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  1. lilac

    Question: What does it cost to play this game and make a living at it?

    If the figures a good landowner friend of mine has shared with me are accurate, I would need 2 fairly popular land areas to equal our household income (just above the federally recognized poverty level in the U.S.)
  2. lilac

    Sweat Price Ridiculous :(

    you're forgetting the fourth factor... TOO MANY SWEATERS! it was under 4 ped/k pre vu 10.0.... it spiked, then steadily started dropping again... the easier it is, the more folks do it,,, it's one of those things that's just bound to drop I know quint very well, and know a bit of his...
  3. lilac

    Is hunting humanoids justfiable?

    good question, for sure... and we can analyse it to death in terms of how this has taken place throughout pop culture... but this is a sci fi game, and "evil mutants" are a common enough theme. you could make a case against hunting any form of sentient being, really... and the "evil genius"...
  4. lilac

    hey... i can't access that thread

    hey... i can't access that thread
  5. lilac

    -Shinkiba Hunting- Need Hunting Outfitting Help.

    your first purchase should be a set of 5b plates... I use ghost/5b for stalkers... but i think THAT will eat up your whole month's deposit. a budget option would be either to do your best with pixie/5b or get a low tt set of boar/bear/jag (limited) defensive and offensive skills will get in...
  6. lilac

    Shinkibia loot!

    not a fool... know what they are, but i happen to be doing quite well on them, and think that getting 13 items in a 200 ped hunt is pretty damn cool, even if the items themselves are on the crappy side... If items are gonna drop like this for all the "revamped" mobs, it could be a good thing.
  7. lilac

    Shinkibia loot!

    I'm not saying you're wrong about loot proportions, but the ET figures don't reflect the people who get "shared loot globals", nor does it account for shinkiba only having EXISTED for 6 days.
  8. lilac

    Achievement: Over 200k in skill points!

    Gratz talania!
  9. lilac

    Shinkibia loot!

    people crave new items in loot... there are probably THAT many hunting them... big shinkiba are about the same effort as popular mobs like atrax, longu, drones, armax... all of which are known to pop out a big one... I'll agree with you that the whole system needs work, but i'd hardly call...
  10. lilac

    Entropia Chess Game

    well, I definitely agree that we're seeing plans starting to unfold quite a bit... I don't think RT and NI were "strategic", so much as simply "designing a game"... necessary, good, but hardly Bobby Fischer... I think what we're seeing from FPC is a strategy of introducing more planet...
  11. lilac

    New item in 11.9.4

    yeah, you wont... but a new player who loots a 93 pec fap will no longer have to wait to regen as he's doing his swunting "free trial"... also... the psychology of "getting better gear" almost immediately appeals to some... we'll see that with the mg2 gun. look, the new items pretty much...
  12. lilac

    New item in 11.9.4

    new outpost east of PA... lesser jump and a half from the marina TP
  13. lilac

    Question: What is this?

    oh hell yeah... I guessed right... was gonna say fight club... P.S. to write in transparent text... the color is "#ffffff" reply to pioneer in quotes to see it.... I'm invisible... lalala!!!!.
  14. lilac

    New item in 11.9.4

    If the content we now know as "calypso" content is turning generic, the planet needs some themed stuff of it's own... Items ARE more satisfying than no items, and the stab armour will be nice for baby merp and ripper... Low TT = more noob friendly ok, that's ANY reason why the stuff is...
  15. lilac

    Playing with Real Money: Colonizing Virtual Worlds

    read the first post about chipping....would marksmanship reduce the cost any? the digital abduction interview is great:)
  16. lilac

    Armax Complete Skull

    I always thought it was common... might be wrong... what does the daily/weekly/monthly say?
  17. lilac


    630,751 are the coords folks are talking about for the good spawn of youngs... seems like a nice little group
  18. lilac

    Question: Should MindArk speed up the withdrawal proces?

    I think the vast majority of players have a concept of how much they want to spend in game, and probably wouldn't be tempted to put in a great deal more "just in case" If anything, withdrawals would probably increase, because folks would be able to go out and buy something cool immediately...
  19. lilac

    Uber: "Mandy & Nex" Uber Fresc

    Awesome! guys:) Nice to see good friends and dedicated gamers do well in game:)
  20. lilac

    Team Iron Challanges

    god, I really miss the role beacons played in terms of mixed level teaming... I think an option to share (rotate) kill points in a team would be great.
  21. lilac

    Kind request to all Forum Trolls

    do you think if people stop "extranious" discussion, valuable info will magically appear? go read your game guides...
  22. lilac

    HELP: Newbie Weapons damaged during tutorial

    I think they're like 9 pec from the trade terminal... is there a trade terminal there?
  23. lilac

    Planet Owners !!!

    Fair enough point... but it would only take one low level guy doing something slightly shady to really ruin a lot of trust in the system for ALL planet partners... can you imagine the mess if there ended up being legal conflict within our rinky-dink universe? That being said, I could see see...
  24. lilac

    does exarosaur drop as-129 and vat-100?

    Same reason they need to comment on the comments... boredom...
  25. lilac

    Planet Owners !!!

    Well articulated, narfi... still disagree, but I see the point that first hand experience is WAY better for developers than using a god gun or unlimited ped card... the emotional experience of the game can't be replicated on a test server with nothing at stake. I'm sure you see the potential...