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  1. Franki Fenix

    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    i dont like the style, the colours... i feel like MA change the mission windows in 2016... Ah! and the temporal bann now is permanent bann... i wonder if anyone has the same problem....
  2. Franki Fenix

    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    One disaster: a)if you are banned and finalize your banned time, automaticaly bann is eternal.... die b) if you are banned and want to log out to start in another old account, logout buttom not works, and need start in another navigator... A disaster.... later, i´ll see the forum :)
  3. Franki Fenix

    die in no PVP zone?

    muchas thankius
  4. Franki Fenix

    die in no PVP zone?

    how is possible that someone kill me in space in the Calypso Space Station? i was returnin at Station and a pirate, fucking Smokeitup, shoot me and i was in No-PVP zone, he kill me at entry of station... how is possible?
  5. Franki Fenix

    improved chat log

    We have two good tools that help us in our work here: LBML and chipping tool. The problem is that you can not use the values we have at the time of getting a probe or the values of the skills we have, which forces to put the values by hand or use the OCR to see the probes. SUGGESTION: an...
  6. Franki Fenix

    This should be fun

    I've been here for 3 years ... the cruel reality: the peds are flying, a loot of 30 peds is a miracle, with a contribution of 10 dollars in peds you can hunt for half an hour ... a tip: come back in 10 more years ... Look at my signature below ( 3 years!!! ) and you will understand...
  7. Franki Fenix

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2.1

    and dont forget automatic tamming: if the whip is very low and cheap, you cant whip more at mob for lower spirit more: automatic tamming and spirit grow up again.... i cant buy a 500 ped whip... no more pets for me if there is not "tamming" action again... and dont forget default action at...
  8. Franki Fenix

    Abandoned sites

    ok, ty for the info... maybe one day all zones go to be usable....
  9. Franki Fenix

    Abandoned sites

    Abandoned sites What is the purpose of abandoned structures on the southern continent of calypso? multiple circular strengths with corridors, TT, Storage, doors with force fields and push buttons to open it? What is the purpose of the giant ships floating in the sky of Calypso and Arkadia ...
  10. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.1.1 Release Notes

    and dont forget, MA: We need the ilusion of Global Animation... without swirl, globals and ATH is not the same... we lost the ilusion and surprise... ok ok, and we lost the globals too, lol
  11. Franki Fenix

    lvl 25 Biotropic: Help me unlock Ethereal Soul Language

    Yesssssss..... at last, one of kronan crew had one pouch.... and i had not Neopsion lvl 30.... i buyed a new implant and my wife was the "dead" in the experiment.... a kerbero and a drone killed her, and with my new power she returned from the tomb, lol In the photo say "you have learned to...
  12. Franki Fenix

    lvl 25 Biotropic: Help me unlock Ethereal Soul Language

    ty all..... and, someone have the stone or the UL chip?
  13. Franki Fenix

    lvl 25 Biotropic: Help me unlock Ethereal Soul Language

    Yes, im lvl 25 biotropic.... Now, i need a rare item to use for first resurrection: Rakzum's Pouch (L) Can you help me to unlock? have you one and you can help me? i pay decay from stone if you "rent" it... ty for the help...
  14. Franki Fenix

    Skill Scanner

    03/18/2019.... web page is down???
  15. Franki Fenix

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2

    Animations are good, but.... now, all mobs seems like atrox.... poor tripudion.... RIP :(
  16. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.1.0 Release Notes

    Changes we are needing.... - Tamme action. - Loot action. And more exciting loot...
  17. Franki Fenix

    What happens with new users?

    well, my wife Simone Bastet, is waiting 2 days for validation.... really? i remember my validation in the same day, but i see now is different.... :( :mad:
  18. Franki Fenix

    Achievement: Combat Sense: lvl 50 at last!!!

    well, 3 yearas here and i am at 1/2 way to be an UBER.... and Combat Sense is unlocked :yay: Next, ethereal soul language, matherial comprehesion, lvl 25 VSE and lvl 30 longblades... and yes, Commando!!
  19. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.3 Release Notes

    and dont forget: -Bring back the Tame action... without a fat whip, now is very dificult... -Bring back the Global Animation... ok, i have a liiiiiittttle amount of global, my avatar is not lucky, but, when i have one, i want to see it again!!! -Bring back fast menu, not 0.5 second delay...
  20. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    Things that need to be corrected: -The zoom should be even farther, as it was before. -Recover the "tame" button, not something automatic once the mob has reached the time of tamming ... as it was before, please. -When a vehicle is on the ground, the default action is now "refuel" ...
  21. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    another thing: default-action for a vehicle is "Refuel"... so, if i spawn an "out-of-fuel" vehicle and i try enter... the default is Refuel.... another 0.5 seconds with "F" and the contextual menu to select "enter"...... :( Pls, MA, default option for a vehicle must be "Enter".... maybe i want...
  22. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    Let's see ... when Microsoft brought to light Windows 8, it eliminated the start menu ... to discover that it was essential, and to have to bring to light windows 10 with start menu again .... Rectify is wise, MA ... I do not say more ...
  23. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    Sending Support Case for tamming error...
  24. Franki Fenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    The action "Tame" has disappeared ... instead, the next time you hit the whip, it performs the "tame" action by default ..... ERROR !!!! Normally, although I can tame, I always give a few more lashes to lower the spirit even more ... now I can not, and I can not domesticate anyone .... MA, leave...
  25. Franki Fenix

    Suggestion: Emotes

    i like it!! :)