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  1. forgo

    I did it, thanks Entropia.

    This is what I did with my Entropia withdrawals in 2020 to make this happen.
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    Game money funded this.
  3. forgo

    I did it, thanks Entropia.

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  5. forgo

    new UI making it hard to play

    I am not adjusting to this UI well at all, in fact I may have to sell everything. Currently I am wearing a wrist brace due to the pain caused by listing things on auction with these small arrows, that is how bad it is. I still love the game, I do want to play, I just cant play longer than 10...
  6. forgo

    The Entropia Cybertruck

    In 2008 I cashed out my Entropia account for a good chunk and flipped a few houses into a fully paid for condo. (paid $130k cash on short sale, now worth $450k) My income has only ever been Entropia, the rental (rents for $2400) for just under 20 years, and a tiny disability check for a lil...
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    yep, entropia funded....
  8. forgo


    Residue should work with update, it still does not actually use the residue.... Pretty big issue, cant make full tt mining amps or weapons. While on the crafting issue, we should have the crafting UI start with the cursor active in an opened text search, making the user click a button to access...
  9. forgo

    Industrialist complete

    It's been roughly 17 years but I finally got it done slow boating it on crafting for markup. Very little TT machine crafts done overall. I did cash out a bunch of craft skills back in 2008 for house flipping $, that capital eventually paid for a condo in cash which has been rented ever since...
  10. forgo

    FFA is broken

    Was going for an hour on FFA 4 spiders with pills loaded up, all of a sudden on the 3rd mob I get teleported to some instance with level 25 ghost screechers, saying something about the wrong path. Run, with pills running, across this retarded 5 hour instance to find a teleporter, that gets me...
  11. forgo

    Selling: Selling Gold Rush Armor RDI+Healer armor

    As stated selling this set. Used it to get to doctor unlock and no longer need. Is great UL armor for RDI instances and great for skilling paramedic or being one. I used with the 120 level demons in HELL as well quite a bit. Armatrix 66-elec plates gives 111 base electric! All T1 parts are...
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    Gold rush
  13. forgo

    Q4 letter from CEO

    Reposting to the right category.. Just for your info. As many may or may not know, MA is now traded on Spotlight as of January (swedish stock market) Here is a link of a letter from the CEO letter for Q4...
  14. forgo

    News: Information for Entropia Universe 17.22.1 patch

    It amazes me that people are still unclear on how this stuff works. Stop listening to "ubers" who only know how to deposit heavy chasing dreams that do not exist, and justifying thier deposits with bad, unchecked theory. Seriously, make some method for tracking what you do, efficiency is on a...
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  16. forgo

    Playing to win.

    Just a quick reminder for all the haters with bad information: Still playing everyday at all levels of play. I wonder why the know it all' s never seem to post pure win like this? Stop listening to fools buying Uber status, and people who never owned land or crunched the data to know. I built a...
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    Myitems Total PED value 148k
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    Still withdrawing and playing everyday at all levels
  19. forgo

    Crafting on crack

    5' x 10' CNC self built, bought with money derived from game. (@300k peds) 2 years in the works, love when a good plan comes together finally. Main computer (running entropia) is safe up in the closet on the 2nd floor. Still a depo'n motha'.
  20. forgo

    News: Information regarding Withdrawals

    now over 2 months on 5k withdrawl, with more waiting to come out. I could have put in millions of PED in the last few years, this is the primary reason I have not...
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  22. forgo

    Modified Personal Manufacturing Machine MK2

    So, I have a new manufacturing machine. Overall cost was around 260k PED. This is paid for from game withdraws. I have another 5k usd withdrawl coming for a material fund. Huge thanks to the game and players along the way who ultimately led to this. Crafting over a million PEDS a year (plus...
  23. forgo

    Avatar got stuck, no idea why....

    Not really stuck of course. Fighting evil is hard sometimes.
  24. forgo

    Doctor complete!

    Its been 17 years, and over 1 million skill points earned and I finally finished off the combat unlocks. (Cashed out completely once in between and restarted. ) Ended up paying over 10k PED to buy the last 2 levels just to get it done. Since I had the mod resto chip years back, I kinda messed...
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