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  1. kosmos

    Can anyone make snse of this support reply? :D

    This is what I feel too. I sent in a case due to concern some others have about this issue. Personally I don't care. I refuse to goto space because I don't play this to be forced into pvp situations just to travel to a planet. Supports response was it isn't an exploit to log on and off in a...
  2. kosmos

    FYI: MindArk's president J-W Timkrans has been let go!

    If anyone cares that has some say so, a shareholder, marco, whoever if you seriously read the above statement i bolded and made red you will find that your company will probably stop losing money. The player base will actually grow when new people join as well instead of the low retention rate...
  3. kosmos

    What do you want in this game? What is missing?

    I want offline messages, pms from non fl people if you want, and the ability to add people to fl without making a team. I also would like the balancing team to think about peoples investments before they nerf.
  4. kosmos

    Help: Can Not Play

    I hope you can get in. If you can't contact support at
  5. kosmos


    Its the win all or nothing model thats been in place since i started. I don't think i like it either. Most people would want a reasonable tt return always and not big hof. I think the big hofs are what keeps some people logging in though tbh but many probably don't log in because of big hofs as...
  6. kosmos

    New Mining Amps

    I skimmed your post. I guess your looking for what amps are now. This is what comes to mind ma101 = level 1 oa101 = level 2 oa102 = level 3 ma104 = level 4 oa103 = level 5 ma106 = level 6 oa105 = level 8 ? oa109 = level 13 oa108 = level 12? ma109 = level 11?
  7. kosmos

    Selling: Selling Finder Amplifier 3 100%qr,

    I will offer 501 peds for it
  8. kosmos

    Question about 'Real Economy'

    Take time to read guides and ask more questions. Keep in mind that 8k usd find that guy had is rare. Doesn't happen often at all or to many people. Most gave you the rosey answer but this game is not easy. I am not going to sugar coat it. However if your cleaver and spend some time learning what...
  9. kosmos

    Buying: Level 2 Amplifers L

    Found a friendly seller but still bumping and looking. I want to add I am interested in other amps too. Post or pm pricing. Thanks
  10. kosmos

    Over-Crowding / General Observations

    sorry for deviating off topic but i agree with robin about changing style and arkadia being a nice place to mine. if it wasn't for being forced into lootable pvp to travel i would go there right now.
  11. kosmos

    EntropiaTimes Magazine says Goodbye for now

    Sad to see it go. Maybe its possible to just do E version. Good luck.
  12. kosmos

    Over-Crowding / General Observations

    I remember seeing that cool video you made of one place you mine. We had a vehicle update and a certain resource went up in value and many people started going to that mining place, to loot the nice easy markup. That would explain the green dots around you assuming your going to the place i am...
  13. kosmos

    Selling: Mixed bunch of blueprints

    I don't want the rest of the stuff but i would be happy to place a bid on the level 3 L bp L :)
  14. kosmos

    Buying: Level 2 Amplifers L

    Weekend Bump
  15. kosmos

    Should MA switch back?

    I think this hits the nail on the head. Games like entropia are really a luxary indeed. I don't think we get as many new people at least not ones that stay and end up consuming much. I also thing your correct we are spread alot in many ways. Basically both of these quotes paint the current...
  16. kosmos

    My loot theory

    Hi I know I don't hunt (and I hope you got an open mind last time i said something in a hunting thread I got a needless neg rep but anyways), But hunting mobs like proterons are hard to cycle through. I think the game don't just look at your cost of kills or how much peds you cycle but how many...
  17. kosmos

    Buying: Level 2 Amplifers L

    Hi as the title suggest I am buying some Level 2 L amps. Will pay fair price for full tt and also looking for low tt amps. Post offers here or pm thanks.
  18. kosmos

    My loot theory

    I think they do that with L prints, well with the ones that don't loot like there is no tommorrow (cough welding wires :laugh:) There probably is a fixed number or total tt set for guns and certain resources in game. That might be why it appears sometimes things are turned literally on and...
  19. kosmos

    Question: Do mining areas really matter?

    I agree with that. Only thing that changes is what you find as you visit different areas. There is no way to beat the system. You might get lucky and receive a gift from ma you didn't generate in loses but "finding" those gifts probably aren't possible and are truely random. In otherwords have...
  20. kosmos

    What is yours opinions?

    More items are nice, but also more people to use the items is even nicer.
  21. kosmos

    The Problems MA is Facing Now

    Sorry to sound cynical i wonder if they will even read a thread like this, or if its just us that will read and respond.
  22. kosmos

    Achievement: Commando!

    because i posted first do i get a prize lol cg
  23. kosmos

    We demand change to lootable PVP in space

    This is a good point and I am sure this is exactly what will happen because in PVP4 there are already politics on who gets to do what with a free pass. So some will be protected or whatever due to who they know or pay maybe. One thing I do like is vehicles being lootable. For too long miners...
  24. kosmos

    RIP Ryan Dunn

    Shame to hear this. Guy lived on the edge and might of died that way too. RIP
  25. kosmos

    Any sweat buyers?

    If your 1 day to one month old I will happily buy your sweat. Pm me if you meet the criteria.