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  1. Xzion

    FYI: Calypso Gateway locked. Newcommers stuck.

    Facts; 1.The teleport command dosn't work, they get sent into the room again. 2.Reloggning dosn't work. 3. Do a repair to the game dosn't work. 4. More then 10-20 newcommers are currently affected by this. (Read, everyone who arrives.) 5. The area that are locked is the starting room before they...
  2. Xzion

    Just a Hi.

    Just a small Hi... I realised I haven't been here for a few years now.
  3. Xzion

    FYI: I want simple "latest posts" back.

    I want simple "latest threads" back. The current "latest" things is nothing to comperd to the old "last threads" a simple listing of threads that recently has been posted in, 20 "threads" long. The one on the left side on the "home" part page. Right when you logged in. Not the "Newst post...
  4. Xzion

    Forum - Ingame, connection to swedish politics?!

    Since the forum is now under FPC's command and control, what will the effect be? Will things that is said/done here affect the avatar etc in game if someone comes up and claims to, for example have 2 accounts. Will it cause the case the be investigated? Even though it is said on a forum claimed...
  5. Xzion

    What has happend in 4 months?

    I have been gone for a lot of time now, like a man needs to sometimes. But i still need to get updated on what has happend here on EF and Ingame, any new "features" or big things that has happend? Sometimes it can pass years without much change, and sometimes if i'm gone two days i will miss...
  6. Xzion

    As strong as he might be, He is now back.

    Well! To make most and all of you kinda happy, i'm going home in aprox 4 days. when this happends we can easily do like we always do and rock! been slow without EF for these past months and i see many topics has been made and ongoing without me butting in. But now, lets change that in a few...
  7. Xzion

    I found a car!

    Now FPC really has taken it to IRL. Click to enlarge The first pic from my vacation! more to come later, but enjoy your FPC cars!
  8. Xzion

    Announcment about THE XZION.

    Well basically i'm on vacation, maybe thats a lie, i'm currently working out of town and everything without a connection. I could take photos but i cant! Either way! Just so you dont miss me to much i'm thinknig about all of you ! I will see you in september when i'm back, i guess the fourm...
  9. Xzion

    If i fought you, you would be fighting me!

    Thats because most of you are men! Today i would like to share a wise word; Do not ruin your jeans because you think you are awesome, because you are, no matter how hard you try, words weight more then strengh, why? you ask. That is because more people will approve you if you SAY you are, then...
  10. Xzion

    Drinking wine and whining

    Thats what we do for a living in entropia! Wine! Either way, that was offtopic. My thought now was mainly; What is the level you can use opalo to, befor it becomes basically useless to skill with it nowdays? (The point where it dosn't give any skill anymore) Also, what is the next step in that...
  11. Xzion

    Why does noone every get upset about Entropia?

    Well the question is simple; Why does noone ever get very upset and starting flaming everyone who posts these late nights when i'm here, or almost ever? Its so hard to find anything that entertains me this late if its not very simple to read and understand. Has our game become to easy to play or...
  12. Xzion

    Selling: Full Vigilante (M)

    Selling a full set of Vigilante (M) armor. The price i'm asking would be in line with the daily/weekly market prices. I want a nice and clean trade, meaning i want your offer and if i find it sufficient i will accept it and we do the trade the same day/or a time/day we both agreed upon meeting...
  13. Xzion

    Happy new year my beloved ones and everyone els!

    Happy new year to all of you. Hope you have a great evening and you spend it the way you enjoy it the most. Personaly that means for me to go off to my friends and have a drink and make some food. Or rather, make some food and have a lot of drinks! No rockets for me tonight though! Anyways...
  14. Xzion

    Merry chrismas !

    Well, merry Christmas from all of me to the all of you! For those who celebrate it today like me ^.- <3
  15. Xzion

    Happy birthday Lady Carmenzita!

    I wish you a happy birthday Lady Carmenzita of the Sunshine and hope you have a great day! :yay:
  16. Xzion

    i was kinda reading

    was reading in EF general about entropia and all, and then i realised i was to drunk to understand what i just read. This is kinda troubleosme, why dont people writ about entropia in such a way that even a drunk person can read it? We need a rule about this, because it is really troublesome ! i...
  17. Xzion

    Threard closing requested by MA Offcials.

    Shortly, it seems that we have had a thread closed at the request of a MA offical here on EF. This dosnt only upset me, but also makes me fairly pissed off. Initaly the thread that was closed was...
  18. Xzion

    FYI: Entropia Forum...

    *Warning; Xzion thread* Well, i must say im amazed by myself for beeing addicted to it. I find myself unable to stop using it even if im not currently activly gaming Entropia, or any other game. So, what is it that drags me here? Is it the fact that there are a lot of nice people i chat to? Is...
  19. Xzion

    Question: Issue with installing drive updates on GT220, windows vista 64-bit

    Simply, i download the driver updates from NVIDIA webpage, allowing them to scan for the right driver update for my grafic card, then downloading it. But when i start the update installation itself, and it has progressed as far as getting to "installing" with the green bar, where it does the...
  20. Xzion

    A day like this;

    Today everyone is very cute and kinds. It is one of those days when people are like that just! Hope everyone is feeling cute and kind today! If not, you are!
  21. Xzion

    FYI: Profil customization is bugged.

    it seems that there is a issue in the profile customziation tools. It seems that pictures cannot be saved Twice with their URL name, to be exakt they cant be saved anytime with their URL link name, they must be reloaded (Reimported) every time that i wish to save my profile customiozation...
  22. Xzion

    FYI: Content info on small updates

    i LOVE that we get a list of the content on every update is beeing made. :) Its the best ^^ I do really, REALLY hope that it keeps beeing this good ^_^ So, creds to FPC for it! I mean, i even click on the links even if im not about to play, just to read the updates. Its just pure great! ^_^...
  23. Xzion

    Happy Xzion-Loves-you-all-day!

    Well, i just made that day up! So happy all of you on it! =D just felt i needed to share some love with all you poor ppls who dosnt get enugh of it. <3 <- which btw is a good thing, becuse now you do get it! =D
  24. Xzion

    The night is magix!

    And im off to bed! becuse today iam happy like a fish in the sea!
  25. Xzion

    Im still alive!

    Even if i miss you all, and im still on vacation, i live on, every day in pain without all of you here with me, dieing a bit on the inside becuse i cant be here as much as i like to when im not home. but... i know you feel the same! ^.- see you all in antoher 2 months! Love and peace! /Xzion