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  1. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on has been compromised with a Trojan don't use it! Your computer will be infected with a virus. This is a java script type attack. Spread the word!
  2. Haxtor moogle

    I think this is a bug.. 10,000 stamina space pirate!

    so yeah was exploring and found this mob named ??? 10,000 stamina!! took 300 ped ammo tt to kill
  3. Haxtor moogle

    Discovery: I Discovered a ton of new stuff O.O!

    was so much crazy fun hunting!!
  4. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Updates should not continue like this

    From another thread That I didn't want to hijack Can you please communicate to MA and FPC that the masses are not happy with the way updates are done? As an official ambassador I have always been trying to get new players interested in EU. (still my favorite photo :) ) I always wear my EU...
  5. Haxtor moogle

    strangeness and missing posts?

    Are some sensitive posts now getting deleted by fpc? marco's comment on the banned bot issue from 2006 then I noticed this strange post by a "Guest"...
  6. Haxtor moogle

    Flash light or lantern ? New BP?

    I remember reading a few updates ago about there being a new bp that could be looted that will make a new hand held tool that acts like a flash light or lantern. Had a funny name and i can't remember it? Has anyone looted this BP?? Was this really part of a update or was I dreaming?
  7. Haxtor moogle

    Support problem??

    i got an email saying that a resolution was available for my support case... I cant see or do anything?? has anyone seen this before? do i submit a bug report of the bug report being bugged?
  8. Haxtor moogle

    EU themed song help needed

    That is right I am working on a EU themed song and need some help from the community. Problem is that the feel and sound of the song evolved from the original concept and does not fit the original lyrics and name of the song. You can still hear some parts in the song where "no loot is found" or...
  9. Haxtor moogle

    Hydra evolving?

    its stats are changing with every spawn?? maybe some hidden code?
  10. Haxtor moogle

    Question: How to decode the messages?

    Ok i've looked over the codes from past to present and my head really hurts now with all this table look up and hex -binary conversion etc... can anyone break it all down and make some sort of tutorial or try to fully explain it?
  11. Haxtor moogle

    Fish at Zichion?

    Did someone loose their catch of the day at Zichion? Seriously they are taking over!
  12. Haxtor moogle

    New Ore Discovered "Moogonium"

    Finally! I found some and was able to make a ingot! Click to enlarge
  13. Haxtor moogle

    I made it out safely!

    I've been on some strong pain meds for my back pain lately. Jumping around pvp 4 looking for some green dots to spread the hurt to :-D I had just remapped my keyboard and accidentally hit my finder instead of lesser tp chip then... Click to enlarge IU O.O then I realized I was in pvp 4...
  14. Haxtor moogle

    Question: PVP GD Loot Bug?

    I think MA might have forgotten to fix the amount of ammo you get from a green dot kill in lootable pvp... Click to enlarge 9k of ammo does not = 9 ped 9k of ammo = 90 pec... shouldn't this be 90k of ammo? am I correct in saying this is a bug? I know before vu 10 pvp ammo loots averaged...
  15. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: How to fix "Internal Error detected on this Avatar"

    Just got this info from support :) Looks like there is something that becomes corrupted randomly? possibly the chat log worked for me
  16. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Caution to Nvidia Users!!

    There seems to be a big problem with the latest NVidia Drivers!! Slash dot article funny thing i just installed those drivers yesterday and noticed problems immediately. now to fix my computer X_x
  17. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Moogle Is Invincible in PVP!

    New Undocumented "Feature" I found in pvp I have 10 hp to start off with yes Im taking 100+ dmg and living !
  18. Haxtor moogle

    PVP Trick (Always get looted)

    PVP Never Get Away TRICK!!! Introduction :computer: Fast info : Miners can finally not get away from been looted. Miner can hunt armor in pvp, without worries of profit. We all can fail to get our loot out of pvp easy! 100% loss guarantee! I have done a search on the Entropia-Forum and don’t...
  19. Haxtor moogle

    problem with my soc?

    the tracker wont let me leave my old soc NaN and join my new soc W2S!? why does it say i am the leader ? why is there no button to transfer the leader to another person?
  20. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Bugs with EF?

    Found some fun EF bugs while waiting for EU servers to be back up From main page of EF you cant access the chat?? Tons of blank thumbnails in my photo select thingy?!?
  21. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: A Very Moogle Christmas Show Thursday!!

    Expect a very special X-mas Edition Mixed up Moogle show this Thursday 12/24/09 I plan to DJ All day!! Starting when I wake up 9-10 am Eastern USA time ish The best Techno and Trance to hit Entropia! With a mix of Techno and Trance versions of many traditional Christmas songs will be played...
  22. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: port atlantis killed EU!!!

    So... i went to port atlantis... and EU crashed hard even the client loader crashed.. now when i try to start eu after the eula the client loader crashes????
  23. Haxtor moogle

    Mixed up moogle Tonight @ Haunted Castle

    Mixed up Moogle Will be DJing live at the First Annual Skillin’ Villains Haunted Castle tonight 10/30 at 20:00 MA Time Techno Trance and all the best music to Dance to! Tell your friends and show your support :vampire::vampire::vampire: Only On Jamhot Radio!
  24. Haxtor moogle

    Mixed Up Moogle Today!

    Mixed Up Moogle Is In Control! Special Extra early mix today! Hot fresh Techno and Trance! Total of 5 and a half hours on songs this session :) Tune in and tell your friends! Moogle Will be live at Cape Cornith If you want to party!
  25. Haxtor moogle

    CryEngine 3 when will we see an update?

    Probably not in this lifetime but still... Imagine EU in CryEngine 3 !!! ::: Drools:::