fees, hangers, mindorce etc. while these r very important factors to be concerned with. There is even a...
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    Quest/mission system

    I have to say ty siremi as this for last year + is what i have imagined FPC doing.. and am simply amazed know one has previously suggested it and or even responded to ur suggestion.. As i did the first 5 quests i was happy to see a direction for newcomers and that is a great and very much...
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    Version Update 10.0 Announcement

    Screenie or it didn't happen lol j/k I cant believe its finally goin to happen.. I have a feeling this week is goin to be along one:P Great work keeping us informed Marco it helps so much :wtg:
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    Planet Calypso Miniteasers

    I should think soon they will be releasing some more info on how the testing phase is goin .. ....Also hopefully the required/ideal specs to run this game. Which is very important. Anyhow keep the teasers comming they r lookin sooo KOOOL