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  1. unufain8

    Suggestion: Loan Contract / Deed system without collateral (enforced by system)

    Item = 10k Rent item fee - 50 ped/day Rent item 100 days = 5k Make a loan pay 110%-115% - Item is yours Moral = Instead of loosing 5k you only loose the % of the loan. Renting is bad, and it only worked when there was just a few top tier weapons that beat everything, now with this huge infusion...
  2. unufain8

    515k ath chat

    He also told you that ba*lz and money are the new meta :). Greetings my friend
  3. unufain8


    the dpp is insane, and the gap of dps between bc120 and mod nano is covered by range.
  4. unufain8

    Suggestion: Close down and retire Entropiawiki

    they shoul make a ingame wiki with compare weapons etc mobs spawns like in other games, and all that info make it exportable into different programs. its 2024 its a few coding. it just takes will to act. for example clicking on 1 mob it could just show the loot table and drop rate.
  5. unufain8

    Account termination sale SHOP / Emerald Lakes Mall Floor 1 #3 S

    Stop the missinformation. you just got your response from an official.
  6. unufain8

    Account termination sale SHOP / Emerald Lakes Mall Floor 1 #3 S

    blueprints and materials yes, like it was before but your rifle wont be taken away from you so stop the missinformation.
  7. unufain8

    HoF: BunkerThree Stream HOFS & UBERS

    is it the caffeine effect starting to work on you?
  8. unufain8

    News: Introducing TWEN Token

    sb10 was pulled at @45k because the player that pulled it was in a hurry and did not think about gaining some more tokens to get something even beter. Usually and that was my play style for a long time, when i needed another 200 lysterium to craft something (this is an example) i payed even 200%...
  9. unufain8

    Discovery: Fast Aid Pack, Modified, TWEN Edition

    but the only difference between them is that jester in reality is maxed at 100 :)
  10. unufain8

    Selling: Selling Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe, TWEN Edition T0

    I wonder how much this should cost. free bump
  11. unufain8

    BP-20 Twen Edition - Hunting Log

    so you are running only on loss?
  12. unufain8

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    I am reading minds. Simple truth.
  13. unufain8

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    he was reffering to the red dragon (society) guy who bought every skill and item from AH, he is confusing Yazuky with him.
  14. unufain8

    Selling: Smilgs - selling all skills in big batches ~750K skill points remaining

    So sad seeing you leave, end of a era. GL with your new projects, loved the info you shared while playing. And that you never responsed to the haters.
  15. unufain8

    Help: Modified Viceroy CANNOT be returned to NPC. Bug? Oversight?

    Gl tt-ing the set. Take care and i wish you all the best and good things.
  16. unufain8

    HoF: BunkerThree Stream HOFS & UBERS

    i think you watched to many streams of that guy who play the slot machines :)
  17. unufain8

    Gold Rush 2023 - Hunting Winners

    Prizes are looking very good, awesome stats for them on wiki
  18. unufain8

    Selling: T2.99 Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified

    "Too soon, Junior."
  19. unufain8

    Buying: WTB Settler Gloves/Faceguard BPs (UL)

    Arent these one sold via technician?
  20. unufain8

    Selling: (Sold)

    Why are here so many posts flaming this sell thread and no admin deleting them?
  21. unufain8

    I hate that I have to make this thread (again..) - support cases without communication - a story

    What in the name of IDIOTISM has your name related to something sexual?
  22. unufain8

    Price Check ArMatrix Laser Sight Mk.3, TWEN Edition

    You are right, in the case that vendor its not restocked (which is most surely it wont).
  23. unufain8

    Price Check ArMatrix Laser Sight Mk.3, TWEN Edition

    I didnt said its not a good tool, i was saying that 120k tokens for 60k ped instead of going for a weapon when stock is refilled its a loss.
  24. unufain8

    Price Check ArMatrix Laser Sight Mk.3, TWEN Edition

    you are missing my point.